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Pepper, My 30 lb. 13" beagle has an insatiable craving for cat food that I serve my 2 cats - I think mostly the seafood varieties. I have not found a seafood flavored dog food, and I understand there are some ill-effects of my dog consu...
rick6522 | Last answer
My cat weighs ~21 lbs. I'm told by the vet that a healthy weight for him would be 14-15 lbs. 4 to 5 years ago he weighed 18 lbs. At that time he would get a 1/2 can of moist in the morning and 1/2 at night and would have an unlimited ...
DinaGrimes | Last answer
My cat has been on a steady diet of dry cat food for several years. I was feeding her "Science Diet" and then she started to gain weight. I then switched to "Science Diet" light...she is still overweight. I don't over feed her, she eats ...
pegatha1981 | Last answer
I recently asked about nutri dents or grennies for dental health. I recently came accorss CET dental treats. Which is best?
jerlin | Last answer
Is dry or canned food better. i presently feed dry canidae with a small amount of cooked chicken & broth. Should I feed him differently?
jerlin | Last answer
I read where Omega 3 was good for your dog. Is it a different Omega 3 or is it the same that humans take?
domino304 | Last answer
I have two english springer spaniels what food is sound to feed my dogs and how long should they stay on puppy food? THank You
dnm | Last answer
I have been researching that toxic levels of flouride are present in meal fillers. We are trying out life's abundance(holistic). Any suggestions on either subject?
swill55 | Last answer
Our prior vet (now retired) recommended that we feed our two cats (the second is a three-year-old male) mainly dry cat food with a bit of canned wet food as a daily "treat". He also suggested that the dry include some "dental diet" produ...
JonK | Last answer
My boxer has had diarrhea for months - initially was a parasite, but has been on panacure 3 times, metronidazole 3 times, and prednisone, plus Prescription Diet Dry Food, Natural Lamb and Rice Dry Food....it has not cleared up. The "stoo...
hpgold50 | Last answer
My boy Shadow, has recently been diagnosed with IBD...he'll have it all his life...he has been given Mitronitizole for it, as well as Metacam for pain, but I want something that can be given that will keep this thing under control..I hat...
KittyMommyofTwo | Last answer
Dear Friends, We are glad that you have come to MedHelp's Ask A Veterinarian forums to find out more about your pet’s health or behavior. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of accurate pet health information and gui...
Med Help | Posted
i have 2 dogs....a 4 yr old ch. lab and a 7 yr shep/bordr collie mix. The lab is vey active and i play frisbee with him daily. How much are you supposed to feed a grown large breed dog?The s/bc is overweight by 20lb. he wont excersize un...
shawnapage | Last answer
What can I give my 133 lb Roty to make her blood strong? I have had blood work done and she is anemic. Is there a homeopathic remedy or certain food I can give her? Any info will be much appreciated. Thank you!
LoisMary | Last answer
I was just wondering if anyone had any input or stories about Orijen, especially it's puppy formulas. I work at a large independent pet store and we have had many puppies now that have grown up on orijen but their muscles are hugely ove...
Tammy2009 | Last answer
I have a 12 year old female dog. She has been suffering with joint pain for about a year. We have been giving her Rimadyl and Tramadol to ease her pain. These worked well for some time. Now she seems depressed and does not want to come i...
TTinBoise | Last answer
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