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This patient support community is for discussions relating to orthopedics, back pain, bone or joint pain, broken bones, hip or knee replacement, neck and shoulder pain, orthopedic surgery, spinal injury, sports injury, and tennis elbow.

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By thevisi0nary
I have a reoccuring theme of bad health in my life, and I feel like they are all related to my body being highly susc...
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By Meilz
Hi Wveryone, I had my second knee reconstruction just over 4 weeks ago. This time it was done with Donor tissue. The ...
Avatar f tn
By MermyBabe
I dislocated my knee sometime ago.. Both have popped out multiple times.. The last nearly a year ago now popped out, ...
Avatar m tn
beestrApr 17
By beestr
Hi, I had an MRI done on my whole spine, and there was a syrinx in the spinal cord and some bulging discs. My symp...
Avatar f tn
By Chloerose_1
My daughter is 14 years old and she has been having bad pains in her calf muscles. She has toe walked for as long as ...
Avatar f tn
By kisachan
I've been having some major pain in my back. Its prevented me from sleeping, shopping, and doing what I gotta do. ...
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Care37912Apr 16
LawnutJul 21, 2009
LawnutJul 21, 2009
LawnutJul 21, 2009
DCSTOMPERJul 20, 2009
By Lawnut Blank
I know this is a pediatric surgery forum, however, because spina bifida is treated so aggressively with kids, I felt ...
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Jody02048Apr 16
PedroHJun 08, 2010
achilles2Jun 07, 2010
thefrog1983Jun 07, 2010
By thefrog1983 Blank
In August of 2009, I was involved in a car accident where another driver drove into my lane and pushed me into the co...
Avatar m tn
By Moose98
Yesterday, I went to sit on the couch like I usually sit and when I twisted my right leg to the right to sit, I felt ...
Avatar n tn
By ferretguy
Would an MRI show all software tissue defects? Seems like where the foreign body was (which was deep touching the cal...
Avatar n tn
Kacy71Apr 15
y2jSep 23, 2015
dogrdogApr 23, 2014
JD1963Apr 18, 2014
Christine5000Apr 05, 2014
By Christine5000 Blank
I currently have restricted range of motion in my left arm as a result of a slowly worsening condition that has been ...
Avatar n tn
vikkitennisDec 17, 2014
Meloria64Jul 23, 2012
By David98446 Blank
I have Spondylothesis from birth and the orthopedic doc wants to cut and put the metal in as supports, I also have a ...
Avatar m tn
beestrApr 14
By nj2012
I jammed my middle finger 5 weeks ago. The pain went away from the middle of the finger but the top portion I still f...
Avatar f tn
By EAP2012
Based on the MRI results I just got back, what was originally thought as a meniscus tear was found to be two fissures...
Avatar f tn
JPaige1Apr 13
Foggy2Sep 21, 2014
By Hipless Blank
I am a MtF transgender woman who has fully transitioned through numerous surgeries (face, breasts, genitalia). Appear...
Avatar f tn
By mariewalhalla
I had a MRI done. I am in severe pain and need to know if the results can clairfy it for me . Here is my results. Tha...
Avatar f tn
By Kimberlyreid777
Hi I just had a recent Mri done due to lower back pain. I already have cervical spinal stenosis with bone spurs. The ...
Avatar n tn
VokurekFeb 28
Boon001Sep 22, 2015
By pkarmy76 Blank
I am hoping and praying someone can give me some much needed advice. About a year ago I started to notice my wrist hu...
Avatar n tn
IRagsMar 05
217amarNov 19, 2015
Hanishgarg2015Oct 12, 2015
doctor2000Apr 11, 2012
By sureshbharathi Blank
my age is now 30 (Male). i used to masturbate from age 10. but from last 10 years, i feel leg ,foot pain. five yea...
Avatar m tn
By transposon
Male Healthy 34 years old 2 weeks ago, I broke my left ulna after a fall while weightlifting. My arm struck the ...
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