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This patient support community is for discussions relating to orthopedics, back pain, bone or joint pain, broken bones, hip or knee replacement, neck and shoulder pain, orthopedic surgery, spinal injury, sports injury, and tennis elbow.

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By paulandrew397
I'm 28 and I have joint pain in my finger joints and I feel it in my wrists sometimes too. And in the digits of my fe...
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By c1486
The doctor says the fracture is healed yet I still have pain in that area when walking or when I try to run. It feels...
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rjaffeuxJun 21
Phill614Apr 22, 2010
Dr Vinod Apr 07, 2010
By thecid Blank
when i grip anything with my right hand, like scissors or any hand tool, and squeeze, i get a sharp pain in my middle...
Avatar n tn
Smite2012Mar 26
CarolKnoxJan 09
karenDonofrio4Nov 29, 2015
PatdddNov 15, 2015
By kathyjo53 Blank
Any class action suits out there? In an attempt to be proactive in maintaining my knees, i took my doctors advice to ...
Avatar f tn
By bhaskarknp7
1 year ago we were playing cricket so ball just hit on my ring finger middle joint I have concern my doctor in my ci...
Avatar m tn
Dr Vinod Apr 28, 2009
I have had these comments from my surgeon with regards to chronic pain in my neck for the last 4-5 years and pins an...
Avatar f tn
By Ben882
please what cause swelling of leg after removing the cast and pain? Please what is the solution... Thanks.
Avatar f tn
By Ben882
please what cause swelling of leg after removing the cast and pain? Please what is the solution... Thanks.
Avatar f tn
By stephanyabc123
i work privately and have a patient that says hes suffering from numbness and pain in his legs caused by a back inju...
Avatar f tn
By Bethany88 Blank
I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has had surgery for SCFE as a child and is now suffering from early ...
Avatar n tn
cjs22Dec 04, 2015
tracylynn3422004May 22, 2015
Hopeless44May 17, 2015
km316Feb 01, 2011
By km316 Blank
Who in the US is best for repair of a MRI found gluteus minimus tear? Also bursists in the same area on my left side...
Avatar n tn
By caverlady
Almost every night I wake up several times with pain in my left leg. It seems to be worse if I am laying on my left ...
Avatar m tn
FlstarJun 14
exp1337Jun 13
JaysawayMay 19
Ldubz337May 10
By kneepain51 Blank
I have intermittent very sharp pain just outside the inner part of my right knee cap. There is no swelling, redness, ...
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sherrybeJun 12
sherrybeMay 15
Blondegirl16Jul 08, 2015
BobbyButzMay 09, 2015
By stuckthumb Blank
I'm a 26 year old male, a little more than 5 weeks ago I woke up with a strong pain deep in my elbow when I bent it. ...
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JoziaFeb 01, 2014
pinkamaroseJul 27, 2013
dank312Jul 22, 2013
airysmomFeb 11, 2013
By billyandsarah99 Blank
I have a question. For at least the last year if not longer I have been getting really bad pains in my right lower le...
Avatar f tn
By eeebby
I am wondering if you are able to help me. I am a long-standing customer of a respected shoe brand and have recent...
Avatar m tn
By venin
HI. I had an ortho (metal insertion surgery) 3 months back,in my right arm.after my surgery it was all fine, I fel...
Avatar m tn
By janzmi
Broad-based disc protrusion into the right neural foramen and L4-L5 with moderate right neural foraminal narrowing. ...
Avatar f tn
By Renae2
I am a 2o yr old female, who acquired a vertical hairline fracture on my right tibia (pilon fracture) by falling off ...
Avatar m tn
By 77Dan77
Hi everybody, I had a motor bike crash and broke my tib/fib 2 weeks ago, how long until I can walk unassisted??
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