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Hi not sure if I'm at the right place, I've been looking everywhere for a forum that Can assist me during this difficult time.... My 4 yr old got an ace done a few months ago and it's a nightmare when many say its support to make life ea...
Kellbell84 | Posted
I am very happy with the moldable convex wafer from surfit,but I don't have insurance and the price is ridiculous. I see Hollister's prices are decent. Does anyone have any input on the Hollister products?
roninconc | Last answer
Hey fellow OSTMATES! Yeah, you can call me one of those "people". I'm finding there are a lot of older questions within this forum with some great answers. If you have asked a question and didn't receive an answer I would love to hel...
Megadodger | Posted
I am quadripleghic and I recently had a urinary infection and was put on antibiotics for two weeks. I had a lot of mucus around stoma site. Must of the mucus has gonenow but I still have a little left everytime I change it. Is it common...
quadharley | Last answer
Please join us in welcoming Megadodger as your new Community Leader! We look forward to working with Megadodger and your entire community as it continues to grow! Best, Cheryl MH Community Mgr
MH Community Mgr | Last answer
Hello Folks I had an emergency Colostomy on the 5th of November 2013 because of a twisted Sigmoid. It is now February 23 and I am STILL regularly passing stool from my Anus! I did mention this to my surgeon but he didn't seem ...
davethescribe | Last answer
I've developed a very hurtful bleeding rash around my stoma. My gastroenterologist rudely said "find an ostomy nurse" without even a hint how to do so. Because of constant discharge it is impossible to keep rash clean. Any advice? Adv...
extrabellybutton | Last answer
I recently had my colostomy moved to a permanent location. It seems that my colostomy is too close to the incision from my surgery. There is a recess of about a half an inch where the edge of the wafer would stick but it is difficult to ...
tharman64 | Last answer
Hi. I had an emergency ileostomy in Nov 2013 which was all very unexpected. I went in last week to have it reversed. The surgeon decided the best healing route for the wound would be to leave it open. The District Nurse comes daily to re...
Reversedbutconfused | Last answer
hi i had my surgery done in oct 2013 , i have ileostomy now . i am having leaks really close to stoma , sometimes there is no leak but it is still burning really close to my stoma . i am using paste and coloplast ring on one side. its on...
preet833 | Last answer
Do I have to have doctor's prescription for any, some or all my osteomyelitis supplies? Except of course stuff like adhesive remover.
alreadytaken201 | Last answer
I had surgery Sept 25, 2013 to remove my colon, connect my rectum go my small intestine, and give my a temporary ileostomy. My question is, my nurse told me to wait 6 weeks to have sex. It's been beyond that and it hurts.. A lot. Is ...
Megadodger | Last answer
I am having very frequent episodes of diverticulitis. I need both to find a surgeon to treat it surgically, and find a surgeon who is in my health plan/ health plan that includes the surgeon - by mid November. I have been on what pa...
villandra | Posted
I'm a 43 yr old woman and just had an emergency colostomy done on Jan 11, 2011. It was the result of a ruptured colon due to diverticulitis. I was septic and nearly died. Ive been home for almost a month now and am still trying to get us...
JilH | Last answer
My mom had her ileostomy reversed in Sept. of 2009. Since then she has suffered with chronic diarrhea. Has anyone ever had or heard of this happening after their reversal? Any suggestions?
Linkylaw | Last answer
My doctor told me to contact an ostomy nurse about a blister that I have on my right big toe. It has been 7 months and it has not healed yet. I have consulted 2 dermatologists and they have no solution. The doctor that told me to conta...
bev849 | Last answer
I have been wearing an ostomy bag for over 50 years. Recently I have had severe skin irritation and my upperr skin is raw. What can I do to correct this?
gil480 | Last answer
My husband has had his pouch for 5 mos and it is doing ok except BM collects at the top inside of the wafer and makes the filter clog up very quickly. Is there some kind of oil that when applied to that part of wafer that would help bm ...
mcgraw48 | Last answer
My firm, Maven, has a client that is looking for ways to improve the quality of life for those living with colostomies or ileostomies and we are looking for people who are willing to share their experience in a paid, brief, confidential ...
MavenMR | Posted
Does anyone else who has an ileostomy get stomach aches and diarrhea occasionally? I have had this since the operation in 1998.
marilyn420 | Posted
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