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I am a female in my 60's and back in November 2012 I had my Colon n Rectum removed. I 'd like to know what is the best thing to wear to go swimming and where to buy It.
steelergirl36 | Last answer
I had my rectum removed 7 months ago and am wondering why it is taking so long to heal. There is still quite a bit of drainage, I was left with a bit of anus that was no sewn up.
marlene300 | Posted
What is the best way to eliminate odor from used colostomy bags ? soda bi carb stick on deodorants so far do not work Thanks Amita 13
amita13 | Posted
My ileostomy take down was 9 months ago at Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore MD. I still have severe stomach pains when I eat something. My stomach is still very tender around the wound site. I get severe cramps, have severe gas. I'm 35 ...
Johnny523 | Posted
Hi I am hoping someone will check this site & if they have suggestion it would be great. Have had ileostomy for 26 years & now for at least 2 years I get these blow outs as I call them & that can happen right after I changed it in the d...
DonnaLynn49 | Last answer
My mother recently had an ileostomy. Her incision is very close to her stoma so we have to trim the adhesive tape and the seal isn't always good. When changing her bag, her stoma leaks continuously. How can we stop the leaking while w...
ileosdaughter302 | Last answer
Hope someone can help us...my husband has a colostomy due to radiation enteritus. He still gets depressed about it at times but our main concern is the throbbing rectal pain. He takes Opana ER and OpanaIR but the dr said they may cut b...
worriedwife52 | Last answer
I have a son with a colostomy - we understand that it's pretty normal for it to prolapse and stick out like a finger, however recently we have seen it get pretty close to what it was in the beginning with regards to size. Within the las...
babyeandme | Last answer
Since I had my ileostomy reversal I have had 3 times I have had bad upper abnomial gas pains. After a few hours they subside, but it is very scary. Does anybody else have this and if so, what helps?
mbutler2 | Posted
I have an ostmy applance. I have great difficulty keeping it on. It seems that neither the nurse of myself can place the appliance in a way that it will not leak. Right now I am doing : 1. Prep the wafer. (a) I measure the stoma and...
PatRy | Last answer
I ate peanuts over the weekend. My output has slowed down. to the point that I am worried. Are there any solutions to my problem? I have been drinking as much as I can handle. I have hot showers and just about everything I could think of...
Barlittle | Posted
I can not wear jeans or anything tight around my waist area because I feel my stoma protrudes to far out. Has anyone had and or has this same problem? And how did you rectify it? I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have.
charliey123 | Last answer
Is there any way to deal with the irritation around the stoma?
tiny777 | Last answer
I am sorry that this post is a little bit gross. I have had my ileostomy for a year. It is flush with the skin, not protruding at all. Because I am overweight, I guess, part of it, the part with the opening, is lower than the rest of it...
donna107222 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Familial Polyposis in 2002 and given a j-pouch at the Mayo Clinic. I was excited to find I wouldn't need a temporary ileostomy and was never told about possible future complications. My first indication of a proble...
DKinMN | Last answer
Should a student with a stoma wear a bag while in school? This child is severely handicapped and his parents do not wish for the child to wear a bag. The student passes gas and fecal matter throughout the day. Does this pose a health ...
needadvice69 | Posted
If you or someone you know would like to become a Co-Community Leader for the Ostomy Community, please send a message to me at: MH Community Mgr Thanks! Cheryl MH Community Mgr
MH Community Mgr | Posted
I had a colostomy about 2 years ago. I havnt had any problems until recently. I have been having alot of pain about 2-3 inches inside of stoma. I checked and on the inside it feels like a tight ring around my intestine and the stool is g...
toesmasher | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with familial adenomatous polyposis (F.A.P.) and have been schedule to have surgery on January 31, 2013 but the surgery calls for me to have wear a colostomy bag for 3 months. By doing Please Provide More Detail Abo...
Kesha_31 | Last answer
After 30 years with an ISP ostomy I have had about 3 leaks. Last week in the night when I was at a friend,s house sleeping I had a full blowout.Now I have lost all my confidence when travelling. I use Convatec Sure Fit Natura and have ...
Bocking | Last answer
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