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My ex-husband beat me senseless for no reason or for stupid reasons....it has caused me to ruin relationships or run from perfect men....I always have a "happy" face on but deep inside I am scared and alone. My fiance is loving and cari...
secondtrymom83 | Last answer
Hi I'm new to the forum and new to ptsd as well. I just wanted to see if anyone else experiences blackouts and if so how long do they typically last? I can pretty much handle the other symptoms but blacking out scares me.
Jjh31 | Last answer
I'm suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorder as well as Agoraphobia. According to my therapist it could be from PTSD. I'm now 34 years old, when I was 10 years old my mother was shot in the head and survived but had to learn how to t...
girlinterupted | Last answer
Would this be classed as trauma? I have been through a lot of rejection in my life and I am just a 19-year old girl. My 40-year old married half-brother used to have sex with me when I was just 15-years old and because I felt so used a...
SillyMooXx | Last answer
I was in a car crash many years ago and suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis below the shoulders. I had good recovery physically but have emotional problems since. I seem to feel no emotion with certain events. I laugh...
Millard | Last answer
I was raped for three years by a family member. I am away from him starting my new life but I'm having trouble being alone and staying present in the time at night. Sometimes I don't remember at night what I do or who I've called or ...
spiritgurl | Last answer
PTSD by narla, Sep 14, 2009 07:05PM I have just been reading some of the discussions on these pages and I've never thought the things I suffer due to child sexual abuse could be PTSD.I'm a 47 year old female who was sexually abused fr...
narla | Last answer
My life has been filled with nothing but death. My parents each came from families with 12 siblings each. On my moms side I never knew my grandparents because they died when she was young, so she was raised by her sister. This sister was...
jml1986 | Last answer
My husband has had ptsd for several years now..due to being in the army for 11the years..as well as 4 deployments. It was never bad...it seemed like when we were around his peers he was okay... but he got.medically discharged this past y...
mrsfenn212 | Last answer
I was held hostage when I was young, there was no treatment for the outcome that put me on the path to depression with PTSD so many years ago. I have tried to isolate the PTSD from my general anxiety disorder and depressive disor...
MYoungAtHeart | Last answer
i am having the same weird dream over and over again i take prazosin to curb nightmares by reducing my blood pressure at night does anyone have this lately?
drifter0213 | Last answer
Does anyone else have terrible dreams every night? I don't have dreams about the boogeyman or anything like that. They're relatively normal dreams but I'm always in trouble or being embarrassed. Then the dream sticks with me all day and ...
adamIScool | Last answer
Many of my memories are still repressed, I have some vague memories but they leave me in a mental state I can not tolerate. Many nights when I try to sleep I am up for hours, horrible thoughts run through my head and I can not control t...
ibaibez | Last answer
I am 26 years old have been living with this horrible disease is what i call it because it never goes away, the nightmare, the intimacy issues with my husband when bein sexual, with him i have flash backs i was raped for years, molested ...
vannah0925 | Last answer
He first started to rape me he would wait till I had to pee or to take a bath and do what he wanted. He use to make me look in the mirror with him and say honey don't we look good together.....Now everytime I go to the bathroom I th...
Joylicious68 | Last answer
when i was a little girl my step father had sexually assaulted me and i told my mom several times on several occasions and i always had someone there to support me and i don't remember exactly how manny times i told her but eventually i ...
pinkpandamiss | Last answer
I have rts (rape trama syndom) its a form of ptsd. My husband doesn't understand. I wake up with nightmares having a panic attack. I have severe anxiety, I'm on meds and starting therapy again. Does anybody know how I can get him to und...
Autumwallace | Last answer
Hello all, thank you for reading this. Where and how do I even start... it is so hard to put into words what I'm trying to say... Something happened to me a year and an half ago. I am so ashamed of the way I behaved afterwards. ...
sarahmar136 | Last answer
Ok so I have a brain tumor and have had 12 surgeries for it, now it's all I can think about. I worry all the time and have nightmares about being back in the hospital How do I relax?
r0bin882 | Last answer
I'm 23 pregnant with my second child. I'm in theropy because I was diagnosed with depression at 8 years old and I have just been diagnosed with Chronic PTSD. I can see why but how do I fix it? Is there anything other than theropy short o...
mommakateri | Last answer
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