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I've been taking Hydrocodone for about twelve years from the same pharmacy. I received a refill from a different pharmacy in August 2016....
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Took Percocet at 11 pm it is now 2 am and I can't sleep
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What are the good results and the bad results with the fentanyl patch.
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With all the posts re: post-surgical clips and pains, I never saw a firm answer. Can the doctors remove the surgical clips and substitut...
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Hello, any replies are appreciated. I am taking 4 to 5 Norcos a day. They are 10/325...I usually end up about 3 to 4 days short of bein...
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Will trazadone work for headaches tried amitriptyline but didn't work now he has the bright idea that this will work and it's not even a ...
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I am a 69 yr. old who has had to have had 26 surgeries (so far). Thus, I have chronic pain, at times more sever than at others. I have be...
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Was seeing a pain mgmt doctor for a 1 yr 1/2 with compliance. Jan 2017 my prescription insurance changed and I had to choose either the E...
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I am a 27 year old male, and I've had a HORRIBLE pain behind my two ears during all my life. I don't recall any specific time or event in...
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I am searching for a private Dr. in Birmingham, Al that that treats opiate addiction through prescribing methadone. I have been going to ...
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I have been going to the same pm center for 10 years, I have always been compliant. In January i did a random urine drug screen I was hoo...
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Hi All: I have found a new primary care physician under my new insurance today and he made some changes to the meds I take that I am ...
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is meloxicam a muscle relaxer?
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As a chronic pain patient i know how fortunate I am to have an understanding and caring physician. I see only one doctor and have for the...
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Hi, I am interested in anyone who has had this procedure done and the effect of it? It may be called RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) where...
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I have this ongoing pain for 4 months now. It started with my sternum in the center and sometimes on the right and left below the breast....
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Within, the last three years I have had 6 knee replacements and 2 staph infection removals in the same knee. I started with dilauid  10mg...
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Hello, this is the first time on this forum. I am hoping to get answers. My husband has been seeing a pain management doctor since 2011 ...
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I have a very high tolerance when it comes to medication. I have a pinch nerve on my left shoulder (going to get it Xray to see what it r...
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I have been on pain meds since 2008, Percocet 5/325. I suffer from arthritis as well as DDD in my lower back, affecting my L4, L5 and S1....
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