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Please give me your opinionon methadone for pain control of Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
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I have nf1 I have to deal with it for my rest of my life what can I do to stop the pain
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Ok, here is my story in brief, and then I will in detail ask you my question. I am a 25 year old with 2 children 1 and 3 yrs old. In Apri...
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Hi Everyone, I was looking to receive some feedback and/or advice on how to follow-up on a seemingly unusual condition I struggle with...
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I have a very high tolerance when it comes to medication. I have a pinch nerve on my left shoulder (going to get it Xray to see what it r...
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I am a bit worried about taking Gabapentin.....if it starts to work, and I think it might be.....(which is awesome for the day to day lif...
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a little over 3 years ago i drove my non-insured car off the road and slammed a guard rail and then into a tree. Being that i was slightl...
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I have had 5 back surgeries in a little over 4 years and have been on 30 mil Oxycodone 4x daily. 10-325 Norco 4x daily and Lyrica 300 mil...
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I've been taking Hydrocodone for about twelve years from the same pharmacy. I received a refill from a different pharmacy in August 2016....
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I have been on pain meds since 2008, Percocet 5/325. I suffer from arthritis as well as DDD in my lower back, affecting my L4, L5 and S1....
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I have DDD and mild spinal stenosis along with a lot of other imperfections of the spine. It has affected NY back so much I haven't been ...
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I need to find a new pain management doctor in Alabama that takes Medicaid. My doctor moved out of state and I only have medicine until J...
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Took Percocet at 11 pm it is now 2 am and I can't sleep
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I've had pain from my left lower abdomen to my left testicle for close too 2 years now and i take 4 norco 10/325 mg a day. which does not...
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I have been taking Tramadol, between 200-300 mgs per day for moderate to severe pain in my colon where I have IBS and nerve damage. It ha...
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I have been posting in the addiction forum because I was taking pain med for knees and began taking too much, then decided to quit. It's...
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I was wondering if anyone has had their nerve burnt to relieve pain caused by damaged nerve. My husband has the following symptoms (shar...
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I'm feeling pain in my antecubital fossa for some reason. I think it might be because I'm always sitting down on my computer for work. Wh...
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My wife is 33 years old. She is suffering intolerable pain inside of skin of both hands. She does not hook up anything. This pain feeling...
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Does anyone know how long it takes to feel the effect of the pain patch? Thank you
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