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Hi guys - 41 yo mail, obese, moderate drinker. Had adjustable gastric band in 2008 (lap-band), but that hasn't helped the weight too much. Was having tons of stomach pain after eating off and on for years - finally got really bad i...
timbobway | Last answer
* Age: 53 * Gender: male * Height: 195cm * Current weight: 90kg * Past medical history: None, never visited a doctor This year symptoms started: Body weight before any symptoms: 105 kg May, June, July, August, September, Octob...
esehalic | Last answer
8 month ago i started having pain in my upper left abdomen (near the sternum), upper left abdomen near the armpit and upper left back (under scapula). hard to breath sometime. My stool was light, pellet like mucusy and very hard to pass....
david872 | Last answer
Things started in March with fatigue, some abdominal soreness, then I noticed my eyes getting yellow, stools getting pale and urine getting dark. Immediately stopped drinking alcohol as I'd had liver trouble in the past. My primary c...
Piparskeggr | Last answer
46 year old male, had bad diarrhea for maybe a year or more, lost10 pounds in 6 months, endoscopy and colonoscopy in July showed simply inflammation. Take antacid, less diahrreah but yellow stools, came back to Dr with further weight lo...
MJJ88 | Last answer
My mom used to be a bad alcoholic and got pancreatitis twice while drinking for which she never went in and left scarring on her pancreas. She almost lost her life from drinking and became sober 3 years ago and a couple months ago she go...
Del822 | Last answer
For the last 4 weeks I've been having pain in the right side of back (mid-way up). I've also had the following symptoms ; . Itchy Skin . Joint and Muscle Weakness . Random bouts with little tiny red spots that appear in rand...
jdavid27 | Posted
My Father-in-law is a 75y/o caucasian and was justed recently diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.He is a non-smoker, He does not drink nor does he eat high fat foods. He also has no family history of any type of cancer. Nevertheless,...
Pharmacist20 | Last answer
So ive been having lots of bouts of pancreatitus lately and now my dr. has ordered a CT scan? What could he possibly be looking for? I certainly hope it's not this. A little back ground. Im 28 years old i smoke and have done so since i w...
flyforfish | Last answer
the Pancreatic Community! We look forward to working with fntn and your entire community as it continues to grow! Best, Cheryl MH Community Mgr
MH Community Mgr | Last answer
Just found out yesterday that my husband has pancretic cancer on the tail end 5.4 cm going into the spleen, with possible mets - liver and lung. We have not received the biopsy report yet. I want my husband to go for Cyberknife but the...
Julie20111 | Last answer
The past month i have noticed that my stools are a light brown color,i got pains in my abdomen,bloated,fullfeeling,floating stools.Went to dr and he acted like it was nothing and gave me some prevacid,no improvement, so i went back and a...
pancreasuxx | Last answer
My husband has to stay at his mom's house because we live on 3rd floor and it's hard for him to walk up the stairs, so I don't spend the evenings with him except for an hour or so. He is the sweetest person to everyone UNTIL I walk in th...
Packett | Last answer
My dad went to get an ultrasound on his neck today because he thought he might have thyroid problems because he lost about 10 pounds suddenly. However, I just noticed that he has a slight yellowish color in his eyes (jaundice). S...
JonRosen | Last answer
Hi! I'm 35 years old and a mother of 3. For a month now I've been itchy all over - more or less. From scalp to soles of feet, but it's vaxing and vaning... I went to se my doc, he did some bloodwork to rule out 'liver or bile duct ...
9na | Last answer
Hello :), 29 year old male, been having middle back ache going on 16 months, had a mri on thoracic spine about 4 months ago wich revealed 2 bulging disc both were 2mm bulges in the T8-9 and T11-12, my doctor doesn't think it should cause...
avilamember1115 | Posted
Hello thanks for your time I'm a 33 year old male 5'9" 158lbs was 166lb before all this started. Goin on about a month now I've had this annoying pain on left side under ribs and below the ribs. Ocassionally it gets more pain but the di...
Golfcat6 | Last answer
I've been having right mid back pain since 6/2013. I went to my doctor for it shortly after it started. I was told that it seemed like a muscle strain. After many appointments, a MRI, CT scan w/o contrast, and x-rays that showed constipa...
coco727272 | Last answer
Hello. I know you all have your own worries and I've struggle with whether to post this or not while reading through your stories. But I'm not getting any help and after 3 months and frankly, I'm at my wits end. In november of 14 I...
blee444 | Last answer
Hi, I have done the 4th generation Eliza and PCR RNA test on the 37th day after exposure, both test results were negative. Have i chosen he right test and what is the accuracy level of both test. I developed rash on hand, bowl pressure, ...
amarhaj8 | Posted
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