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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of parenting toddlers (age 1-5), including physical, speech, sensory, cognitive and emotional development, choosing a daycare/nanny, games & activities, and toilet training.

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MulaifaSep 23, 2015
By bree321 Blank
So every morning and I mean every morning (or random times of the day) my son is always grabbing my hair and pulling ...
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By Mulaifa Blank
My boy is 18 months ola now, when he was 14 i had to stop breastfeeding him cos i got a job. He excluaively breastfed...
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eminemDSep 21, 2015
alexis444Sep 21, 2015
llmommySep 21, 2015
dianaexohSep 21, 2015
By AwaitingOurFifth Blank
Potty training tips? I've helped with quite a few children, but my 3 year old just doesn't want to, he knows exactly ...
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shaunamc23Sep 21, 2015
nmprice09Sep 19, 2015
shaunamc23Sep 19, 2015
nmprice09Sep 19, 2015
RockRoseSep 19, 2015
By shaunamc23 Blank
Hi my first child is nearly 3 and super active he is climbing running jumping and pulling the house apart and number...
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gremlin00Sep 17, 2015
SummertwinsAug 09, 2015
GrandadivaJul 01, 2015
mariannahowaidyJun 23, 2015
wanabeasailorJul 26, 2014
By samrone Blank
I have two toddlers aged 3 & 5, both boys. If mommy isn't around, the kids seem to listen so much better and melt do...
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By Fedex22 Blank
Hi, My toddler is 2 years and 5 months. Since he turned two he has been very aggressive - biting, hitting, pinching....
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By Sunrise61 Blank
I'm a ftm my son is 13 months and he loves to scream not because anything is wrong With him. He does it just becaus...
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WALAXAug 30, 2015
twokids19Oct 03, 2008
twokids19Oct 03, 2008
Hope2OneDaySep 29, 2008
margypopsSep 29, 2008
By njrohe Blank
My son is 18 months and I'm trying to get him completely off baby food and on table food, but there are only about 5 ...
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sgulia1987Aug 20, 2015
RockRoseAug 20, 2015
leviblackAug 20, 2015
cnc_91Aug 14, 2015
By breonte22 Blank
so today my son had to get stitches bc of my brother. He apparently fell asleep while I went get some milk and my son...
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RockRoseAug 15, 2015
By mamajackie2012 Blank
my son was taken from me on the august 3rd I had vistitation on august 13th when I changed his diaper he had some whi...
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AnnieBrookeAug 13, 2015
By aishbut Blank
when myself was 10 years old I had kissed my cousin n hugged him imitating what I have seen on TV!! BT after sometime...
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luckycharm317Aug 13, 2015
RandiilynneAug 13, 2015
lanema21Aug 13, 2015
shekulineAug 13, 2015
Baby_AedenAug 13, 2015
By shekuline Blank
Do any of you breastfeeding mom know anything that can dry breast milk up real fast? Because my son one year one mon...
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AnnieBrookeAug 05, 2015
By DeniseDasher87 Blank
My 4 year old son is always crying about his hands and feet being dry..but he don't just cry he flip out screaming an...
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brighteyes10966Aug 04, 2015
lukesmom2010Apr 16, 2013
adgalBlankApr 28, 2012
lillies0721Apr 28, 2012
Marie0622Jun 02, 2011
By haywood808 Blank
My 3 year old son has always been difficult when it comes to eating. He would not eat anything other then Gerber sta...
14994467 tn?1438106475
By hanschris Blank
My LO has recently developed a rash on her feet. The rash is worse on her left foot than on her right and on both fe...
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By darnell8lee Blank
his symptoms have a headache,sweating,throat hurt,and is sleeping off and on,no fever
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JazyBJul 28, 2015
Alexain2006Dec 17, 2007
kennedydp5Nov 13, 2007
daprincess21Nov 13, 2007
jwaugamanNov 10, 2007
By donnaw529 Blank
Is it appropriate to give my 1 year old a multivitamin?
14906612 tn?1437807839
AnnieBrookeJul 22, 2015
Destynee2015Jul 22, 2015
By Taveon_Mom Blank
Any mom's on here who already have a child/children. How can I potty train my 2 year old son in my opinion it is soo ...
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RockRoseJul 21, 2015
By Mom2el Blank
Hello: I have a 2 yr old who will be 3 in September. Up until last week, he has had a bottle of milk before bed. Yes...
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By Mom2el Blank
Hello: I have a 2 yr old who will be 3 in September. Up until last week, he has had a bottle of milk before bed. Yes...
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