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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of parenting young adults (age 18-26), including physical, emotional, and cognitive development, handling peer pressure, activities & sports, living away at college, and relationships.

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Sorry this is going to be long but I'm so frustrated and just don't know what to do. History: So my youngest son has always been immature for his age. He has also always been extra emotional and not exactly grounded in logic. He is ...
Hermitthefrog | Last answer
My stepdaughter who resides in our home refuses to give her mom/us her boyfriends address. Mom asked for addresses of all of her friends just in case of an emergency. She explained to her that if anything were to happen, we'd need to kno...
Timwood418gmail | Last answer
I am the mom of 6 kids. Ages : 8, 12,18,20,22,26. An acquaintance told me back when my oldest 4 kids were little that these years are physically exhausting but the teen/young adult years are mentally & emotionally exhausting!!!! Boy...
celticcapergirl | Last answer
i am mother. is it right or wrong that my son 20 years old see my body when dressing or sleeping?
Manana1122 | Last answer
So recently my 18 yr old daughter has been struggling with some mental health problems. Because of this she can frequently be intensely frustrating to deal with, and often winds up my husband, who is less patient than I am. Fairly regul...
gooms | Last answer
Hello my 22 year old daughter is approximately 3 months pregnant and acting completely crazy. She is accusing her mother of cheating on me which isn't true at all. She tells her sister that she won't be around her kid because she is an a...
Bigman2827 | Last answer
I was woke up this morning by my 19 year old daughter who was in tears saying she got a strange text from her brother who is almost 27 years old and lives on his own...He is my step son...her half brother. He moved out of our home at the...
BlownAwayMom | Last answer
My husband got his daughter after a 22 yr separation, i never would think such things cause he thought me being a singl mom meant i had sex with my son. So untrue. Hes here for breakfast and dinner then bed. But she came down and me ans ...
shine1202 | Last answer
I have a niece who was raised by my single-mother sister and got out of control when she was 16. Now she is 20 and she hasn't started to make sense yet. She hasn't even finished High School even though she was academically smart. Th...
TekMonk | Last answer
My son is 25. He has suffered from extreme shyness and low self esteem (maybe it's more chronic like autism or aspbergers?) most of his life. I am guilty of overprotecting him but some of this he was born with too I believe. I had simil...
LillyCats | Last answer
My near relatives have problem in your personality, I need a best psychologist. please help
NaZiLa66 | Last answer
My pitbull got excited and jumped on the bed with my newborn on it should I take him to the hospital? He cried for a minute where he was sleeping. But I don't see one mark on him that shows she actually touched him
madisondeforest | Last answer
I don't really have a question per say, more of a statement, a story... I had 2 kids one girl and 4 yrs later a boy, got divorced and met my hubby now of 22 yrs ....he had 3 kids, and we had them every other weekend, things were tight ...
AngnClyde1 | Last answer
So I have an 18 yr old who will be graduating this early June from highschool. He asked for a grad party which we agreed to celebrate. Now his biological father has never been around. My ex husband after the divorce hasn't really been pr...
macey111 | Last answer
I let my 29 almost 30 year old son move in with me in February 2014 after my Husband passed away on February 21st. My son had back surgery about 3 weeks before my Husband passed away and his girlfriend broke up with him at the same time....
jojokb | Last answer
I'm worried about my 15 yr old going too far with her boyfriend. How much time is normal to spend together at this age?
ConcrnedMOM | Last answer
Hi, I currently live with my boyfriend of 11 years but before I moved in with him I lived with my grandparents for most of my life (since I was 24, I am now 29). I left my job in 2012 due to health reasons. I haven't been in work sinc...
Mynx537 | Last answer
My daughter is almost 5 months old I notice sometimes her left eye closes a bit while the other eye is completely open I only notice it once in awhile idk if I am being paranoid or if something's wrong in the meantime I made an eye dr ap...
mommytoobe1 | Last answer
My boyfriend is done with me and im pregnant. I feel so alone
reyes22 | Last answer
Well...I went into his bedroom space to steal an oatmeal cream pie and lo and behold he has everything out in the open. I confronted him and tried to have a conversation about it. He yelled at me because He thinks I threw it out. He says...
JGF25 | Last answer
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