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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Parkinson’s disease, anger, anxiety, depression, balance, facial stiffness, genetics, handwriting difficulties, speech movement difficulties, nutrition and diet, rigidity (stiffness), sexuality, swallowing difficulties, tremors (shaking), walk (shuffling), and work issues.

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Hi All, My father is 74 years old. He is on medication for diabetis and High BP since 15 years now. Since 3-4 years his hands started shaking and he was diagnosed for Perkinson's disease. He is on medication now. He had TIA 8 years b...
Ram1982 | Posted
Hi, About 2 years ago my grandpa had what he believed to be restless leg syndrome. After a series of tests his doctors concluded it was PD. Recently, however, his doctors took him off his medications to reduce the restless leg symptom...
Cursive | Posted
I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons. I am 67 years old and otherwise in good health. I occasionally have episodes of sudden onset weakness in my shoulders and both arms. I have to sit down immediately or I feel is if I will pa...
anxiousgrandma | Last answer
I am 48 years old and have been diagnosed for about a year. The first symptoms started 12 years ago. I had tremors and muscle stiffness. I am pretty advanced now and often use a walker. The tremor in my left hand is constant. When I walk...
Tonyw4866 | Last answer
My neurologist told me I have some damage to my peripheral nerves. All the main culprits have been ruled out: lyme, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid condition, vitamin deficiencies, etc. MRI of my brain was normal. So he ordered a ge...
dramaturgchick | Posted
I have nausea without vomiting particularly in the mornings. It usually gets better as the day wears on but I often take of ran to stop it. I also have no appetite and have lost weight. Does anyone else' have these problems? The nausea ...
Renulla | Last answer
Hi- thank you to who ever is reading this and I apologize if this a long explanation but I hope someone has some answers or similar experiences! Over the past 5 months I have noticed my fingers shaking. I had a lot of added stress at...
Mackylee | Last answer
Hello, I am a 49 year old female with multiple conditions and am looking for insight about Azilect which has recently made me feel so much better it's almost a miracle. If you have experience with Azilect and can offer any opinions I wou...
I am a 52 year-old male. If someone whose has Parkinson’s or knows someone who does could check if these are "common" early warning signs of Parkinson’s: 1. Since late 2012, I have not been able to sleep more that 4 hours before I wa...
paulvand | Last answer
My dad has had Parkinson for about 8 years now. Today he took a walk and came back looking like he ran a mile He's lost 15 pounds in the last 6 months. Can anyone give me any advice Thank you welhelm
welhelm | Last answer
My 81 year old mom with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's was hospitalized Dec 10 for high blood pressure she was given hallo without are knowledge day two. She would not open her eyes speech was not right.suddenly would not walk hold fork. Ra...
andre11 | Posted
I am a 70 year old female who has had Parkinson's disease for 12 years. It has been managed well for the most part. Recently I have been having respiratory distress. I have lost a considerable amount of weight and am down to 99 pound...
JosieDi | Last answer
Hello, For the past a year and a half or so i have had a tremor that has progressively has gotten to the point where i can no longer hold my hand still when trying to do simple things as holding a item in my hand or trying to cook some...
erink76 | Last answer
Does anyone else have tremors when standing still. I get them when standing in place
mike709 | Last answer
I am interested in Parkinson's research on the use of Prednisone to treat symptoms. My husband has had Parkinson's for about 10 years and recently took 5 days of 20mg. Prednisone tables twice a day for a pinched nerve. It completely rem...
Yuyak | Last answer
Had ACDF C5. C6, C7 feb 2010, 2 months after surgery still had pain, numbness & tingling in right hand, but now head tremors and right hand tremors when I write, lift or even eat. ,It's been almost 2 years now, I've been seen by 3 Neuosu...
CathyAber | Last answer
Dear All, I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine who recently informed me that has Parkinson. We have the same age, 35, and we grow up together and of course this shocked me very badly. He informed me that our own region, Sici...
Francesco1979 | Posted
I'm a 31 male. All this for me started Oct 1st, it first started with a twitching (not tremor) right index finger, which stop after a couple of days but then my right hand started to become tight and painful, sometimes it was as if I cou...
HunterD | Posted
Lately I have been experiencing some symptoms that have me a little bit concerned. To give you a quick history on me- I am a young, fit, 24 year old male. I am 6 feet tall and weight 210 pounds. Past medical issues include tonsillectomy ...
idaho_ty | Last answer
My husband has Parkinson, SAIDH, Tremor in Brain - now he has a hole in his tongue and can't eat and I'm wondering if this is a side effect from the Parkinson? Thanks
boyd1 | Posted
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