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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Parkinson’s disease, anger, anxiety, depression, balance, facial stiffness, genetics, handwriting difficulties, speech movement difficulties, nutrition and diet, rigidity (stiffness), sexuality, swallowing difficulties, tremors (shaking), walk (shuffling), and work issues.

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Is there any known correlation between Parkinson's and peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, I have been diagnosed as having the last three and my father died with Parkinson's
toolmantobey | Last answer
Have had tremor intensive Parkinson’s since 2001, 76 yo, live alone. Diagnosed by three different Neuro’s (two of them movement specialists) Tremor, stiffness, etc, effects mainly right side. I also have ET, not bad though. Started Sinem...
shakyj | Last answer
My mom has had the rods put in I think they are called stimulators. Her brain surgery has made a huge difference in her mobility & independence. She is in her mid 70's & has had PD for 20+ years. Just to let you hear of one success stor...
CRSeaside | Last answer
Has anyone had any luck in controlling the feeling that your chest wall is tightening up making it feel like you have a breathing problem? I was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 5 years ago and this particular problem is getting to be v...
Annieannette72 | Last answer
Has anyone else tried the drug Apomorphine, Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion. Any problems ? Any success ? Anything else ?
Pd1mally | Last answer
My wife (age 52) has been recently diagnosed with PD, based on MRI and DATScan examinations. Our doctor suggested to start therapy with Risagiline (Azilect). We decided to use the generic version (Rasalect 1 mg) but we are concerned beca...
marmar1959 | Last answer
Very curious on this... My step-mom told me when she first met me, she thought I had Parkinson's due to some little shakiness in my hands. She noticed this has sort of subsided. I never had issues with heights and balance though and l...
luckyman316 | Last answer
My mother, 48, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2011. She has consulted to several neurologists but all have prescribed her with different medicines to control the tremor but only for few hours. They have even said that there's ...
Sarbani1 | Last answer
I have stage 2 parkinsons I am 54 and I was told I had this when i was 51. I have had a lot of issues with this and of course rigidity and the stiffness is huge. I am fatigue, sleep is a not. Tremors are sort of controled. However I hav...
dreamer1967 | Last answer
Hi, My 78 year old Dad has Parkinson's and is having a terrible time lately swallowing food. Is this common? Is there anything I can do to help him, other than giving him baby food? He seems to choke even on small pieces of food. ...
Sandy M | Last answer
was looking forward to some leftover brandy custard and pudding, tasted like metal, everything tastes like that lately, no smell and now horrible taste, what can I do to keep the taste away, yuk :(
margollrich | Last answer
Hello, is there a chance that I may have Young Onset Parkinson's? I am 24 and have a family history of Parkinson's. I have hand tremors, even when I am not doing anything with them. I have been tired more than usual especially during the...
pequena | Last answer
Hi, my name is Debbie and my husband has Parkinsons Disease. He is only 55, I am 52. Im looking for a pen pal to share my worries with. If there are any spouses out there who are scared (as I am), and sad and worried, maybe we can buddy ...
debgspz | Last answer
How long does it take for levodopa to start working? My doctor had me on it for a week and said it wasn't working and told me to stop taking it. I don't think that was long enough. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this
mike709 | Last answer
8 months ago, two weeks after finishing school. I got off the elevator and out of no where i felt strange, i didnt know what was going on.. then i realized it was my balance was off... saw doctors and nuero for the next month... evert...
Chavo2000 | Last answer
I was told I have Parkinson's by neurologist at the beginning of September. I was put on carbidopa levodopa 3 times a day. My question is before I started meds I had trouble walking. Now sometimes when I walk I can walk semi normal for ...
mike709 | Posted
Okay, I feel really foolish for asking this question. But do I have Parkinsons? To start, I am only 21 years of age. And no one in my family has ever had Parkinsons or anything close to Parkinsons. Everything started this past Wedne...
ZachariahCarter77 | Last answer
My 53 y/o husband has been aggressively seeking relief for pain all over. We have been going to tons of drs for 5 years. The first rhuematologist diagnosed him with RA based on his xrays not blood tests. We went for a second opinion that...
TracyGR | Last answer
My husband who is 79 was diagnosed with PD this past spring. A short trial of sinamet gave him the "wave like" motion that you often see Michael J. Fox exhibit and did not seem to help his intermittent tremors, balance or stiffness and ...
DeltaDawn23 | Last answer
I'm new here and hope I'm doing this correctly. I'm hoping someone has some answers as my family and I are at wits end. My father has had Parkinson's for a little over a decade. Most of his symptoms have been maintained through medica...
bythebay73 | Last answer
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