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Questions in the Pediatric Endocrinology forum are answered by Dr. Deanna L Aftab Guy. Topics covered include adrenal problems, diabetes insipidus, menstrual irregularities, obesity, parathyroid abnormalities, pituitary abnormalities, puberty concerns, rapid growth, rickets and bone disease, short stature, and thyroid.

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CMRobbinsMar 27
NANCE22765Jul 17, 2009
ny2125Mar 28, 2008
ny2125Mar 26, 2008
By ny2125 Blank
our daughter shows no signs of early puberty other than an odor we happened upon. but the other day my wife said her ...
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Dee_ashleyJan 28, 2015
By Lamky Blank
We have a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist for our 2 (almost 3) year old son. His symptoms are concerning me i...
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stozaSep 20, 2014
nitasmomSep 24, 2008
singingmomJun 23, 2008
By WendyAB Blank
Hello, I am VERY concerned about my daughter. In the last month (at 5 3/4 years old) she has developed breast bud...
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marry7890Dec 02, 2013
shereen234May 19, 2008
shereen234May 17, 2008
By shereen234 Blank
Dear Doctors, I am the mother of three beautiful girls and I am from Saudi Arabia, my eldest daughter has started her...
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jagx15Oct 04, 2013
ann0923Jun 26, 2010
ann0923Jun 24, 2010
princeton1993Jan 25, 2010
By NEO15 Blank
My 16 year old son is 5'5 (and very worried). The doctor has told us that his x-ray (wrist) shows that his growth pl...
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bhawna1103Jul 18, 2013
GenamagMar 15, 2012
johnny114Aug 15, 2011
Serena84Jun 15, 2010
hunniebunnyApr 09, 2010
By Frobert Blank
Dear Doctor, My son is 13 years old and we took him to a Hospital for bone scans. The dotor said basically said t...
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snaptestthreeMar 27, 2013
By sla_sla Blank
My son started early puberty at age 7 (pubic hair, acne, body odor) - I think it's actually called andrache and not ...
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C88bulldogFeb 15, 2013
AliciaCJun 28, 2011
neistaMay 06, 2011
bluegrassmammaMar 11, 2011
bluegrassmammaMar 08, 2011
By NLON Blank
I have an 8 and half year old girl, with a bone age that is about 10 and half years old. She is at the 40th percentil...
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vernacularFeb 09, 2013
By margie500 Blank
My daughter had a bone age of 11 years at the age of 9 and put on Lupron. She is now 10 years old and and has been t...
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vernacularFeb 05, 2013
kristin970Oct 30, 2008
peekaboOct 09, 2008
MababolOct 07, 2008
By Mababol Blank
My 6 years old daughter started having symptoms of Precocious Puberty (premature adrenarche) about a year ago, when s...
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vernacularJan 26, 2013
tmoniJul 29, 2010
softballnutOct 21, 2008
momof32bMar 04, 2008
By momof32b Blank
My daughter is 6 years old has body odor, some pubic hair and developing breasts. She's been to a pediatric endocrin...
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sueben123Nov 28, 2012
stacy4871Nov 12, 2007
By stacy4871 Blank
My 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's. We were having her checked for constipation and several ...
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KimserioSep 29, 2012
JohnPeter89Jul 01, 2011
By amhet Blank
Hi, My son is 15y/o 5'2" . His hand x-ray shows 17.5y/o, radial bone is still open but lunar bone fused. We took his...
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jeff31133Sep 02, 2012
By mechanic10 Blank
My nephew mentioned to me today that his daughter who is about two years old, has angel syndrome. He said, that the n...
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cuest10Jul 24, 2012
By threesacharm Blank
my son is 5 years old, he is about 45 inches tall and weighs about 45 lbs. this is going to be probably the strang...
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youngbullAug 16, 2011
meredith_jrsjApr 03, 2011
weltinFeb 17, 2011
emamoustafaFeb 15, 2011
emamoustafaFeb 15, 2011
By KathijoG Blank
My son had xrays of his hands done because the doctor was concerned about his height being so short. In the first ye...
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sacha44Sep 01, 2010
Itchy1227Jan 20, 2010
livingstonokeefeSep 30, 2009
taelorSep 09, 2009
janet771Aug 31, 2009
By vicsgma Blank
My 11 year old granddaughter has an "enlarged thyroid with multiple masses around it" according to the Dr and a scan ...
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casmir216Apr 29, 2010
royphoenixApr 25, 2010
mom2erynSep 18, 2009
ny2125Sep 01, 2009
Pad44Aug 29, 2009
By kariann610 Blank
I have a daughter who is 9 years old. She started pubertyPuberty and adolescence when she was 7, when I saw the (she ...
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hotcherryOct 21, 2010
junaid206May 23, 2010
estrelinhaFeb 18, 2009
By jon53 Blank
I am a 21 year old male with delayed puberty (I think?) I still have wet dreams, I look extremely young for my age, I...
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By MissSer Blank
My son is now 10.5yrs. The history is long but about 6months old he stopped gaining weight. He continued to decline &...
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