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This patient support community is for discussions relating to allergies, behavior, developmental disorders, immunizations and vaccines, puberty, and any other pediatric health issues including brain, bone, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal and urological in adolescents, infants, newborns, and toddlers.

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By deborah1954
next to his anus
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love1021104 hours
By love102110
Hi ladies! I need help on getting medicine for my baby's cough since Tylenol ain't really working and does anybody kn...
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AnniemomsterApr 17, 2014
Jess0010Jan 08, 2014
kamerahAug 09, 2013
wattersrFeb 28, 2013
By Aeval Blank
I have a 4 month old baby girl and this weekend I noticed a bump on her head. It's about 3mm in diameter. It's hard ...
754648 tn?1233714967
StephCarlyn21 hours
Coll77Jun 22
aabranhamFeb 11
MikevdJul 14, 2015
By dadinTC Blank
Hello everyone. If anyone has a son or daughter with what my son and I affectionately call a "lucky bump" as illustra...
Avatar f tn
By mshanson Blank
I have a question about our oldest son. He's 4.5, and in the last month, he's developed this thing with his throat. H...
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RockRoseAug 18
By WorriedMom00
Hey I need some advise. My daughter is 3 and over 9 months ago she fell at the swimming pool and hit her head!back VE...
Avatar m tn
By Makanaki
Dr. Deshmukh, my wife is 30yrs of age, recently we got a urine test. report shows- WBC-0-1/hpf ...
Avatar f tn
SanbalAug 14
Rach1606Jun 11
shazza_64Aug 31, 2014
Mumuf2Aug 30, 2014
laokssMar 21, 2014
By Atlanta_mom Blank
Hi, My 4 years old son complains that something (he calls it little pain) is always in his fingers and toes, however...
Avatar f tn
yeshmanAug 13
margypopsMay 30, 2011
RegenciMay 29, 2011
By TJoanneT Blank
My 6 year old daughter has always had a very low tolerance to the heat. For example, when she is active in the heat ...
Avatar n tn
momof32bNov 13, 2008
By Roan_C Blank
My daughter was diagnosed to have idiopathic precocious puberty, based on 'advanced' bone maturation (given that bloo...
Avatar m tn
ibizanAug 10
By TBS40
My son experiences burning feet constantly, It's like thier on fire and when he plays Lacrosse he is miserable and it...
Avatar f tn
PoppyhazeAug 06
margypopsFeb 17, 2012
bzmom1Feb 17, 2012
felinaboricua21Oct 31, 2009
By suzq218 Blank
My 5 yr old son had this itch on his penis for almost 3 wks the doc gave him some anti itch med for the itch but appr...
Avatar f tn
By AKBS123
My baby started waking up with puffy eyes last May when she was about 5.5 mo old. It got much worse to where she woul...
18948503 tn?1470156141
By Trishmariep
My daughter is 7, and she has always been healthy. Lately she has been having frequent nosebleeds, she had them daily...
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AKBS123Aug 02
nelsbethAug 26, 2013
nelsbethAug 26, 2013
ANM198Mar 09, 2013
adgalJul 10, 2012
By Lamenz Blank
For the past 5 mornings, my 9 month old daughter has woken up with alarming red circles under her eyes. In the same ...
Avatar f tn
By cgarcia26
I recently took an excedrin pill for a headache and i want to know since im breastfeeding if it is safe for my baby ...
Avatar f tn
By Martalei
Hi everyone, my son is 5.5 yr and has hypospadias - don't need surgery, and micropenis about 3 cm - don't grow from...
Avatar m tn
By Sbpatel94
My new born daughter is drunk bad water at time of delivery and doctors are admited from 4 days than what should I ne...
Avatar n tn
jezza24Dec 07, 2015
bmmechanicalOct 13, 2015
lookingtowardApr 14, 2015
By jaxirwin Blank
Hello I am writing about my 8-yr-old daughter who has been complaining almost daily now since January about what she...
Avatar m tn
Merrill47Jul 17
cp32sp97Jan 29, 2014
margypopsMay 03, 2012
specialmomMay 03, 2012
father123May 02, 2012
By father123 Blank
My daughter is 7 days old. She was delivered via C-Section. We were discharged from hospital normally. We had to go t...
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