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This patient support community is for discussions relating to allergies, behavior, developmental disorders, immunizations and vaccines, puberty, and any other pediatric health issues including brain, bone, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal and urological in adolescents, infants, newborns, and toddlers.

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specialmom44 minutes
By Sbpatel94
My new born daughter is drunk bad water at time of delivery and doctors are admited from 4 days than what should I ne...
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jezza24Dec 07, 2015
bmmechanicalOct 13, 2015
lookingtowardApr 14, 2015
By jaxirwin Blank
Hello I am writing about my 8-yr-old daughter who has been complaining almost daily now since January about what she...
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Merrill47Jul 17
cp32sp97Jan 29, 2014
margypopsMay 03, 2012
specialmomMay 03, 2012
father123May 02, 2012
By father123 Blank
My daughter is 7 days old. She was delivered via C-Section. We were discharged from hospital normally. We had to go t...
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0132ajJul 16
By 0132aj
My 11 year old sister started feeling sick with a headache 3 days ago. Now she's getting migraines,Weak muscles,Vomit...
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bbartzJul 16
Momof2GreatGirlsAug 28, 2013
Momof2GreatGirlsAug 28, 2013
HappyLavenderMay 14, 2013
HappyLavenderMay 14, 2013
By Pewtergal Blank
My daughter has been sick off and on for over a year. Always testing negative for strep and mono. Last three months ...
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sweetpea03Jan 26, 2010
By princeton1993 Blank
Hi, I'am 16 years old and I'am about 5'5 and weigh about 65kg. I don't really have a short stature (short build) but ...
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By Annzo
Hi Everyone, Good Afternoon, my daughter has completed 12 years. After her 12th year she is continuously sufferin...
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By Ruthas1104
my 9 year old son fell off his bike on Saturday and fractured his 5th metercarpal. He was put in a temporary half cas...
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By DisneyWorldIsGreat
What is the average weight for a teenager?
Avatar n tn
By Yugi_47
Baby TSH @ ~17 (High) & FT4 is @ 2.05 (normal) on Day 7. Does my kid have Congenital Hypothyroidism ?
Avatar f tn
By Concernedmomofteenboy
My 14.5 year old son has short stature (Proportionate). He's 4'8". Unsure of cause. He eats healthy. Dr. Hasn't got...
Avatar f tn
By worriedmommy01
Changing my two year old I've just found a thick consistency brown tissue like substance that was about an inch and a...
Avatar f tn
By voodooladyxx
Hey all, my son (6yo) has come up in a rash all up both his forearms and some on his neck. Did the glass test and tha...
Avatar n tn
By inga404 Blank
Dear Readers, I really need some thoughts or ideas. My two year old son has had this foul odor and a congested ...
290018 tn?1240369468
JumppigpigNov 21, 2012
Patty0888Sep 06, 2008
rachie204Oct 24, 2007
nastursimOct 17, 2007
By rachie204 Blank
Okay I know this might sound a little strange but my husband and I have noticed that our son who is 3 seems to have a...
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Mumsyof2May 13, 2015
Elena65Apr 29, 2015
lynntaylor27Jul 12, 2014
lizzy2510Jun 13, 2014
By jkcs Blank
My daughter has been complaining of leg pain on and off for about two weeks now. Yesterday it brought her to tears a...
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ScrpbkmomJun 24
margypopsOct 01, 2012
KimserioOct 01, 2012
margypopsSep 29, 2012
By Kimserio Blank
My son will be 15 years old next week. His pediatrician feels he should be further along in puberty (he's stage 2). H...
754648 tn?1233714967
Coll77Jun 22
aabranhamFeb 11
MikevdJul 14, 2015
kathymasseJan 09, 2015
By dadinTC Blank
Hello everyone. If anyone has a son or daughter with what my son and I affectionately call a "lucky bump" as illustra...
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By grey_girl
My 32 month old has been followed by a pediatrician for short stature (~5th percentile) and a persistent open fontane...
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PedapodaJun 15
VenetteJan 05, 2015
margypopsAug 02, 2012
prasant25Aug 02, 2012
margypopsAug 01, 2012
By JDM7881 Blank
I noticed that my 2 1/2 year old son is growing new nails on several of his fingers. He has not hurt himself in any w...
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