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I have just found out that I have a prolapsed bladder. I have been referred to a urogynecologist in Toronto. I always thought I was well informed about women's issues, obviously I am not because I have never heard of this and am quite ...
Darlingorla | Last answer
I'm 36 years old. I have 3 biological children. There were no uterine or bladder issues after my first child 10 years ago. After second child, I had a pretty bad bladder prolapse. Surgery (lift) to correct when she was 9 months old -...
abcv329 | Last answer
i have a pain in my right hip it is a piercing pain, i feel this pain when i have sexual intercourse and sometimes just like that, when i was giving birth to my son this pain was more excruciating that the contractions. help
exqusiteangel | Last answer
Hi, just wondered if it is normal to have shooting pains up thru the vagina and bladder after 3 weeks from my operation? I do not have any discharge but I am having to wear a panty liner as I have slight leakage still from the bladder. ...
Dibley37 | Last answer
Hello, I am a 24-year old female who has been suffering with urine dripping after I finish (or think that I have finished) urinating for over a year now. I have tried waiting a while before getting up and after getting up from the toil...
AAMMSSAA | Last answer
I had a miscarriage in July, and on July 24 I had a D&C. About week later, I felt something coming out of my vagina.. I went to the ER and the doc said it was just tissue from the D&C and not to worry. It of course, got worse. I went to ...
Alli104 | Last answer
Please read this page and this site. It has helped me tremendously! : http://drrobinson.ca/how-sitting-can-save-your-vagina-or-prostate/ Also here: http://www.katysays.com search "pelvic floor" Good luck and good health to y...
cali_soleil | Last answer
So in hindsight I have been having some symptoms of bladder prolapse for 20 years, since the birth of my second (and last) child, and obvious symptoms for several months, but only last Thursday did it finally dawn on me what was happenin...
Cal_Gal60 | Last answer
I've got an appointment with my gyn, but it's not for 3 days, and I'm getting more and more anxious while I wait to see her. My sister and my mother both had bladder prolapse, or I wouldn't have even searched for it when these "symptoms"...
agegracefully | Last answer
Ladies/Gentlemen I don't have a question so much as it is a statement. If you don't have a copy of Sherrie J. Palms book, "Pelvic Organ Prolapse, The Silent Epidemic," please get it. I ordered mine from Amazon.com. You will be amazed...
MCFOR | Last answer
Just wondering if anyone has worn an inflatoball pessary? It is a pessary that you insert and then inflate. I was just fitted for one and found it to be very comfortable. Can not shift around like the ring. I tried the ring pessary, ...
kw1949 | Last answer
Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh, rectocele, and cystoscopy April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries ( partial hysterectomy in 1974), so I'm almost at my 4 week post-op. No real complic...
fretful61 | Last answer
Hello, I'm a 51 year old female. I've given birth to three good sized children and am in menopause now. A few months ago, I was having a lot of pain and tenderness in my labia. I went to the doc and she said I had a yeast infection...
carrie235 | Last answer
Hi! I had my normal check up with my gyno earlier this month. We talked about my bladder issues. I have stress incontinence and she said that my bladder had dropped 50%. I assume she means that i have a bladder prolapse. I had a LAVH in ...
sweetcarolinamoma | Last answer
Is there still hope for me? I had a hysterectomy in 2006 for POP and a Monarc Bladder Sling. A OBGYN performed the surgery. Immediately, after the surgery I had problems. I had to come back and get a cather a fews day after being home. H...
victory2014 | Last answer
I can feel the mesh and occasionally I feel a painful sensation happening, which is more often as time goes on. I fear the mesh is slowly coming out. Also, I have leaked urine occasionally. My surgery was 2007 and this has happened a fe...
VPMM | Last answer
I'm 3 weeks out from my surgery today, still feeling exhausted by mid-afternoon. Some days more than others, tomorrow is my follow up with my surgeon and I suspect she'll release me to return to work. I'm guessing this is a pretty stan...
anne4772 | Last answer
I had a posterior repair -- no mesh -- about 6.5 weeks ago. I still have a pretty good lump in the posterior vagina and feel some rectal pressure from the lump when sitting at certain angles. Did anyone else have similar experience and h...
KatesGram | Last answer
I am a 50 year old woman who 4 years ago had a front and back repair for a prolapse and a vaginal hysterectomy at same time.The doctors said a prolapse could not be causing me pain ,and they would not know if I had prolapse until I went ...
debbie5214 | Last answer
Hi there, I am about 3 1/2 weeks out of surgery. I did have a urogyno with years of experience, I had a bladder, bowel and uterus prolapse. My surgery was done vaginally with mesh and a bladder sling. My prolapse were beyond stage 4 dr s...
wannabenormal5 | Last answer
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