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My 3 month old kitten will not stop sucking on my 10 month old bulldog (who lays down and lets her nurse) Her poor nipples are red and irritated i just noticed it about a month ago i have been stopping it when i see it but i cant be arou...
NyxFade | Last answer
Can a puppy have adhd?
mango2413 | Last answer
I recently noticed my cat peeing in the bathroom sink. She has always been fascinated with the bathroom and is the first one in if the door opens. She will drink from the faucet and play with the trickling water. I thought it was cute an...
CrazyKitty | Last answer
We have had this puppy (rescued) for about 6 weeks. She has started in the past couple of weeks with chewing on the other dog's hair (4 year old Golden Retriever, male). She will sit and chew on his tail hair and has recently started c...
SadiesMom051009 | Last answer
for the past few days my dog has come to me crying, acting like she has an irrateable throat. I have felt her throat and checked inside mouth but there seems to be nothing there. Her temp. is normal and she has a reg wroming calander whi...
chickamin | Last answer
Help! My dogs have had a difficult time being potty trained without us being completely on top of it! It's endless. I FINALLY discovered, however, that even when I am taking them out at the correct times, feeding them correctly, crati...
michellesings | Last answer
Sorry for the double post. I realized that my first post was on the wrong forum, and assume it will be deleted. My cat (medium length hair) is pulling his fur out in tufts while grooming. When we first discovered large tufts of fur on...
JediWolfSister | Last answer
I rescued a 3yr old Puddie last Dec. and he was fine. I thought perhaps adopting a kitten would keep him company. They liked each other instantly. The problem came when the kitty tested positive for coccidia. They both received Ponazuril...
paintsflowers | Last answer
My savannah monitor has been bobbing/thrashing his head around along with dragging his back legs sometimes. What would be wrong and how to reverse it?
worldreptile | Last answer
why can you not put your arms around this dog ?
trishad66 | Last answer
unfortunatly, i've been a horrible mom to miles davis. he's been through two moves already this year -- one in a car for two hours, and will be going through another one in a week in the transition of us moving out of state. i've also mo...
jaemison | Last answer
Bandit is constantly licking the fur off his belly. The vet derm thought it was allergies and we put him on a hypo-allergenic diet but that did not stop it. This is now going on for two years. It started when he had been scratching his e...
bevanovich | Last answer
I took this cat in about the age of one year, I think he had been treated fairly roughly by the some younger kids than began biting and was 'punished' for it. he is a very loving cat, loves to be held and cuddled and petted. however al...
opus88 | Last answer
I have 2 dogs, a Pit and a Rotty, both I have been raised since they were puppies. I have a few problems with each of them , but I"ll put each problem in a different post. The first problem is with my female Pit, MiMi. When I leave the ...
flmagi | Last answer
Hello! I have two older cats, one who is 14 (Nutmeg) and one who is 9 (Mittens). The older has always been docile, to an extreme. She will occasionally hiss at the other cat if she gets too close to food or litter box, but even if the y...
shelaic1 | Last answer
i have an appt to put my dog down tomorrow morning...we have had him almost 12 years and on and off the entire time he has growled at my husband for absolutely no reason, he just has to work in the room when the dog is resting/sleeping.....
pjhep80 | Last answer
2 of my schnauzers are from the same litter of pups when i bought them back. One has a particular annoying habit of eating up for poo partially even though food portions (kibbles) were of adequate quantity for their consumption. Some has...
mag_lim | Last answer
How can I get her to use a litter box instead of the corners of my floor?
flyghst400 | Last answer
My dog will smell his food first..then (sometime will) shovel the bowl with his nose..sometime covers it with the rug that's under the bowl..the vet said he's mad..doesn't like / or wants the food..is this true..if not what does this ty...
MzCSIKAT | Last answer
My younger cat bites the older cat on the neck in a sexual position. The older cat cries when this happens. Does this have something to do with showing dominance or power? Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior?
Lyn5 | Last answer
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