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KendalApr 07, 2010
KendalApr 04, 2010
KendalMar 29, 2010
By Kendal Blank
Ive switched my dog back to duck/potato food because while switching to venison/potato, her skin itching,hair loss, ...
784382 tn?1376934640
By turkee23 Blank
we just rescued 2 bearded dragons from a sancturary....they were sitting in a room miserable and im sure nobody would...
746512 tn?1388811180
Tammy2009Mar 29, 2010
By Tammy2009 Blank
I am dog sitting for a couple of weeks right now and the dog is miserable. He has some sort of unknown allergies but...
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By anigail82 Blank
My dog has long hair, so I only noticed this last time i gave her a bath. She has a patch of bald skin on her back. ...
168348 tn?1379360675
By ChitChatNine Blank
Hi, Sometimes my female rabbits fight over the food bowel or who gets to the water bottle first, even though I hav...
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By Soybean2010 Blank
Over the past few months, my cat has been losing fur on her back legs and around her butt area. We think she might be...
Avatar m tn
By Nettie185 Blank
My cat has a lot of bumps on her entire body. She hasn't had this condition in about 5 years. I was told she was al...
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By brandi406 Blank
My dog is biting any part he can until his skin is raw or bleeding. His shin flakes like he has dandreff. He is missi...
Avatar n tn
By Rickjoy Blank
My dog keeps biting the tip of his tail as if it were very itchy. A friend told me that this is symptomatic of worms/...
Avatar m tn
By nwiguy Blank
Our old boy has been going through bouts of itchy red circles all over his body. These areas lose fur and are scabby...
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kaiti30Mar 09, 2010
kaiti30Feb 03, 2010
By kaiti30 Blank
My dog chubby, is about a year old, maybe a few months over a year, She has long hair, and he constantly is scratchin...
1235548 tn?1267848102
By ifitsnotaboxer Blank
Hello, I was scratching my dogs stomach the other night, and I noticed her nipples are still a little swollen sin...
Avatar m tn
By Marsha1146 Blank
Our dog is constantly licking the spaces between his toes. The area is kind of musty smelling and is brownish in colo...
Avatar f tn
By tiger603 Blank
my dog weighs about 10 lbs. i noticed a small lump on his eyelid about 3 months didn't seem to bother him or c...
791533 tn?1309748944
By daniebelle Blank
Our older cat Buddha seems to have become fixated in biting her tail to the point where she's chewing the hair off th...
Avatar f tn
By Greysean Blank
My little dog as she has gotten older has developed these at different places on her body. The first time one appeare...
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Jl118822Feb 16, 2010
Jl118822Feb 15, 2010
Jl118822Feb 14, 2010
By Jl118822 Blank
My dog has been having skin problems since October 2009. It started with several small dry looking patches on her inn...
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GoonieFerretFeb 09, 2010
By GoonieFerret Blank
My ferret has 2 bumps on his body I can not identify. The first one appeared last fall - started as what looked like ...
Avatar f tn
By Tiffany1228 Blank
My Dog fell off our bed and landed on his right side of his face. Now it is swollen. I cant afford the $200 emergency...
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By ng15 Blank
My 7 year old Shih tzu has seborrhea on her tail and back, it is seeming to spread. My vet gave me special shampoo (P...
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