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Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder where one has a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. Discuss topics including social phobias, claustrophobia and treatment options.

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What can i do for my teen daughter who was diagnosed with school phobia? It seems that the school system does not understand that this disorder, doctors prescribe meds that still can;t get in the door of school and her anxiety is so sad...
stlmom | Last answer
for as long as i can remember, i have had a fear of floor collapse. i think it started when i was little and read in the newspaper that truck had been under a bridge that collapsed. that seemed to introduce me to the possibility. to fin...
mom2ariana | Last answer
I faint when i see needles and freak out and start crying. I refuse to have kids because of needles. Im not scared of child birth at all its the needles im scared of.
Mrebecca3444 | Posted
Hello everyone, I have been with my partner for about 5 years (we are both approaching 30), but recently he has expressed an interest in starting a family in a few years time. The problem is I have never wanted children and suffer...
ratherUnhappyLady | Last answer
7 days ago my boyfriend fingered me more than 1 time but he was being a little rough when he fingered me. Then he later on I touched his penis but he wasn t ejaculating. I went to use the restroom wiping myself then I washed my hands. W...
Raeraekins | Posted
I'm 14 i never had sex or let a guy touch me. I do masturbate. The only places I masturbate are in my bed or in the showertub floor. I have a weird phobia of sperm being everywhere on the gel mat we have on the showertub floor. ( I mastu...
Laurakenn | Last answer
Does anybody else not leave the house because of birds? I hate everything that flies, but birds are so common and everywhere im afraid im never going to be free of this ever, i dont want to be trapped in the house forever. Im 18 and it s...
Trappedforever | Last answer
I went to the doctors office yesterday and had a red/slightly bleeding pimple on my left arm. They wrapped the velcro around my arm to take my blood pressure in the exact spot that the pimple was. I keep worrying that at some point befor...
stress111111 | Posted
I'm new to this site but I'm desperate for help. I'm 19 years old (female) if that even matters. My mom has a severe phobia of driving so I guess that's where I get it from. I never really had a problem until a year ago. I got kicked out...
thejoker0214 | Last answer
I m 20.I have moderate depressive episode and social phobia. I could not speak with my friends well. I feel very fear when speak with them. I could not walk normally in crowded area.it will make me so nervous.that time my face will auto...
johndevid | Posted
Hello , I suffer from social anxiety and I would really appreciate your advice regarding my situation. I have used propranolol for over a year and experienced some serious side effects such as weight (which I managed to lose) depressi...
K2222 | Posted
I'm 16 years old and I'm still afraid of the dark. Not really "the dark" as much as nighttime. And by that, I mean looking outside during the night. Once the sun goes down and it's pitch black outside, I avoid looking out windows as much...
KittieKal | Last answer
hi, i have always had a anger towards desert ground and recently the way seeds are in grapefruits im not sure if a phobia or just my mind playing tricks, i feel angry when i see only grapefruit seeds and cracked desert ground the kind of...
Anon703 | Posted
I really appreciate if you could answer my question. Unfortunately My boyfriend has phobia towards HIV for nearly 4 months. He had been tested for three times for it up to now. Although the results are always negative, he still beli...
jasmine019920 | Posted
Hi I'm kaitlyn, I am 16 years old. I've recently had the flu in the past week but I have gotten over it. They had me on medication like hydrocodone and tamiflu. Some of the symptoms was vomiting and nauseous. I didn't vomit until the nex...
thttgirlkaitlyn | Posted
Snakephobia- Fear of snakes. (Ophidiophobia) i am in fear of anywhere i go their will be snakes and i hate them... and my husband everytime we go over to his parents house has my son chasing my with those fake rbber snakes how do i st...
I have a big problem. Sometimes I feel like I'm mental. And I try to tell myself to snap out of it. Like when I'm with my friends we have too much fun we're behaving weird. Like too loud, and hit each other and mess each other's hair. We...
Marinefox | Last answer
I had colon cancer in Jan. 2009 and a liver met in early 2012. Surgery for both and last blood work and CT was fine. Since the liver resection in 2012, I suffer from disease of the day! Everything is major in my mind. Doctor has me o...
diane493 | Last answer
I have a daughter who is in 8th grade. She does not have a phobia but dreads going to school. Kids seem to exclude her even though she tries so hard. She is a very good girl for 13 years of age and she was adopted from Korea when she was...
Tuckerscrib | Posted
I'm sure by now everyone has at least HEARD of, if not become inundated and overwhelmed with the media coverage about Ebola. Cheryl passed along a good article to me that I wanted to share on the forum: http://www.medhelp.org/healthy...
nursegirl6572 | Posted
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