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WELCOME TO THE PLAYGROUP: BABIES 6 MONTHS -1 YEAR COMMUNITY: This Playgroup is a support community where parents of babies 6 months -1 year old can discuss topics such as baby health, safety, developmental milestones, sleeping, feeding, crying, as well as social challenges and financial concerns. We invite you to relax, and stay awhile. It's your place to share advice and make new friends!

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My son will be 6 months is a few days. I live in Seattle Washington. In the west side, white center. I'm looking for him him to start having play dates.
mommaleci | Posted
I am BEGGING for ANY HELP!! My 10 month old is a mamas girls. She cries for me all the time, if I'm in the room/house she is whining and reaching for me even when I need a break and try to put her down she instantly crawls over to me...
Babsi68 | Last answer
so my 9 month old still isnt sleeping through the night. when she was about 5 months she would sleep for about 6 hours at night before waking to eat and after that it was every 2-3 hours. that lasted for about a month and ever since she...
jeejee7 | Last answer
For a while, my twins were sleeping through the night! :) However, now that they have reached the 6 month mark, they are now waking up at least once for more food. Their appetite has increased dramatically!!!! It is almost as if they a...
ariellesmithe | Posted
I don't know why I never thought of this before but my daughter is now 7 months old and her formula has been made with boiled tap water, is this safe to do so? People seem to be all crazy about that kind of stuff:p I do admit I have give...
Raisin1694 | Last answer
Anyone have experience transitioning a 1 year old into a big brother? I have till November to get him ready for baby brother and he is a jealous boy! Help? :(
silverdream | Posted
So my little one has been diagnosed with this. A little background info he was eating 25-30 oz of breast milk at first and then he was introduced to formula. He still had 30 oz of formula out of no were he started eating 22, 20 then 18 ...
mrsMartinez91 | Last answer
Is it ok to feed my 10 month old eggs, or does he have to wait till he's one??
Giljr | Last answer
My daughter turned five months the fifth and is EBF I tried giving her rice cereal a few weeks ago and she got a rash talked to her pead she wants me to try oatmeal and veggies as she's more than ready for foods but i am terrified she's ...
hinzman3 | Posted
My 11 month old son has never had any trouble going to sleep at bed or nap time until recently. For the past 2 weeks im lucky to get him to nap once during the day and he wont do it on his own, he has to a have a bath first. Also, we've ...
britt2100 | Last answer
My daughter is 8 months old and now has 6 teeth, I have just been brushing them with water. Should I be using baby toothpaste? If not when should I start using it?
Raisin1694 | Last answer
Hey ladies, My 7 month old has his top two teeth through ATM and he's quite grumpy especially at night, is there anything to comfort him with? I know it's a time thing but with his bottom two teeth he was t this grumpy and slept thro...
NinaBarton | Posted
HELLO. I barely made this account and would like to receive some feedback. My daughter is 7 months old. She has been waking up at nights. She is not the one to have ever done so, since she was 2 months. SHe's always slept through the nig...
JoceeKitty | Last answer
My daughter is now 7 months old and we didn't have sex again till about 3 months postpartum, I had are ally fast labour and I was so swollen after plus a couple stitches so I had no interest once so ever. But now that she's 7 months old ...
Raisin1694 | Last answer
Hi everyone. :-) my bby is abt to be 6 months in 2 weeks and i want to start feeding him solid foids,he doesnt sit straught yet,but he does hold himself upright when i hold him.i need help on choosing the best time to feed him mornings o...
precious_jewel1913 | Last answer
Did anyone's baby walk before crawling??? If so how old???
peaches421 | Last answer
My 16 month old daughter doesn't like to drink cold milk it has to be warm and she doesn't like to drink it out her cup she wants it in a bottle but she will drink juice and water out her cup im trying to get she off the bottle completel...
dallasfantiara | Posted
my six and half month old just started growling couple days ago..totally confused by this? like at random times...any suggestions? is this normal? what is she doing? lol I didn't know if I should be concerned or if it's normal ..has any ...
kchas332 | Last answer
So my daughter will be 6 months tomorrow and is such a doll. Although she sits up pretty well on her own she hates being on her tummy. Yes she can push herself up with her arms but just throws a fit. She screams as if being on her tummy ...
Dolphin05 | Last answer
I have a 7 month old and today I have noticed that she has these little, about the size of a pea, bruises all over her arm. I did not notice them last night when she was given a bath. What could these be? She has about 6 of them going up...
IrelynnsMommy | Last answer
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