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By GXKat
My dog suddenly stopped eating but drank water, i noticed her belly was distended Sept 4th. I took her to an emergenc...
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By Stvceyy
my 7 week old puppies were put outside while I was away and when I came back both were sick. I already have 2 larger ...
2010625 tn?1329375656
By Amy4891
Hi I was thinking about getting a sugar glider but was nervous about letting it loose to run around the house. I was ...
18623220 tn?1466402540
By Iknowurnotavetbutineedhelp
I have 2 questions about my 1 cat so he is super skinny and you can see how thin he is by looking at his hips and sho...
Avatar f tn
By Kitttyyy Blank
My cat was healthy and had long hair but now she is pulling off her hair on her back end and has diarrhea, she used t...
7760770 tn?1435121789
By Makani_svr Blank
I'm wondering what would be a good supplement otc that could help with her frequent urination, straining to pee, and ...
Avatar m tn
By jellybean1_2 Blank
My hamster was running around with one eye closed and I was wondering what was wrong. Now it's about a month later an...
Avatar m tn
By Catrinelen Blank
My rabbit lost an eye a year ago, we took him to the vets and he got a prescription and all has been well; he's hap...
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JodisStoryAug 16, 2015
By jayhox Blank
My 13 yr. ol d cat was recently diagnosed with bi-lateral lymphoma in the kidneys. She has had one chemo treatment s...
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georgegalAug 06, 2015
ireneoSep 23, 2009
happycamperIISep 22, 2009
ireneoAug 07, 2009
By picklez Blank
Hi, my pet mouse has open sores on its body. They're basically open wounds. He is currently caged with two other mice...
482186 tn?1208362150
Claire3281Jul 13, 2015
By jumche Blank
my degu vomit today clear liquid like water. all her chin and neck were soaked so was the place where it was sittng.i...
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HayduesJun 23, 2015
ireneoJul 16, 2012
dead_hamsterJul 15, 2012
ireneoMar 12, 2012
cmiller050Mar 11, 2012
By cmiller050 Blank
Hello. I am looking for some advice. I have lost 3 hamsters in two months and I am frantic to figure this out. I h...
Avatar f tn
By coopeer1199000 Blank
What does it mean you your russain dwarf hampster has a lump on its back thanks? X
14277254 tn?1433728816
By H4MST3R Blank
I noticed that one of the hamsters I own was acting strangely one day after I cleaned its cage. It seemed like my ham...
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BummlerApr 29, 2015
BummlerApr 29, 2015
Ch0c0lat3Jan 07, 2015
By Ch0c0lat3 Blank
I have 3 lovely rabbits! 2 of them are always next to each other and sometimes on top of each other, since we got the...
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BummlerApr 29, 2015
By Ch0c0lat3 Blank
I just got 3 rabbits and then a few days ago two of them died! Then the day after, my budgie died! Could it be connec...
4652479 tn?1357605229
RubysDadMar 01, 2015
RubysDadMar 01, 2015
H3R01234Feb 17, 2013
H3R01234Feb 17, 2013
ireneoFeb 09, 2013
By H3R01234 Blank
Hello again everyone! My sister got a rat about a week ago. He's about a month old so he's a baby. She buys care fre...
Avatar m tn
By tbutchdog Blank
I have a lionhead bunny, 4-5 yrs old, who always seems to have UTI symptoms. Is there any home remedies I can use? I'...
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SunsetpupFeb 16, 2015
ratloverguySep 17, 2012
cds333Oct 18, 2010
Mrs_SavasJan 31, 2009
ireneoJan 20, 2009
By sam6608 Blank
I have two male rats. Their between a year nd a half to two years old and they are loosing hair. This happened before...
Avatar m tn
Pikachu2284Feb 09, 2015
AndiJ78Jan 27, 2009
By Spikester Blank
My female Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis), Spike, has in the last month, become more lethargic and les...
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