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My cat was healthy and had long hair but now she is pulling off her hair on her back end and has diarrhea, she used to use the litter box but only sometimes does now. She eats constantly but is very skinny. She has no parasites or fleas....
Kitttyyy | Posted
I'm wondering what would be a good supplement otc that could help with her frequent urination, straining to pee, and crystals in urine. I saw cranberry supplemnts and "natural pet urine irritation" that claims to help with the symptoms. ...
Makani_svr | Posted
My hamster was running around with one eye closed and I was wondering what was wrong. Now it's about a month later and she has a lump between that eye and her ear and I'm so scared it's a tumor or cancer. Please help!
jellybean1_2 | Posted
My rabbit lost an eye a year ago, we took him to the vets and he got a prescription and all has been well; he's happy and running around the same as ever which is great! Recently (past week or so) his eye is oozing a little when he ...
Catrinelen | Posted
My 13 yr. ol d cat was recently diagnosed with bi-lateral lymphoma in the kidneys. She has had one chemo treatment so far consisting of one lomustine pill and a steoid injection. Less than 1 week later, our local vet said the tumor had...
jayhox | Last answer
Hi, my pet mouse has open sores on its body. They're basically open wounds. He is currently caged with two other mice who do not have any problems or sores. I'm not sure what is causing this. He acts normal, he's actually the friendliest...
picklez | Last answer
my degu vomit today clear liquid like water. all her chin and neck were soaked so was the place where it was sittng.it could not be a water cuz i keep their water in a bottle. she is very active and vital so i don't know whether she is s...
jumche | Last answer
Hello. I am looking for some advice. I have lost 3 hamsters in two months and I am frantic to figure this out. I have had hamsters successfully in the past so I'm not sure what went wrong this time. I'll start with Grace. Winter w...
cmiller050 | Last answer
What does it mean you your russain dwarf hampster has a lump on its back thanks? X
coopeer1199000 | Posted
I noticed that one of the hamsters I own was acting strangely one day after I cleaned its cage. It seemed like my hamster was eating its own feces (pellets). Shortly after that, my hamster hacked up a strange yellow liquid. I am very wo...
H4MST3R | Posted
I have 3 lovely rabbits! 2 of them are always next to each other and sometimes on top of each other, since we got them one of those 2 rabbits stomach has grown, I do not know their gender or how to tell if it really is pregnancy. One of ...
Ch0c0lat3 | Last answer
I just got 3 rabbits and then a few days ago two of them died! Then the day after, my budgie died! Could it be connected?
Ch0c0lat3 | Last answer
Hello again everyone! My sister got a rat about a week ago. He's about a month old so he's a baby. She buys care fresh bedding; it doesn't have any dyes. My sisters rat, Milo, has been sneezing ever since we got him. I figured its j...
H3R01234 | Last answer
I have a lionhead bunny, 4-5 yrs old, who always seems to have UTI symptoms. Is there any home remedies I can use? I'm becoming vet-poor.
tbutchdog | Posted
I have two male rats. Their between a year nd a half to two years old and they are loosing hair. This happened before and we assumed it was mites and I've checked them again but don't see any. They dont have any comletely bare spots yet ...
sam6608 | Last answer
My female Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis), Spike, has in the last month, become more lethargic and less hungry. She has plenty of light and the temperature of her terrarium is fairly constant at 73-76 degrees. She seems to...
Spikester | Last answer
Hello, The bloodwork on my 15 yr old kitty showed everything normal except a low AUTO PLATELET count. It was 143. My vet didn't mention anything about this, I just noticed it on the report. My kitty also is borderline high on her BUN...
lilwe | Last answer
I bought a rabbit from a pet shop (shadow) a few week's ago. He was very timid and didn't seem 100% healthy, I was happy to remove him from that pet store (re known for dying animal's) but he has become ill. When I returned to the pet ...
Charmiiii | Last answer
Ok, I have a rabbit who is free running in the family living room, since he's very social and hates to be alone, litter trained etc. Today my mother was watching a movie (Shutter Island) and he would sit down, stare at her and stomp his ...
Devium | Last answer
My hamster just died today and it incredible sad because im gonna miss him, but of course i keep wondering if there was something i did wrong or even if there is something i could of done. i have only had the little guy for 4 months and ...
midgetpenguin | Last answer
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