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This patient support community is for discussions relating to PCOS including anxiety, baldness or thinning hair, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, type 2 diabetes, genetics, heart problems, increased hair growth (hirsuitism), infertility, menstruation (periods), obesity, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, pregnancy, skin problems, sleep disorders, and weight gain.

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Belle313Jan 29
KAnuCmEYJan 29
By jaypaxy
have been worried sick, are there chances of a person with PCOS having children
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zykeJan 29
By Emez1997
I'm 18 and not sexualy active yet but I haven't had my period for over 4 months and it had been decreasing in amount ...
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By zyke
so i'm 18 and have pcos and my doc recommend primolut n. i have to use it if my period doesn't come. i was on birth c...
3242625 tn?1346796450
jaypaxyJan 29
southerngirl94Jun 18, 2015
By Marks_Peanut Blank
I was diagnosed at age 12 with PCOS. I gained alot of weight as an adult. I found out that PCOS also causes insulin p...
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jaypaxyJan 28
By naina_06
Hello I have history of pcos and want to get pregnant so I went to gyno she gave me fertyl ( clomofine) 100mg and pr...
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By Feefee83
Hi am a mam to two beautiful lg, 3 years ago I miscarried, over 3 years we decided to let nature take its course. Not...
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Belle313Jan 22
By SheilahA
I've been on fremara for just one cycle.I finished my last tablet on December 7th 2015.Today is 22nd January 2016.I g...
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By anxiouspcosgirl
For a half a day, I had some lower back pain. It went away. The day it went away, I began having a small appetite. I ...
Avatar f tn
By MicaW96
Hi I'm 19 years old and am currently still having no period, I haven't had one for 4 months now and still getting a n...
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By AceMavis0920
Hi, I'm 26 years old I was recently started on Provera in October 2015 took for ten days and then found out I was pre...
Avatar f tn
By yvon0430
Hello mga sisis.worried lang aq.i was diagnosed with pcos last sept 2015.kya lang problema ko lagi aq nagbebleed.nka ...
6758585 tn?1390317601
By Paybebaby
I have bad periods, and it's get overbearing. Do you suffer from: Nausea Fatigue Insomnia Diarrhea Constipat...
Avatar m tn
PaybebabyJan 07
By latifa1998 Blank
hi, i'm latifa...i am from trinidad i recently discovered that i have PCOS. i haven't been given or assigned any trea...
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jaula22Oct 07, 2015
Becki_GuyOct 06, 2015
By jaula22 Blank
Good day every1, After being on bcp for over 10 yrs I've finally decided to become a mom but after 3 yrs of trying ...
16825353 tn?1451785760
By kristen2491
i have had pcos sense i was 12 years old and i am 24 years old now and i stopped having a period when i was 18 and so...
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Belle313Dec 31, 2015
By all_the_usernames_are_taken
I'm a 16 year old girl and recently my doctor has started the process of getting me checked for PCOS. My mother has i...
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I m 21 year old girl, college going student. Since march 2015 I m suffering from irregular periods and undergone a ch...
992128 tn?1364375342
juanahdezDec 18, 2015
amydawn500Dec 29, 2010
truebelieverSep 10, 2010
JennaRieSep 10, 2010
realitychrissieSep 09, 2010
By Aimz86 Blank
Hey all just wondering if anyone tried femara (think that's what it's called) it's like clomid helps to ovulate!? Wha...
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By modgun
I am 31 years old. I have always had debilitatingly painful periods which come irregularly, but always in a 4-6 week ...
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modgunDec 08, 2015
modgunDec 08, 2015
Mel012805Feb 08, 2015
Sj2112Oct 01, 2013
freshstart86221Jul 01, 2013
By painpaingoaway Blank
So I already know that I have PCOS, but my mom and grandma both had severe endo! I have researched both conditions, b...
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