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I'm not really sure if I got the baby blues but I haven't been feeling myself for the past couple of months. I donr know what to do I feel so confused and lost. I wish I had someone to talk to. I'm afraid to go to the doctor to find out ...
CookieBear | Last answer
I gave birth to my son on June 28, 2013. Since then I haven't been like myself. The things that used to be interesting to me isn't anymore. I can't sleep I'm always awake crying, or thinking about the way I've been feeling. I don't want ...
JMGjr | Last answer
Hello, I'm new to this board, I've been following the pregnancy forum here on MedHelp, and after coming across this forum, I wanted to ask a question. How many of you experienced depression during your pregnancy and ended up with post...
genamarie | Last answer
I have been on zoloft since the end of December and am coming up on my last couple months of my prescription. It's already been lowered a bit and I feel good but I'm worried about coming off of the medication. I think I may start a exe...
Heatherm4 | Last answer
So I had my baby April 26th. Ended up having a seperated pelvis which I'm goin to p. therapy for. Also went to the er for a uti and took my full dose of antibotics. I think it's gone. Any how I have been running a low grade fever from 9...
candi03 | Last answer
At times i feel very bonded with my little baby at other times i don't, i sometimes feel like i have no connection with her and i start to feel bad, cry and hold my baby i dont want to feel this way i wanna feel very connected to my baby...
emtz41 | Last answer
My daughter is 9 months old and I have been treating my PPD for over 6 months. I'm taking antidepressants (Celexa) and have already been through an entire round of counseling. I began to feel more "normal" in the fall but now I feel li...
abrick | Last answer
How do if I have ppd or im just depressed I've been through alot these past 6 months due to my babys dad we broke up back in june cause he slapped me (while I was pregnant) I tried to work things out with him but him being bipolar didnt ...
Proudmama86 | Last answer
So I had a baby in December and ever since then my anxiety is high but right now my main concern is I don't know if what I'm thinking or feeling is real or not I'm just so confused and I don't want to mess my life up because i am feeling...
NikkiMal77 | Last answer
Hi Everyone, I notice that this forum does not have a whole lot of traffic, but I want everyone to know that I am always here to help. I want everyone to know that as a regular on MH, I am always checking this site, as well as others...
Michele, Katy, TX | Last answer
My daughter is 10 weeks old. Up until the last week I've felt great. Last week when I confirmed with my work the exact date id be returning in a couple weeks I started to feel so sad. I know this is typical so I've been just trying to su...
Mizzztaylor | Last answer
why are all these old posts showing up on here? lol
Rissa14 | Last answer
my wife had cholestasis in 2005 with our first boy, then again with our second in 2007...it was a very hard time for both of us,but especially her. since then we have been steadily drinking more and more. i made a terrible mistake last...
desperatedad2806_3 | Last answer
I am not experiencing PPD, but more anxiety associated with OCD. I have had this before and was medicated with Prozac that worked very well for me. However, I am currently breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter. I would like to continue t...
wo29 | Last answer
I am only 14 days postpartum and I have been feeling very depressed and down. I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed the lowest dose of zoloft 25mg. I took it last night and it made everything worse. I was having the craziest ...
drea636 | Last answer
I am currently 20 years old and this is what is what happened when i was 15 years old. My mum friend and and my mum were having a chat and I was told to keep my mum friend niece 8 years old occupied while they had a chat. i was curious ...
mat371 | Last answer
Hi everyone My story is quite the long and depressing one, I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant I just found out 3 days ago. When you hear that your pregnant most jump in joy happy about their pregnancy. But me not so much since I got impreg...
bitter_sweetlove | Last answer
Hi everyone My story is quite the loūng and depressing one, I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant I just found out 3 days ago. When you hear that your pregnant most jump in joy happy about their pregnancy. But me not so much since I got impre...
bitter_sweetlove | Posted
Hi all, I am currently on Abilify and wanted to know does it cause acne? I've noticed more acne and cystic like acne since starting this medicine.Also, with abilify and weight gain is the weight gain due more to an excessive appeti...
nell248 | Posted
im not sure im paranoid, have the blues or ppd. my daughter was born on december 6th and for the first four days or so i was fine. no crying or anything. my boyfriend and i dont live together and are going back and forth between two hous...
laurens024 | Last answer
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