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Im 24, my daughter is 3. i was so pissed when i found out i was pregnant by a looser when i was 21. so, now shes wonderful, could never live without her. now, still single i long for another baby. Why, ima college student, hellloooo im s...
shay000 | Last answer
I've only talked to my husband about how I've been feeling lately. I feel as though I am losing myself. I have a 2 year old son and my daughter will be 5 months soon. I've gotten my cycle back for a couple months now and have been blam...
Heatherm4 | Last answer
My wife and I got married in January of this year. By March I got stationed halfway across the world and of course she came with me. In April we found out she was pregnant. She had a high risk pregnancy the entire time and was put on bed...
newdaddy2012 | Last answer
This is my first time pregnent and its nothing like Ive always imaged it to be. I love love love kids and am just not all happy go lucky about being pregnent. Im not sure if maybe because I havent had an ultrasound yet or just that ot h...
FiRsT_TiME_M0MMY | Last answer
I'm not sure if this is possible but I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I already feel the ppd kicking in! This is my third pregnancy. With my first I had some baby blues but was okay after a while with my second I had ppd which also gave me anxi...
Msme3 | Last answer
I'm scared of myself just now...I dont want to hurt me or my baby or anything extreme, but I'm deatroyimg my relationship bit by bit and I dont know how to stop...I love my man, but I cant stop picking fights...please help...
sorenr | Last answer
I had a really hard time when my daughter was born. It does get better, but it's a longass "journey." (gag. I hate the word "journey.") I wrote about it here if you want to read it: http://treato.com/blog/the-voice-of-the-patient-mo...
My son is 9 weeks old. And at first, life was great. I wasn't depressed or anxiety sticken. However, I stopped getting help when he was about 3 weeks old. I am on my own every night, and pretty much throughout the day because his father ...
hatchetrose | Last answer
i cant go into all the details right now but i was just diagnosed with ppd again. i just had my twin boys in november and things have been all over the place....i cry every single day, i take everythign out on my husband, i am irrita...
waitn838 | Last answer
hi all/im 29 had my 1st child a month ago now!my life as bin hell since the birth of my son!!im havin really bad anxiety attackz!!and i all so i just cant focuz on my boy wotz so ever!!and i feel so confused and lost:i cry all of the tim...
angelairene | Last answer
Hi everyone, still pregnant here (32 weeks) so I don't have PPD but I'm pretty convinced I'll be a candidate for it. For one, my mother and grandmother had it. I've also been depressed on and off my whole life, getting worse with this pr...
a584393 | Last answer
Hi guys! So I will start off by saying my Son I almost four months old and I love him dearly he is the best thing that has ever happened to me! In the last couple months I and others around me have noticed I'm not myself, I'm exhausted n...
smashNsawyer | Last answer
I lost 2 babies both at 19 weeks? Is it possible to be suffering from PPD? Or is it just depression?
Liluykj | Last answer
has anyone ever experienced this? im wondering if anyone has experoianced TMS or ECT
adahrose | Posted
I dont have post pardum depression but this is the only forum I think best suits my question. I suffer from a lot of anxiety. Through out my pregnancy it never really set in that I was pregnant literally it was like everytime I thought a...
i_am_who_i_am | Last answer
hi Im new to this forum and I guess Im just wondering if any one would like to talk to me about what they are or have expeirenced with their ppd...this is the second time Im going through it and its worse and more scary then with my firs...
Ihateppd | Last answer
Hi, I'm not sure if I have PPD or not. I do plan on going to the doctor as soon as I get omn my husbands insurance in October. Until then I'm SOL. Here's my story... I got pregnant in June/July of last year. My husband and I had been tr...
Elizabethshea | Last answer
I am a mom to two healthy children ages 2.5 and 10.5 months. I experienced PPD following the birth of my daughter and received treatment (counseling meds etc) and eventually things got better in a relatively short period of time (a fees ...
Mamafitness | Last answer
Will it ever get better? My daughter is 7 weeks old and I feel like I am going crazy with all the issues that I am dealing with. I feel like I should hardly complain since my daughter basically only cries when hungry or tired, I was able...
smeg170 | Last answer
Hi there,, I was just diagnosed with PPD, actually, I diagnosed myself and told the doc just agreed with me and prescribed Wellbutrin. I've only been on it for a week, and it can't kick in fast enough for me. I feel so angry and guilty...
angrymama106 | Last answer
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