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I have always thought this place needed a prayer forum. Everyone on this site has rough days from time to time or even all of the time and prayer seems to help me get through my roughest days. Since MedHelp no longer allows religious discussions, that doesn't mean we can't pray for each other and our loved ones. Post your prayers and let the healing begin!

Founded by imanaddict on September 24, 2009
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plomeliAug 16, 2011
sandaimeApr 08, 2011
Vance2335Apr 06, 2011
By Vance2335 Blank
A friend of mine for about 20 years died this past weekend. Please say prayers for him, his family and his friends. H...
1683956 tn?1309308150
plomeliAug 16, 2011
By scaredlikecrazy1983 Blank
Please take a moment to pray for my family. i made really bad decisions resently and i'm paying the price for my acti...
784382 tn?1376934640
plomeliAug 16, 2011
By turkee23 Blank
Having gallbladder out tomorrow and I'm a nervous wreck!!!!! I can use all the prayers i can get!!!!........please...
1429890 tn?1312389607
plomeliAug 16, 2011
Linzola1Mar 17, 2011
chiquita22galloFeb 01, 2011
By chiquita22gallo Blank
Hello, I really need a prayer chain. I'm emotional, scared, nervous, and in the state of not understanding. I had an ...
1693461 tn?1374515429
turkee23Jun 13, 2011
ackerMay 31, 2011
By FairyGirl15 Blank
Hi guys. On Friday, my neighbor's house caught on fire. Even through the place looks fine on the outside, it is total...
1658626 tn?1302460419
Vance2335Apr 11, 2011
By JoanJette Blank
I know that there is much power in prayer. I feel like I am being selfish when I ask for prayert for myself, but I t...
1602878 tn?1304339616
April2Apr 05, 2011
By adventurer53 Blank
Thanks to whoever started this group. Even tho I can't individually pray for every request, I will keep the people in...
1394098 tn?1385963734
By tjrusert Blank
I was born in another state. I moved 900 miles away with my husband over 20 years ago but have always wanted to go ho...
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tjrusertApr 02, 2011
By freefun789 Blank
Please pray for me. I am going crazy with paranoia and unable to think straight. I hope I don't lose it. I'm in my 20...
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Pat047Mar 26, 2011
By pamk543 Blank
I am 16 weeks post-op and feeling worse every day, instead of better. I am depressed because this was an elective su...
1639856 tn?1395189207
By Marebear74 Blank
Almost a year ago Childrens Services took my children from me over some false phone call made by a friend. The very s...
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thefebygirlMar 17, 2011
thefebygirlMar 17, 2011
thefebygirlMar 17, 2011
MyaryMar 17, 2011
Linzola1Mar 17, 2011
By thefebygirl Blank
Hi I am 27. me and my DH married for 4 years and 3 months. we been TTC for the past 4 months with no luck. I am the o...
773755 tn?1328123377
By acker Blank
for a life of drugs again. throwing away wife and four kids, to hang out with other users! he is a derelict dad and h...
1582895 tn?1296735376
Lisi251Feb 14, 2011
By Angel4961 Blank
Please pray for me that my biopsy next Monday, doesn't involve being Leukimia.
363281 tn?1353103243
April2Jan 25, 2011
By SassyLassie Blank
Hello~I would appreciate prayers for my dad's salvation. I am very worried about him, he says he is an atheist and th...
908392 tn?1316526499
Lisi251Jan 20, 2011
By tbabi20 Blank
It may be a new year, or some other experience you're about to start. What it is, it has all the trappings of new beg...
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April2Jan 10, 2011
lindacampbellDec 21, 2010
tbabi20Dec 21, 2010
April2Dec 20, 2010
tbabi20Dec 20, 2010
By April2 Blank
Please pray that my husband will fully commit to God and also my adult son. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them...
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lindacampbellDec 14, 2010
FearingoneDec 06, 2010
April2Dec 02, 2010
By butterflygazer Blank
This is hard for me to say....or even talk about. I really dont know how to ask or what to ask. All i know is that wh...
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tbabi20Dec 01, 2010
By Lost_in_Love Blank
Please Lord, Bless my husband and me a child. I feel we have been trying for a lifetime, but I need your strength to ...
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April2Nov 29, 2010
By lindacampbell Blank
My dad is dying from end stage prostate cancer. I'm not exactly sure how much time he has left. He is not saved. I...
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