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This site is for all women who have conceived and/or given birth after having any type of tubal ligation surgery. Please join us and share your experiences.

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I had my tubal in 2007 and I have started to get concerned with all these articles I read about how you can get pregnant after a tubal. I panicked recently when I was 2 days late on my period and went out to get a pregnancy test. I don...
lazybugg73 | Posted
I posted this in the maternal and child care section but this is obviously the better forum for this kind of inquiry. I am a 34 y/old mother of three young boys. I had a tubal ligation performed in 12/2004, when my youngest was about...
mamak35 | Last answer
I had my tubes tied 16 months old when had my twin boys. Could l be pregnant? We Dtd at ovalation time. I have been feeling sick to my stomach, light headed, very sore nipples..
momof2setsoftwins | Last answer
At the risk of sounding completely crazy (since it is how I feel) I am posting in search of advice and/or answers. I had my tubes cut/tied/burned 7 years ago as I was only 24 with three small children and in a relationship with a verball...
praying4more | Posted
I am 41 years old with 6 children..3 are grown and my last is almost 7..my tubes were tied, clipped and burned after giving birth to the last baby which was in 04..Is it possible to conceive? My periods have always been pretty normal sin...
nadineann | Last answer
I had a parkland tubal ligation less than 6 months ago 2 days after the birth of my son. Ive had normal cycles since then.I have spotting around the time of ovulation. This last cycle i had the same spotting, then 10 days later i am cram...
amsjur | Posted
six years ago I was pregnant with my son (three mos) when a cyst the size of a grapefruit emerged. It was removed and my right ovarie which had an egg wrapped around. Year after my son was born I had my tubes burnt. She tried talking me ...
roseydodo | Last answer
Long story short - I am 37 years old and had a tubal ligation (with clips) 10 years ago after the birth of my daughter. Two years ago I found out I was pregnant. I ended up miscarrying, but the baby never grew big enough to be seen wit...
pinegrove | Posted
I am a 25 yr old mother of 2 a boy and girl and while most say I have the perfect family, I feel incomplete. I really would like to have another baby. I had my tubal ligation done October 1 2008 with the csection birth of my baby girl. I...
inhopesofamiracle | Last answer
Hello I am new to this site so let me tell you my story. In 2004 after my last child I had a tubal ligation done post c-section. I thought this would be the right thing for me because at that time i did not plan on having anymore childre...
shellalee | Last answer
Hi ladies, I'm new to this site, I'm 44 had 1 IVf and 1 FET and BFN, so now we decided to do the TR, my FSH was 7 and my AMH was great, I made 18 follies for my IVF. This is my last hope, I'm hoping with meds and IUI I may have a cha...
plumber43 | Last answer
am 38 and have 3 children 19,16, and 11. I had a TL when i had my last child csection. My other two where vb. I was in a bad marriage and was pressured to have a TL. I new i didn't want any more children with my then husband. Since i...
a72angel | Posted
Not a question just saying hi. I had my son in March 2005 and in July 2005 I found out I was pregnant again. On the 26th the doctor did surgery because it was ectopic. He cut and burned that tube but not sure if he did the same to the...
picklemama3 | Last answer
I had a tubal in 2007 after I had my twins, I was put on loestrin24 fe birth control pills to regulate my cycle I started the pack my last day of my cycle which was in january and I havent had one since what could be wrong?
daetyme2 | Last answer
im 28, i had my tubes cut and the ends cauterized in 2007 4 months after my 2nd son was born. my periods are every 36 days however i have not had a period since april 2nd 2010 for several weeks now i have been overly tired, bloated, head...
luvinmylife | Last answer
Hello everyone I am a 29 yr old mother of three and my spouse and I have been having unprotected sex for almost 2yrs now. I had a Tubal Ligation in 2003 and I have had 3 mischarges since we have been together so right now I have feeled f...
ckrecord | Last answer
I am now one week late for my cycle, and my breast are enlarged, sore, and my nipples are very itchy, I moisturize but that doen't help, I am tired and my appetite has increased, I posted a question before but did not get very many respo...
mommy41021 | Last answer
I had my tubal done during the c-section of my son 3 1/2 years ago. This week I have noticed that my breasts are swollen and tender...just like when I was pregnant with both of my children. I have also had to pee all the time and have be...
mommyof2wa | Last answer
Hi , I am 35 yrs old. 15 years ago I married my high school sweet-heart and we had (2) children right away....we were still kids ourselves. The boys are great, healthy kids & had no problems getting pregnant with them. After my 2nd c...
ladybug354 | Last answer
hello everyone, i am wisha, i had my son almost 11 months ago now, and had a tubal done, well after coming home i felt a pop in my ovary area, i called the doctor and he said not to worry about it! my husband suggested that i popped my t...
wisha1981 | Last answer
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