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staceymcd9 hours
LisaE366011 hours
ctberalmuAug 20
SMFeb2017Aug 20
By staceymcd
I am nearly 13 weeks and have gained 10lb. I have always has a bad relationship with food but it's like I have no con...
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saaryas6 hours
NocieJul 28
40smamaJul 19, 2009
Lana555Jul 18, 2009
40smamaApr 20, 2009
By misha555 Blank
Hi All, New member here. I'm 44 years with 2 sons (19 and 12) with my first husband. I remarried since 2 years ...
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reedsbaby23 hours
NoooraAug 16
siloe713Aug 14
By anyaeve
Hello, I'm 37 with a history of miscarriages and 1 functional tube. However, I just out I'm pregna t at 3 weeks 3 day...
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By chloegc1023
I'm 37, I had my second baby in early 2015. Hubby and I wanted a 3rd but were at odds. He preferred to wait, while ...
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By vernerner
Has anyone one had multiple C-section
1701959 tn?1399378594
remy75Aug 22
By dolphin8808Blank
I know it's common that our heart rates increase during pregnancy, makes total sense and I get why. I am just curious...
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mamaruAug 18
fmj3babesAug 11
sally0987Aug 05
By macollins3
Im 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. I'm 2 cm dilated. I had my daughter 1day before my due date. Was the 2nd baby ...
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By reynaantonella
11 weeks and super soard in my upper budd
Avatar f tn
By missthang73
I have been experiencing a tingling sensation in one of my fingers in my right hand. Plus, my skin underneath my brea...
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remy75Aug 17
hkjenAug 17
By reedsbaby
Anyone else have a sore bellybutton? I'm 37w+4d and not only is my "turkey timer" out, it's sore around it. Just wond...
Avatar n tn
amieegcAug 13
roflbeccaJul 10
By Smontagne15
My doctor prescribed progesterone and cut my work hours now I'm feeling really worry. :-(
688450 tn?1259472334
leah47Aug 14
JourneyJoJoNov 30, 2009
m3lanieNov 29, 2009
Alba333Nov 29, 2009
JourneyJoJoNov 29, 2009
By Alba333 Blank
Hi Ladies! Would you believe this one! I had no idea that I could be very pregnant right now as I sit here writing t...
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SixisitAug 14
fmj3babesAug 11
morcosAug 02
hkjenJul 31
By yohair
Hi, I'm 38 years old and am about 11-12 weeks pregnant. I just took the chromosome blood test to check for trisomy an...
Avatar f tn
lucie27Aug 06
Dartiz35Aug 05
By Suzyispregnant
I accidentally became pregnant again and I am due mid September. So far this is my easiest pregnant. My husband she...
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RmoeeAug 11
Deebee46Aug 10
hkjenAug 09
roxc78Aug 09
lucie27Aug 09
By roxc78
Need some help I'm 37 and just found out I'm pregnant for my first time. I had some pinkish when I would wipe but ear...
Avatar n tn
erinalaneAug 10
katiij81Aug 02
morcosAug 02
alemendJul 26
I am 38 wks and 5 days baby is 8 lbs, my lower belly is full of purple strech marks. Skin feels so thin. Dr. tells me...
Avatar n tn
By mamasita1979
My question there ANYONE out there who had a colostomy or ileostomy due to Crohn's or colitis and is pregnan...
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etakopAug 08
hkjenAug 08
By jenniferand3
I'm having more discharge than before I was pregnant. I was wondering if this is normal. I'm currently 5 weeks and ge...
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CherronBAug 08
Madra44May 25, 2012
mitcmaccApr 26, 2012
MMKS30Nov 04, 2010
lily553Jul 18, 2010
By magpie11 Blank
Is it possible to get pregnant after an ablation? I am 44 years old and had an ablation in 2006. I still have light p...
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reedsbabyAug 06
morcosAug 02
SMFeb2017Jul 25
Jean2016Jul 25
By Jean2016
Hi ladies! I'm currently nine weeks pregnant with my second baby. I had an ultrasound done last week to confirm gest...
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