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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in April 2010.

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sickmommy77Apr 03, 2013
crissy578Sep 10, 2009
kmgr32Sep 10, 2009
tinkerbell101Sep 09, 2009
ajduckSep 09, 2009
By tinkerbell101 Blank
Is anyone else experiencing all day nausea/morning sickness?? I am 7wks pregnant and for the past week have been feel...
1023333 tn?1259552770
Meachy2015Aug 18, 2015
iyabodeSep 25, 2009
hope4lilbabySep 13, 2009
Candi352Sep 12, 2009
teek256Sep 05, 2009
By Candi352 Blank
The first day of my last period was around July 15 - 19. I was not really keeping track as I was on birth control pi...
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By angie1643 Blank
I am 39 weeks pregnant and haven't gotten a Rhogam yet this pregnancy. I am not sensitized. Can I get the shot before...
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AnnieBrookeOct 01, 2013
By sonia559 Blank
hi im 26 years old ive had 6 abortions im pregnant now question is wat are the chanses of havi...
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By Shaifta Blank
Hi, everyone I am 4 weeks pregnant now and started feeling nausea. this continues through out the day, I dont feel l...
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By JustJas88 Blank
Im six weeks and four days pregnant according to last missed cycle I had my second transvaginal ultrasound and they s...
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rumster_9Feb 14, 2013
tobbeyjSep 25, 2009
Sunkissed19Sep 24, 2009
tobbeyjSep 21, 2009
Willow10Sep 21, 2009
By tobbeyj Blank
I have been HIGHLY advised by a few moms now to go and buy BIO OIL from the local drug store. They swore by it for th...
1029104 tn?1252165163
TracemarrJan 31, 2013
tinkerbell101Sep 11, 2009
crissy578Sep 10, 2009
By teek256 Blank
My LMP was July 17, 2009. I went for an appointment September 1, 2009 and was given a vaginal ultrasound. I was belie...
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Vaehsmommie19Jan 29, 2013
armywife88Mar 18, 2010
mamom15Mar 17, 2010
armywife88Mar 17, 2010
mamom15Mar 16, 2010
By mamom15 Blank
Hi, I had an interesting Saturday evening. I started getting contractions all day saturday. It was uncomfortable bu...
4713889 tn?1358282743
By mommy0313 Blank
i was at the doctor yesterday and she did an exam and told me she could feel the baby and i felt when she touched her...
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By jayu676 Blank
i am 8weeks pregnant and my baby's heartbeat is not found during the sonography.what does it mean?
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By NdAnswers21 Blank
My last period was June 25 I had sex tha whole wk of tha 4th of July on high fertile up until tha 14th!I hvent seen m...
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By millzbaby510 Blank
hi i just made 21 and i been trying to conceive for the passed year and a half and its not periods used...
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shai06Sep 13, 2012
CaityNelsonSep 12, 2012
By shai06 Blank
i have a 4 mOnths old baby and im two weeks dElayd. i try some hpt buT the results are all negative.there are signs o...
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By shai06 Blank
i have a 4 mOnths old baby and im two weeks dElayd. i try some hpt buT the results are all negative.there are signs o...
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mommyanddaddydJun 27, 2012
By pinkyharvinder Blank
my wife pregnancy 3monts. we check the doctor end they said bay herat beaten not working. what is reason please tell me
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hellopretttyJun 18, 2012
Athena_MAug 27, 2009
stressed118Aug 27, 2009
AuroraSageAug 27, 2009
AuroraSageAug 27, 2009
By Athena_M Blank
I've been getting cramps when I stand up after sitting. Also sometimes when I get out of my Suburban. Anyone else? ...
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By MrsRivas Blank
I am 26 I have 2 Healthy boys but have had 3 miscarriages back to back 1 @ 16.5 wks, @ 6wks, & another @16wks. I'm pr...
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By Confusedtomtom85 Blank
In feb. I got my period as expected but it only lasted 3days instead of the usual 7days. The next month I had Unprote...
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By hit7 Blank
Second ivf, hcg on 15 days after ET 68, on 17th day it was 96 and progesterone level 50. At present 7th week, no any ...
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