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Ok, this is stemming from a previous issue so I will try to make it as brief as possible. On April 1st I found out I was pg, then started to bleed on April 3 and found out I was miscarrying on the 5th. The Dr. received all my blood res...
sstep0 | Last answer
Are there any other April mommies still out there with a baby still in there belly?! i cant believe im still friggin pregnant! i think my son just likes living on the edge because i had a bunch of preterm labor around 32 weeks and now th...
Sunkissed19 | Last answer
I'm hoping someone can help me out...I am a healthy 28 year old. I recieved my normal 5 day cycle period last March 4 2010. It is now April 26th and still no period! I have been so so bloated and having cramps just like i would normally ...
icy1liz | Last answer
I'm pregnant - so i'm told and hope....to start at the begining . it was discovered at the end of Feb 2010 that i had hypothyroidism - i was started on euthyrox. i was due to have my first period on the 22-24 march (LMP 20th FEB) since s...
Braeden David arrived by c-section as scheduled on Wednesday, April 21st at 11:41 AM. He is perfectly healthy, although slightly jaundiced, and we're scheduled to be discharged tomorrow morning :-) He weighed 7 lbs 2.5 oz, and is 19 1/...
bluegenie2003 | Last answer
Ariella Rose is here! 8 lb. 14 ounces 21 inches. I went in to be induced from preeclampsia and ended up going into labor on my own while i was waiting for a bed! thankfully I made it to a bed in time and she came so quickly the doc ne...
lavenderinscence | Last answer
I have thick brown mucus like discharge, and i had unprotected sex everyday last week. I normally get my period on the 16th but it came yesterday on the 21st. I'm experiencing a brown mucus like period. is this a sign of implantation ble...
cgmc | Last answer
hi im ttc and last month my first day of my period was 3/22 and i have a 28 day cycle. and on 4/5-4/6 i had light pink spotting around my ovulation days. and then on 4/16-4/18 i had brownish spotting when i wiped and my AF isnt due until...
chrissy2010 | Posted
Hello after being 6 days overdue, due on the 4th April, my little girl was born on the 10/ 4/ 10. All natural birth, 2 puffs of gas, born at 11:51pm, 9 pound 7 and a half ounces. No tearing just a couple of grazes.
molley21 | Last answer
So I was due the 15Th and still no baby! I had an apt on friday and was finally checked only to learn my cervix is medium soft, still pretty thick, and i'm not dialated at all! Ughh. She said the bottom was starting to dialated but the t...
Willow10 | Last answer
Dear young mothers, Now more than ever i need some help and support from you girls. well a year ago while having sex with my bf i thought it was near ovulation, so i took plan b. The period was late for 6 days and i took a pregnancy t...
suela82 | Last answer
Hi Our baby is 4 weeks old, and we are having problems with her sleeping. She would sleep for an about 15 minutes and immediately she starts to cry loudly, like she is scared or something. She doesnt sleep deeply and relaxed, like oth...
ruzhica | Last answer
so i've been having some funny things happening to me lately, but never connected the dots and had no idea what they all were. Everytime I tell the doctor about anything, they ALWAYS blame whatever it is on anxiety( that is to say they t...
lavenderinscence | Last answer
ust letting everyone know real quick.. We welcomed our little girl Natalee into the world on friday April 9th at 806 pm. :) We are both doing great!!
jlankford09 | Last answer
Chloe! 2nd April 2010, 8lb 14oz Chloe's arrival felt like forever! I went to bed on 31st March with quite bad period pain which I took as an early warning, little did I know that it wasn't that early a warning. Woke up at 2.30 ...
MyNameIsCat | Last answer
Xavier Lane Earl, 15.04.2010, 7:13pm ,16 Hour Labour, 8Pound 2Ounces, HC of 55.5cm, 50 cm Long, Looks just like DAD...
Boots85 | Last answer
Hope all of you mommies are doing well! Here's an update from me: I am 37 weeks now and if Noah does not make an appearance within 2 weeks I will be induced at 39...wow...2 weeks! Personally, I feel he is coming sooner. Got here so ...
Courtcoop | Last answer
Hello everyone! I just wanted to update everyone that we've had our baby girl on March 26th! I had a doctor appointment that day and was having some mild pains on my lower belly. When I went for my appointment, he found that I was dia...
Scotland2009 | Last answer
How are we all dooooooing?! Haha.. I've been asked that question about a billion times in the last few days.. family and friends emailing/calling/Facebooking to ask if I'm in labour yet.. if I'm feeling ok.. if we've decided to run aw...
AuroraSage | Last answer
why is it that i cant get pregnant no matter what i do
shannon288 | Last answer
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