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I am 5w1d pregnant and noticed a stringy long discharge with no pain or foul order, is this normal during early pregnancy? Thanks Kary EDD 2/16/09
babyadam | Last answer
I had a c-section with my baby girl. And I noticed yesterday that I had a small hard thing at the end of my insecion and got to looking at it and noticed it looked like a small clear thread with a bump on the end of it. So I asked my hus...
williamsbaby33 | Last answer
my grandson is 7 weeks old and he has not pooped in 2 days...we have been giving him karo syrup in his water like the dr said too but its not working...hes pooped a little hard ball yesterday and the same the day before...u can see the p...
ruby101155 | Last answer
at my 20 week ultra sound i was told i have placenta previa. its 2 cm away from my cervix, so the doctor ordered me pelvic rest, i am currently 24 weeks and started having contractions sunday morning so i went to the hospital and they se...
kass1992 | Posted
Hi I am about 6/7 weeks now. I had an eptopic pregnancy last year and had my left tube removed. I did have mild pregnancy syptoms i.e bloated Sickness (although not actually sick) A couple of head aches Tiredness Just general f...
princessartois | Last answer
Help!! I just deleted months of food tracker data. How do I get this back?
jimbo877 | Posted
I had an ectopic pregnancy rupture about 3 months ago and had to have my right tube removed during emergency surgery. My OB/GYN said we could try again after two months, we did and got pregnant last month. I am either 5 weeks and 4 days ...
nellbrad | Posted
Hi my name is jennifer I been taking antibiotics for the past 2 weeks, Omeprazole 20 mg, Metronidazole 500 mg and Clarithromycin 500 mg and also I been taking my birth control pills for the past 3 weeks (Jolivette). I jus found out toda...
jennifer0614 | Last answer
This is more an update since there is really nothing I can do about this. I worked Friday night at the ER, but only as the secretary since I am not allowed on my feet. The ultrasound tech hadn't seen mein a while and was excited to see m...
agomez333 | Last answer
hi to all..this is my first pregnancy & first joining her in this forum. I would like to share this my experience i've had my first trans vaginal ultrasound yesterday, feb. 11, 2012 and my doctor advice and base on the result of ultraso...
Jane_07 | Posted
i found heartbeat '@ 103 of my baby after 6 weeks of pregnancy. but 4 weeks thereafter my u/s & tvs showed no heartbeat. i am really worried. can the baby regain heartbeat? please guide me.
sreesthira | Last answer
lilly didnt poo for 3 days, she was crying because her tummy was hurting and so i took her to the drs on friday night and he gave her a some sort or tablet thing for her bottom and said if she didnt poo in 2hours to take her to the hospi...
angelbabies | Last answer
HI! I used to be on med help 247 especially from 2006-2009 when I first lost my first pregnancy back in 2006 now here i am with two kids 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl, i just recently lost 40 pounds after my daughter i did gain alot...
hi ladies, have anyone of you had to switch your babies brand of formula, if so how did you do it? i was pumping for 5 weeks and then ended up stopping cause it was not going as well as i thought it should have been. but he is on en...
leighanne143 | Last answer
okay, im 15' years old.. this is my first baby. im 18 weeks and so many days, i am not showing at all.. im very thin, i weigh like 94lbs. in about 2 weeks i go find out the gender of my baby. i just want to kno why i aint showing..
lilmomma2011 | Last answer
Lately when I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, my bladder is so full, my kidneys hurt and it normally goes away after I pee...but the past 2 nights, on and off for 2-3 hrs after I pee i've had very instense , sh...
mel1553 | Last answer
I figured it would be nice to have a separate post for our little one's 1 Year checkups so we can compare how big our little ones are and who's little one's are reaching different milestones! I wont have an update for Sarah's 1 Year u...
Lance06 | Last answer
Hi there, My wife is six weeks pregnant, We recently had a u/s as we had a little scare with some light bleeding. Thinking we had lost the baby, a nurse found the baby heartbeat at 110 bpm at 5 weeks 3 days old. My question is this a ...
riley1985 | Last answer
My son is 5 weeks old. He just started to scream at night for several hours. Nothing soothes him. I've tried the 5 "s", bath, car rides. etc. His feet are going and screaming a high pitch sound when I try the bicycle movements. Is thi...
ABCD272 | Last answer
I am 6 weeks pregnant and I was feelign pregnant until 2 days ago. My breast were getting larger and were very tender. I was feeling tired and the feeling of fullnes in my womb. Then I got sick. I ate bad shrimp and had vomitimg and the ...
zulema2010 | Last answer
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