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I'm from Oklahoma..
jennylynn198817 | Last answer
OMG, what's wrong with me? Every movement this little boy makes HURTS! he curls so tightly in a ball that i can't stand up straight. Then he moves side to side which is normally fine, but it literally feels like he's rubbing against m...
logigirl | Last answer
I am having a: the last one posted too fast before I could add al the answers sorry ladies! SO PLEASE USE THIS ONE & PLEASE KEEP THIS BUMPED!
JennyB0125 | Last answer
Just wondering what are three weird things that has changed in ur body during ur pregnancy. Mine 1. Got a few hairs grow on my neck (yuck) 2. My vaginal area has gotten a dark pigmentation 3. My boobs havent even grown yet there full o...
zyrius9 | Last answer
33 weeks pregnant & I've been having some cramps like if i was gona get my pd. What's wrong?
2013Babygirl | Last answer
I have 7 weeks left and my mood throughout has been pretty good but lately I just want to really lay into people verbally, I find what I normally keep to my self just coming out, worried I'm going to fall out with friends cos I'm so blun...
littlepinksavage | Posted
Anyone expecting on the 23rd of February?
BRacquelle | Last answer
I'm 35 weeks and I have insomnia any help?
Emma04040404 | Last answer
Hi ladys:) well I'm 33 weeks pregnant of a baby girl due on feb 24:) i just wana know if its normal to be really tired even if i get my 8 hour sleep. I think i sleep a lot..
2013Babygirl | Last answer
Has anyone had there un born baby pull a mucle in there tummy ? If so how did u deal with the pain
amie94 | Last answer
I don't have a question, I'm just really excited because today I was given my induction date of Feb. 10th and I just can't wait to finally meet my little girl. I feel like it has taken forever to get to this point and I just wanted to s...
JessCar76 | Last answer
for the past hour ive felt really quite faint, weak, tired and like my heart is racing or beating funny. anyone else experianced this?
Jessicax12 | Last answer
My baby is due on the 14th Feb and I am super excited. But I haven't started shopping. I told myself that I was going to start in Jan but I am already tired. Have you guys started shopping for the pending one?
firstTimeMommyNY | Last answer
i am 33 weeks and 6 days and woke up to small puddles of watery fluid in the bed..i have been having contractions for almost 5 weeks now. this is my 3rd child and this did not happen with the last 2 ..i am having the normal contractions ...
duefeb3rd | Last answer
Hi all mamas! I'm just wondering do you have any good tips for buying the stuff for a baby? What's better to get or what is a waste of money? Most of the baby shops making the customers think that they need everything and it must be th...
LalaLenny | Last answer
I'm due on the 24 with a baby girl. Im about 32 weeks but ive been discharging some white stuff. Anyone else? should i b worried. ?. or is it normal
babyamberlee | Last answer
Just wondering if I could get a opinion on the name Elek, prononced E Leek.. My bd wants to name our son E but I am aginst it so trying to find a unusual E name.
luv_my_lil_1s | Posted
Am i the only teen mom on here?
Mommy2be15 | Last answer
What's yourr due dates?
babby1 | Last answer
Okay so I'm due feb 13th but my bellys already dropping lower ... Is anyone else dropping when there due in February so scared !
Babybop24 | Last answer
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