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Hi im 19weeks3days im looking for friends to share there experience through out the pregnancy and maybe eventually become friends outside of here
PinkDiamonds7 | Last answer
Any ladies still check up on here? My son was born june 18th 2012 hes a walking little moster now at 13 months old.
jLove1992 | Posted
HI guys I am 11 weeks 2 days pregnant and I have brought a fetal doppler xxxx for my children to feel envolved in the pregnancy xxxx I can't find a heartbeat is it too early or any tips are welcomed xxxx thanks xxxx
Libbylou83 | Last answer
I went to the dr Tuesday & checked down there & told me i was 2cm dilated...can i dilate more over night since this is my 4th pregnancy? Im still having light contractions. I had 2 pregnancies recently.
BabyCakezzz | Last answer
Finally, we have a June 2012 babies. I will start a list of everyone and their due dates as you start posting! Im excited to see how everyone has been doing along with their symptoms! Congrats again guys!
Ashley42009 | Last answer
Hey guys. If anyone comes on here anymore. Lol. How are all the not so little bubs going?? Mia will be 8 months next week! She is 9.4kg (20 pound 7) and 73cm long. She is the happiest little girl i know. Still not quite crawling, she get...
lil_misss23 | Last answer
Since most of us had our baby in june im just curious who has started their first period? I had my son june 8th and i bled on and off heavy than very light until july 10th. Im just wondering about when i should expect my period. About 2 ...
Ashleigh529 | Last answer
How is every1 and their babies doing?? Can you believe our babies are gonna be having their 1st Christmas and Holidays! I just got Jaxsyns 1st photo shoot done i added a couple to my album!!Hope you ladies are well TC!!
gokuangel | Last answer
so have any of you started/thought about weaning? my little boy is 11 weeks today and next week i am starting to give him baby rice for his breakfast. he is such a hungry boy and is such a chunky monkey. he is soooo hungry and im 85% sur...
Jaidex | Last answer
So im breastfeeding and my lil girl is 4 months. Ive been wanting a alcoholic beverege. Will it affect my babygirl if i have one? And will i look like a bad mom if i do? i was thinking of feeding her before and pumping some milk before i...
Junee15_12 | Last answer
I'm 6 weeks and I'm spotting. Yesterday I had mild red spotting and today its scanty and brown. Been doing this 4 a solid week. I've had 2 positive pregnancy tests
2ndtimearound30 | Posted
Hey girls, how are your little ones doing? Time is going by so quickly, I can't believe most of our babies are 3-4 months old already. My little man is a huge baby. I think he weighs about 18 pounds already. Tomorrow will be his 4 mo...
VaniDavila | Last answer
Nathan is gonna turn 3 months this Friday (9/07-2012) 13 weeks on Thursday ... :/ His teething and Tylenol don't seem to help relieve the pain at all... How's everyone dealing with this? Orajel? Tylenol? What...lol
Babyiish | Last answer
How is everyone doing with their babies? :-)
cch1029 | Last answer
Is anyones babies still doing this?? My LO is 8 weeks and is doing it quite alot when asleep.. My health visitor said it should be subsiding by now and now im really paranoid
danbaby88 | Posted
My babyboy is 6 weeks old hes feeding 4oz every 3 hours.. Hes starting to sleep 6 hours thru night and wanting to feed every 2 and half hours. He seems hungier but my health visitor is saying not to move him up another ounce? He was 9lb ...
danbaby88 | Last answer
My baby is almost 2 months n i still have little bump that seems to not go down is anybody else experiencing this?
mekamomoftwo | Last answer
We start giving LO full bath a couple of weeks ago. She was really calm about it the first few times. But lately she started crying when we got her out of the water which we wrap a big towel around her right away so It's not the cold air...
Helenk38 | Last answer
Hey I had my baby 6/7 and it was a very difficult delivery..at first I was afraid that I wouldn't heal properly that I would Tear if I had sex...I've had sex after having my baby but it's hard to get in the mood... I have a 6 yr old , ...
Babyiish | Last answer
:( I think Nathan is starting that long process "teething"... His drooling a little and he rubs his face on my shoulder...oh yeah he keeps on sucking his little fist..he's definitely Teething): Poor little guy :/ My baby boy Natha...
Babyiish | Last answer
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