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I have tried all my best medically to conceive but we later dicovered blocage of left tubes through HSG and the right tube is okay. Since January i have been especting but no show. What other step can I take please
omoeleja | Posted
I am 36 weeks pregnant, & have been on/off opiates (oxycodone) for most of this pregnancy. I tried staying on suboxone to detox, but i'm not perscribed them and the cost was killing me. I am now scared to death because i could go into la...
torig | Last answer
ok.. so i am 19weeks tomorrow and i havent really felt the baby move.. I was at the doctor on the 28th and they did an ultra sound and the baby was moving i could see it. the heart beat was good at 156 and the doctor said everything was...
awalone | Last answer
hi everyone...i am 1 yr married and trying to concieve but the problem is my husband was diagnosed having low sperm motility...is there a possible that we can have a child?pls somebody help me on this.. [Edit]
kaloob_27 | Posted
A week ago I went to the ER because i have been getting very sick. I have been pregnant 5 times and this baby is the only one I have been able to carry this far, therefore I am very nervous when something seems off. I went to the ER beca...
1armywife | Posted
Okay I've been very concerned which I probably shouldn't be but I must know from a doctors view. I had 2 encounters, one that was the 3,4,&5th of June without protection and did finish inside me. Then I had another encounter the 8th of...
126348 | Last answer
I can't believe it's been twoo years already! Anyone thinking about having another one? I know I'm ready. :) God Bless our little terrible 2 toddlers!
HelloKittyGurl | Posted
so about a month or 2 ago my daughter tramsitioned to one nap. it took about 2 weeks to fully transition. but now shes going back to 2 naps. shes beens walking since 10 and a half months and will be 1 on march 26th. shr just popped out a...
BradyAm | Posted
HI, I had a baby in March 2010 & have had started getting my periods again in January however when I insert a tampon the blood seems to be going straight past the tampon & its not filling up at all. I had a feel to see if I could notice...
KJ13 | Posted
Wow, I cant believe our babies will in turning ONE in just a few short weeks! Time has just gone by way to fast! Hope everyone is doing well!
Hi, We've recently opened two online "Playgroups" and a "New Parents" Community! Our Playgroups are Babies: 0-6 mos and Babies: 6 mos - 1yr, while our New Parents Community is for parents of babies aged 0-6mos old. Please join ou...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
How is everyone doing??? And the babies???
mamaofonetrying42 | Last answer
I just did my 7th ivf transfer of a 5day blast, I had my first ultra sound this week and the baby measured great, the hcg levels were high and rising but the heart beat was low at 75…i went back 3 days later and there was no change every...
shoegirl123 | Posted
so i have been home with my baby doll for two months now, on summer vacation from work. i have been breastfeeding her all the time and occasionally giving her pumped milk. well i begin work on Wednesday, so yesterday i tried giving her a...
catann12 | Last answer
Im 15 years old.Me And my boyfriend had unprotected sex more then 5 times.The last was on April 5,2010.But i haven't had my monthly cycle since March 5,2010.i been having a various of pregnant symptoms.I took three different at home preg...
beautiful_nightmare95 | Last answer
i am 7 weeks tomorrow i found out a couple days ago i have a sch and it is 1.8cm. I havent had bleeding just two days of light brownish pinkish discahrge which is old blood. does this mean its going away or is it gettting bigger i have ...
dora849 | Last answer
I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with their triglycerides after they were pregnant? I was on bedrest for 7 weeks and that way 2 weeks after Anna was born, because my blood pressure was so high. I was having my thyroid levels che...
ajduck | Posted
Hi everyone, I'm new to this... this is great! It's my 1st pregnancy, I'm 38 and I'm always hungry. I'm a small girl to begin with, 5'3" 118 lbs and I don't want to over do it but at the same time, my body screams when I'm hungry. I co...
Sandrapepito | Last answer
ii was suppose to have my period may27th nn now its june 1st i still have not had it ii took a hme test ut came back negative ii have a feeling tht im pregnant.. can someone tell me wht they think???
tinkerbutt1517 | Last answer
I hope everyone is doing well!! Logan just had his 2m check up and growing like a weed!! Born at 5lbs12oz 19in long, He is now 10lbs4oz and 23in long!! We are very suprise on how much weight he has gain in just weeks...We have to try...
mamaofonetrying42 | Last answer
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