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just thought i would join the group my due date is 15th march, my daughter is 6 this year and is over excited 2 hear the news i also found out a day after my birthday but still dont seem real till i have a scan done im showing to early t...
loopylu85 | Last answer
Hi gals, I'm not due in March, but I thought some of you might have either just gone through this or be still in the midst of it. I'm sitting here at my desk at work unable to do ANYTHING because I am too overwhelmed by how nauseou...
FearsomeKitty | Last answer
Hi Everyone, had my first ultrasound today. Been having abdominal pain and wanted to make sure all is in the right place. We saw baby. It is 3.8 mm long which is 6 weeks and 1 day old (4 days older than I expected from my ovulati...
Super_sally888 | Last answer
I got a vaginal ultrasound and a tummy ultrasound done and they saw nothing. No sac, no embryo, no nothin', but a thick uterine wall. I have an hcG level of 663. HELP! Anyone who has had the same problem? Anyone with guidance? I'm fr...
Mandirbearz | Last answer
I'm actually due around April, but there is no April '12 yet. I should be around 2 weeks along. JUST found out yesterday. How is everyone?!
irrelevance | Last answer
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