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When will I get another urlsound I want to see my baby again.
babyboy1110 | Last answer
Im starting to get really nervous about the birth! The thought of all those people (mid-wives, docs, etc) lookin 'down there' is scaring me more than the thought of the pain of the birth! Is/was anyone else like this?
claredy | Last answer
Hey I'm back I'm 33 weeks and having a boy. Sooo happy,I love my lil family. Almost there and I'm ready to see my babyboy now.
babyboy1110 | Posted
Is anyone having contraction at 24 weeks
Soloparati | Last answer
I am 32 weeks with my first child and within the last couple of days I've been feeling sick...same as I did in the beginning of the pregnancy. is that normal or is there something wrong?
KimmiB89 | Last answer
So I am also on another pregnancy site, I use it to track my cycle and other stuff but I am hardly ever on there so after all this bieng unsure of my due date, the doc saying she will be early and saying her head is right there and losin...
Destani214 | Posted
Am 33 weeks pregnant i admitted to hospital for having real contraction every 5 minutes and have 1 cm dialation they give medications tractocein to stop contractions and after i finish it they give me tablets evey 8 hours and primulaut i...
rihamsaif | Last answer
So I'm due on the fourth of November and my daughter to be just recently decided that she was going to chill on my sciatic nerve... Can you say painful? I've tried heat, ice packs and Tylenol but the pain is still so intense that I can't...
Usmcwife4511 | Posted
I'm 21 weeks 5 days and I'm having a baby girl. My due date is Nov 20. I'm so excited and cant wait for her to get here.
Synaps123 | Last answer
i'm 29 weeks pregnant & yesterday & today i've been really sick, i can't keep any food down & my stomach/back both hurt. my stomach is like a constant cramping feeling & just nauseated all day long. i've already vomiting 3 times within t...
snowangel76 | Posted
Hi, I'm 26 weeks with heartburn almost every night. I can't sleep and I'm even scared to eat sometimes. I've tried to take Tums but it doesn't help at all ! What else should I try?
Choco_Chipp | Last answer
Im measuring at like 25 weeks and im 29, but this always happens so maybe another small baby for me, i will find out on the 18th
number3stef | Last answer
Hurts most when I stand or pee, but very dull when I'm sitting. Anyone know what it is?
Mommy_mc | Last answer
I'm 28 wks 5 days due November 16th with a baby girl. I plan on doing the Dr Bradley's natural child birth method without a midwife or deula just my husband. Anyone else have this plan? I would like to get some ensite on their DH's feeli...
cabayer11 | Last answer
This is my first pregnancy ... I woke up to sharp pain in my rib that hasn't stopped even after pleanty of drank water and a warm bath. Almost feels like sharp staving pain between left ribs it hurts bad is this normal or should I call D...
jillnjoshua | Posted
Does anybody else's baby kick them to the point of bruising?? My little girl has been kicking me so hard that I have a big bruise on my ribs!!! I'm seriously worrying that she's gonna end up breaking something one of these days. I still ...
Usmcwife4511 | Last answer
I finally added my first belly picture on here, and it came out looking very round lol, never been this round with my others, must be because he is a boy=) I wanted to add some more pictures, but can't figure it out, anyone know how ...
DNP47 | Posted
My hubands sister is soooo annoying!! She just gets under my skin. She talks so much trash about me behind my back! This is my second pregnancy and When ahe found out i am having a girl she said well good luck with that. She is a hater h...
daniel2jenn0904 | Last answer
What team are you on? I'm on Team Blue. :) Due November 10th or November 15th.
mommyofhayden_ | Last answer
I am 25 weeks pregnant and still don't know my babys gender...we have tried 3 times, and every time the same story, legs crossed and in breech position. Is or did anyone have this problem or had to wait a long time to find out the gender...
1sttimemommy112612 | Last answer
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