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Hey ladies im pregnant with my.second baby girl i have a 14 month old. Im due on the 27th is anyone else?
my2joy | Last answer
I'm just wondering how eberyone is doing? How the pregnancy is going? Is everyone showing yet :) just want to heat some stories:)))
eve0512 | Last answer
Hi everyone when's your little ones due? I am 8 weeks 4 days with our second. I have a 4 year old boy and a husband so hoping for a wee girl to even up the house :D x
jessms89 | Last answer
Just found this forum and was curious to know who all was due the day I was??
mommyanddaddyd | Last answer
I am currently 18 wks 5 days with my 2nd child. With my 1st i felt my daughter move at 15 wks an Eva since she was a busy body bt this baby idk i guess it has a case of the lazy spell bt it also concerned me cause i wanna feel movement s...
MzBossyMomOf2 | Last answer
hey, anyone else due sept 11? iv put some bump photos on was wondering what everyone else's bumps look like at this point :)
Nennie21 | Last answer
We are having a baby boy! This is so exciting since we already have a little princess. We also scheduled our csection for September 6th at 7am. It will be nice to know exactly when Landyn James will be here. :)
shannonmarie1082 | Last answer
Went to the doc today & she said all looks good, all my blood work came back negative, and everything is right on track. Due date still September 9th & now we gotta start looking for little girl stuff.
carebearmomma | Last answer
Has anyone been told not to reach over ur head bc the ambilical cord may get wrapped around the babys neck if so how far is too high
jaxander | Last answer
Is anyone else taking regular baby bump pictures? And if so how often? I started the tradition with my daughter of taking a photo each week in the mirror but this time I'm trying to make it more special with a clean backdrop and occa...
pameladawn914 | Last answer
Anyone else do September 11? Looking for a belly buddie to share experiences with:)
phinalove | Last answer
Hey ladies. I just recently joined. I was on here a few years back when I was expecting my first. Here I am again expecting baby #3! I am due Sept. 8 and am having another boy! I will have 3 kids under the age of 3 when this one is born....
AwnaRosay | Last answer
Anyone else do September 11? Looking for a belly buddie to share experiences with:)
phinalove | Posted
Just curious to kno how many moms are due this september 11 & whats the gender? I have a little girl who is 2 & im now pregnant again everyone thinks it's a boy but I'm hoping for another little girl :)
Mommy760 | Last answer
Hello everyone im due September 13 and its my first, i just wanted to see if anyone could help me out and tell me how its about?
Jasso_coronel | Last answer
I am due 9/16 my ultra sound is wednesday I'm nervous when I got my u/s for my son they told me he was a girl we painted the room purple and bought so much stuff for a girl I paid to have a 3d ultrasound and found out he was a boy about ...
Crystal215 | Last answer
Weird combination I know, I am just curious how everyone is dealing with being hormonal and rude people? We went to my in-laws yesterday and my father-n-law is so rude and inconsiderate, I just can't tolerate it. He has always been this...
tree85 | Posted
I was told I have low lying plecenta, its scary... but they said it may move up on its own, otherwise I will have a c section...They will do another u/s in 6 weeks! Good news the baby looks perfect and its a little girl! :))))
eve0512 | Last answer
We find out the sex of the baby may 1. I have been having dreams of a girl, wondering if anyone else have been having dreams and the sex be right or wrong. Do u think there is a connection with the dreams?
tree85 | Last answer
I'm so happy!!! Im having a little girl! My due date got moved again from the 27th now to the 24th. she is healthy and extremely active!! She had her hands over her little face so we took a good 20 minutes getting a picture of her face!
always_smile | Last answer
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