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what are my chances to be able to do vbac after 2 c-sectons? Im going to talk with my doctor but the apt is until aug 6, my first C-section was an emergency with my twins in 2010 and my second my doc just refused to do vbac and told me h...
clafoutis | Last answer
Anyone have triplets?
Sorry, this isn't really a question. I just need a little moral support. My fiance and I are almost 10 weeks pregnant and had our first ultrasound today. SURPRISE! We're having twins! They were beautiful pictures of our little babies, bu...
Emccall1 | Last answer
Hello ladies I am 23 weeks with fraternal twins I an Indian and my husband Nigerian I wanted ask how can I predict a gender without ultrasound because in Indian doctors do reveal the gender. Thanks Jennifer
mytwins14 | Posted
December 3rd 2014 1st day of new cycle ( boobs swell before period starts, and usually goes away when i do start) 12/03/14 CD 1- period started wasn't very heavy (boobs swollen) 12/04/14 CD 2- period light ( boobs usually go back t...
babygurl69stevo | Posted
This is my 3rd pregnancy & we've been told its twins. Has anyone else experienced extreme nausea? If so any suggestions as what 2 do? I've been given 2 different pills 2 take but they don't always seem 2 work.
sara586 | Last answer
I'm so stressed out, so my boyfriend and I got a puppy 9 months ago and I fell in love with her, she's so loving and I sleep with her every night but she is bad. She's 9 months and still chews everything, poops and pees where ever she pl...
Mommybri_mike | Last answer
Hi I am 19 soon to be 20, my boyfriend and I have been dating for a while . About a month ago we had sexual intercourse with protection and I am on the pill. I have had no signs or symptom of being pregnant. A week ago before my period ...
Dannixoxo | Posted
Hi, there. Just to get this off my chest and maybe get some answers. I've been on Minastrin 24 Fe for a month and a week. I had unprotected sex on December 4th (he ejaculated in me) which was the last day of my period (which wasn't m...
runnerforlife18 | Posted
I'm 12 weeks pregnant with twins and I just started having a few spotty red bloody discharge. Is this normal?
elizabeast | Last answer
my wife have no periods from 62 days. Have done pregnancy test, for twice it was a faint positive line, then negative. So he went to a gynec, who first told u r most probably pregnant by carrying test. After 10 days she consulted to a sa...
hpmah21 | Last answer
Just had my ultrasound and was informed im carrying twins! This is my first pregnancy and have no idea what to expect can anyone help?
SeptemberLeaves | Last answer
My period end date was October 25.  I had unprotected sex on Oct 31 and nov 1.  Five days later i had some light pink spotting and light cramps and now breast sensitivity.  I took a test 5 days ago and got a negative.  But my period isnt...
kaitlin1996 | Posted
For a while, my twins were sleeping through the night! :) However, now that they have reached the 6 month mark, they are now waking up at least once for more food. Their appetite has increased dramatically!!!! It is almost as if they a...
ariellesmithe | Last answer
Did you reach your due date with twins and triplets? Did you have swelling and high blood pressure since 6 months? How many days your baby stay at hospital? Else you remember?
mrs_bakry | Last answer
Ok .. So I'm 17 & will be 18 Dec 5th , I am 27 weeks pregnant with twin boys & my stomach looks as though I am only 4 months!!! I was only 95 pounds prior to pregnancy ! Should I be worried????
tireanna | Last answer
Just found out yesterday I'm having twins. I'm feeling excited but also scared. Have no idea what to expect with carrying twins or the birth process? Some shared experiences could help with what to expect. I've Googled a lot of informati...
mauismama | Last answer
I know I COULD wait until my U/S in 7 more days but I'm keen to know now. So I spotted very lightly say the end of week 4 start of week 5, then 3-5 days later I spotted again, also very lightly. Could this mean twins? On the pee stick...
Concern about my bbys weight at the moment. :( what can I do or eat drink to gain more weight?? What to expect. First time having twins I already have a 3yr old babygirl. I'm starting all over again. Help!?!
YadiiDoll23 | Posted
Anybody with identical twins? If so how far along were you when you found out? And were you told that there was only one at first?
BrittneyGrinder | Posted
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