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We are in this together to support each other, lose weight, learn,explore and experience the journey of a lifetime! Lets make this POSITIVE,MOTIVATIONAL and ENLIGHTENING!!! The joy is in the journey and the knowledge and friendships that are gained along the way. Come join us and lets make history!

Founded by Skailark on October 7, 2009
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By blownupdough Blank
Does anyone think that neck surgery is beneficial, I have crippling pain, and cant take meds anymore becuase I have b...
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By Jrsygrl109 Blank
Hi to all. I'm a 49 y/o woman with severe neck and back pain and I've had four surgical procedures done since 2005 o...
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By kittycatclaw Blank
I want to lose a couple of pounds and tone my whole body, so what is your workout plan. Any suggestions will be very ...
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By urstabassum Blank
i a only 24 year old i want loss our weight i have 2501 calories i am 185.1 lb i loos fats quickly suggest for me wha...
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