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i feel pain on my right side of my abdomen,but before i have a problem in urinary tract infection is this what i feel right now is still asymptoms of UTI
nhora | Last answer
I pulled a box turtle off the road last night- his shell was intact, and he is active and alert, however, this morning I saw that he was bleeding rectally. I have hime confined in an enclosed pen in my garden with sun, shade, and grass u...
syxkats3399 | Posted
Hi, I'm new to owning a reptile and have a beautiful leopard geko who is about 9 months old. He seems to shed about every 2 - 3 weeks - is this normal? He is about 9 inches long and eats 2 extra large locusts a day, plus we give him ca...
bernie40 | Posted
I think that my lizard has kidney failure. He has a droopy eye and the other eye is red. Please help
lizardhelper | Posted
I have a pair of Veiled Chamelions. A couple of weeks ago, I came home and the separation in their cage came lose. The male went into the female's side and looked to be copulating. The female has turn bright purple with green dots. Wo...
luna72 | Posted
I have a 3 legged baby bearded dragon about 8 inches long i adopted from a neighbor. I was wondering how many watt lightbulb should i have in there to keep him warm? right now i have 70. i also notice that he doesnt chase the food and do...
matt661 | Last answer
I have a red-eared slider turtle, 5 years old, named Speedy. Today he got lost outside and I am concerned he may not survive if he is not found. I researched online and it says he is in danger due to overheating and starvation being he c...
Tlynn25 | Posted
i have a female 5-6 yo leopard gecko that quit eating for about 2 weeks and then started doing "alligator rolls". i actually work in an emergency vets office. with 7 member clinics which total 19 doctors that i work for. there is only ab...
wendywoo666 | Last answer
My green anole's eyes have swollen up pretty significantly. I am really concerned. There are two living in the same space. They have been there for over a year together. What should I do? I haven't changed their diet or routine.
Morgan1414 | Last answer
I have a Red Eared Slider hatchling. He was born a few months ago and his shell is flexible. He basks for a few hours a day and i have a heating lamp in there and when he is basking his shell is firmer after basking. I did a little rese...
peckster | Last answer
My red eared slider hatchling, shes about the size of a quarter, a couple months old. Her brother has grown to about double her size and his shell has hardened quite a bit, but her shell has gotten really soft, she doesnt seem to want ...
suckonabigtoe | Last answer
My turtle seemed to be perfectly healthy; I raised him since he was a hatchling. After about a few years he started regurgitating all his food, and then got to the point where he’d refuse to eat, I don’t understand this seeing that I fed...
Malicious | Last answer
I have 2 adult lizards, 1 eastern blue tonge 6 yr old female and 1 northern blue tongue 5 yr old male lizard, they have been kept together for years, the male has recently been quite agressive with the female (mating season has finished)...
Spooty | Posted
I have a red tail boa that has wrinkled skin... does that mean that it has something wrong with it i know that wrinkled skin is a health issue i just don't know what it means... Please help.
Cowboy300 | Last answer
What does it mean when your snakes gums are really white? i have had a common boa constrictor for over a year now, and his gums are too white, is this normal?
Python | Posted
what is the white substanceprior to iguana's bowel movement?
marchedge | Posted
A friend just dropped off a savanna monitor. No idea how old. Shedding in patches,[around legs, armpits] Big what looks like a swollen toe. His tail is yellow. IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE DO AND THANK YOU
MIKE420 | Last answer
I have a savannah monitor that is about 7 inches long. We have been feeding him crickets, and have tried pinkies, but the only thing he would eat were the crickets. Now he will not eat anything and it has been like this for over a month ...
Pas0416 | Last answer
I have let my iguana free roam outside and he usually sticks around the front yard and walks to the tree in the back yard. Now he is not around and i cant find him. It is getting colder out so i want to find him i just dont know where he...
razzledazzle | Last answer
I have already made a visit to my Rep vet. But its not in till tomorrow at 3. I recently adopted a tomato frog a week ago he seemed really health. I even brought him to the vet with me when I took my Bearded dragon for a fecal exam cause...
Craigh123 | Posted
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