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This patient support community is for discussions relating to lung and respiratory issues, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds/flu, chronic cough, COPD, lung abscess, nasal polyps, pleurisy, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, and tuberculosis.

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By Lenincius
Hello, I am 17 years old and breathing is an absolute war for me. This has gone in for roughly 3 years. Whenever I tr...
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By clarkkent Blank
Hi for the past 6 months or so i have been having this problem. It started after being sick with Flu and has not gone...
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By nosydeadkitty Blank
This is not a question but answer..i couldnt find how to comment or answer! I have been suffering from a really ho...
Avatar m tn
By joelkbish
Hello sorry about the long story but i have a baby on the way next month and trying to go to work with this is hor...
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Jess0619May 20
Bashh101May 19
NGR262May 15
LauraR18May 08
BrylinaMay 02
By RickM78 Blank
Hi, For the last week I've had a constant urge to take deep breaths, and fill my lungs so that they feel stretched...
Avatar m tn
By rashminmodi
MY 6 YR OLD SON had a round red swollen area on his right forearm and after applying fudic bnf cream and teczim syrup...
5851092 tn?1404137064
By hefner33
I for a while have had some weird breathing problem. It first started at night time where i would wake up and it felt...
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IgletMar 04
yoshi45Mar 04
pmmbFeb 16
swanoriaFeb 14
By menundy Blank
I have had this cough for 4 months now. The dr has changed my diagnosis everytime I go (which is frequent). The cough...
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maryskeyApr 30
shantoniMar 08
PatManDoNov 28, 2015
doctor_avarioAug 21, 2015
By illtelya Blank
I am a 26 year old male. On occasion (maybe once a week) I have a coughing spell...the cough is very chesty and almos...
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wjjaMay 18
LAC9May 03
SD2016Apr 17
LoveLalaMar 30
Muaaz22Oct 30, 2015
By AJW81 Blank
My daughter is 16 years old. She does not drink or smoke. On Dec. 7, she told me that she felt like she couldn't ge...
Avatar f tn
AdaraZMay 09
Ewin16Apr 19
SueBearRNApr 14
By JoeBorp Blank
I am a 23 year old and I have had excessive phlegm or saliva every time after I eat or drink anything from the time I...
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By Roesbud
I had an anaphylactic reaction to procedure to shock my heart back into normal Rhythm using the medication etomidate ...
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RoesbudMay 16
By Roesbud
Wjat is fassicutions larygosspasam during a procedure difficult to bag mean?
Avatar f tn
By mokita Blank
what causes laryngeal spasm and is there any medication to prevent an attack. This discussion is related to Larynge...
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Angus2016May 14
Sunny602Mar 16, 2009
By Maggiemarie Blank
I had burst gallbladder in mid 2007. Required extreem pain management post surgical and ended up with a collapsed lun...
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agarwalkpMay 14
havaFeb 11, 2011
By FiendishHamster Blank
I have just recently been in Hospital because my oxygen Sat levels fell to 78 and I couldn't breathe. Prior to this ...
Avatar m tn
By rosesamongturn
i got the result of my xray, PTB both upper lobe, what does it means? i check the symptoms of PTB but none of this i ...
Avatar f tn
By Erint23
Has anyone experienced side effects from prolastin? If so, do they seem to get better the longer you take the prolast...
Avatar f tn
By Corkie04
Could anyone please tell me what this could mean, an enlarged lymph node and inflammation of of my right lung have sh...
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By JD1255
28/male/non smoker/Asthma/Allergies/GERD. I recently had a chest x-ray for chest tightness and shortness of breath. T...
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