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The STD Forum is intended only for questions and support pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV/AIDS, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, human papillomavirus, genital warts, trichomonas, other vaginal infections, nongonoccal urethritis (NGU), cervicitis, molluscum contagiosum, chancroid, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). All questions will be answered by H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D. or Edward W Hook, MD.

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44iahiahDec 21, 2015
Jackson182Mar 06, 2012
By Jackson182 Blank
So I started having unprotected sex with girl #1.I thought I felt a little urethritis about a week after we first sta...
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justcurious0000Dec 20, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Jan 16, 2010
By steve092782 Blank
Hi, Long story short, I went to the strip club with my buddy and got a few dances from a girl. During the dance she ...
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Scott1970Dec 15, 2015
college1988Mar 02, 2015
logicgirlMar 14, 2009
shh119Dec 15, 2008
By shh119 Blank
Dear Doctor, I recently had what appears to be my first herpes outbreak. Upon a having a viral culture test, it wa...
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leren123Dec 13, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Feb 10, 2012
elvisdraganFeb 10, 2012
Edward W Hook, MD Feb 09, 2012
elvisdraganFeb 09, 2012
By elvisdragan Blank
Hello. Yesterday I had protected vaginal sex with a CSW .No anal ,no oral sex was involved. My mistake is the fact...
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malit75Dec 03, 2015
By Sequoia5678 Blank
48 Hours ago I had vaginal and oral sex with a stripper. I asked her if she had any std's and predictably she said n...
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framaxyNov 15, 2015
PilotMan390Sep 24, 2008
PilotMan390Sep 22, 2008
By PilotMan390 Blank
Hello, My question is actually for after receiving treatment. About 10-14 days after sex i was experiencing a ver...
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Bobrenills234Nov 03, 2015
ferreirolAug 31, 2008
shizzle66Jul 14, 2008
By shizzle66 Blank
Dr., I had sex worker in china perform oral w/ ejac. w/o a condom. No other sexual contact.2-3 days after the event ...
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cmdunn1972Jan 16, 2010
By SPJ9981 Blank
In the last year I have had only two sexual partners. About a week ago I noticed a whitish discharge from my penis. I...
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badboy2013Oct 21, 2015
M3I0A5Jul 08, 2015
G26cltDec 11, 2011
LB633Aug 21, 2009
By LB633 Blank
Hi – I am a 30 something heterosexual woman who was diagnosed with early secondary syphilis about 8 weeks ago. My...
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spaceballs708Oct 14, 2015
scaredcmdMay 05, 2011
scaredcmdMay 04, 2011
By scaredcmd Blank
I have used this service before and have definately had bouts of OCD and anxiety over STD related issues. The good ne...
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worryworm1985Oct 10, 2015
MrahajajOct 05, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Jan 14, 2008
langalJan 14, 2008
Edward W Hook, MD Jan 14, 2008
By langal Blank
What are the possibilities of contracting trich by receving unprotected oral sex? I've read on the web that it is ...
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newdaOct 10, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Sep 19, 2012
WorriedSick444Sep 19, 2012
Edward W Hook, MD Sep 15, 2012
By WorriedSick444 Blank
Hello Doctors, First let me say thank you for your great service. I have been reviewing threads on this site for ...
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ps92Oct 10, 2015
MDM181Sep 28, 2015
Mumbles12Aug 04, 2015
ReykingsNov 10, 2014
TJ1988Oct 23, 2014
By paulito2014 Blank
Hi, Another strip-club story, sorry but I could not find a response to my specific situation anywhere else, and I...
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amy_auOct 09, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Apr 22, 2010
chfquestionApr 22, 2010
Edward W Hook, MD Apr 21, 2010
chfquestionApr 21, 2010
By chfquestion Blank
Hello Doctors, I am a 31yr old male, married and living in Switzerland. Last week I went to the hospital to have ...
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JdoxtatorOct 06, 2015
bernard3Jul 14, 2009
montaroMay 14, 2008
blizzard23Mar 07, 2007
By blizzard23 Blank
I have been highly stressed the past few days as little red bumps have appeared on the head of my penus and a little ...
10947 tn?1281407852
ajohn122Oct 05, 2015
John_MayorAug 20, 2015
JaimanjaiAug 11, 2015
Mastershake85Jun 04, 2015
hammernail14May 27, 2015
By Med Help Blank
Questions are welcome about all STDs other than HIV, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, human papillomavirus, ...
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Gunny14Oct 04, 2015
mohelpFeb 27, 2009
mohelpFeb 23, 2009
By mohelp Blank
Hello Dr. For the past 4 months I have had urethritis (no discharge) - initially a brief period of frequency and u...
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ClerkgirlOct 01, 2015
bonbon89Jan 13, 2013
DAEjavuAug 15, 2012
catluver080Apr 01, 2011
By catluver080 Blank
I had a positive gonorrhea test. My doctor gave me an injection of ceftriaxone (rocephine) in my hip and they prescri...
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deeplyconfusedgirlOct 01, 2015
Brian123Oct 18, 2006
LAworriedOct 18, 2006
sparkelerOct 13, 2006
By LAworried Blank
Ten days ago I tested positive for Chlamydia, negative for Gonorrhea. My doctor gave me a ten day treatment of doxycy...
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Maxim7Sep 19, 2015
Edward W Hook, MD Aug 17, 2012
Lorenge24Aug 16, 2012
Edward W Hook, MD Aug 16, 2012
Lorenge24Aug 15, 2012
By Lorenge24 Blank
I was prescribed Azithromycin to syphilis (early stage). I am allergic to penicilin. However, the doctor prescribed 5...
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