Sexual Dysfunction (for men and women) Expert Forum
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This forum is a safe place for men and women to ask serious personal questions about issues such as: pain during intercourse, loss of libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, testosterone & estrogen deficiency, sex after menopause, erectile dysfunction, …to name a few. Please be sure your question is complete and clear before you click on POST. Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Examples of the types of questions that pertain to Sexual Dysfunction Medicine are:

• Anorgasmia in men and women – difficulty achieving orgasm
• Lack or loss of libido in men and women
• Dyspareunia -- pain during intercourse
• Vaginismus – unable to have vaginal sex
• Menopause and Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Prostatectomy problem
• Orgasmic Anhedonia – pleasureless sex
• Problems brought on by medicine and drugs—eg., SSRIs and Proscar.

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Blissedout2May 04, 2014
Andrew John Rynne, MD May 03, 2014
By jayblaq7 Blank
Hi, so i really hope someone can help me. My fiance and i are about to get married next month and we are expecting a ...
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Andrew John Rynne, MD May 03, 2014
Carol 1May 02, 2014
Andrew John Rynne, MD May 01, 2014
By Carol 1 Blank
Hi Ever since I began going through menopause about two years ago, intercourse has been extremely painful. I've tri...
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Andrew John Rynne, MD May 02, 2014
By Annahanson Blank
So I'm a 16 year old girl and on Saturday, 5 days ago, I lost my virginity to a boy who was also a virgin. I've been ...
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