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Sinus infection also called sinusitis, is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses that may occur when having an infection, allergy or autoimmune issues. Discuss topics including causes, symptoms and treatments for sinusitis.

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By pokothewinner
Hi. I am 22 years old male with deviated nasal septum. Most of the time, I have nasal congestion at either side of th...
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gwtx2Sep 17, 2015
shell921Jan 30, 2012
sinusdemolitionJan 29, 2012
By juliejas Blank
Doctor prescribed me flonase for sinus infection but it says not to take if you have an infection? Help I'm confused!...
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By newtohere
Hi there I always get seasonal allergy fever and cold. It goes away within a week and I don't take tablets. I will...
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robjonJul 31, 2010
dpthotsNov 19, 2009
jhoganNov 19, 2009
JDWILSON16Aug 24, 2009
By barryinseneca Blank
My friends and I live on the lake all summer. Occasionally, activities (diving, skiing falls, etc) result in lakewate...
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LakehelpJun 17
nWsmithJan 20, 2012
shell921Jan 19, 2012
By nWsmith Blank
1. Constant brain fog. 2. Short term memory problems. 3. Word finding troubles. 4. Lack of interest in things. ...
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By mcojoc
Hi, I recently had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction done 5 weeks ago. While my nasal passages are now cleare...
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By Seemagic77
I am 58, and just yesterday, I started smelling cigarette smoke in my house. Never before have I ever experienced an...
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KikipopoJun 10
krimistiMar 25, 2015
Shell_momDec 29, 2014
Marky_TOct 15, 2014
S0phie10Aug 05, 2014
By himadri_sm Blank
So, this is how it all started- on 16th of Oct, i fell really sick with a fever...i ignored it but even after 5 days,...
Avatar m tn
By helpplease455
Something is wrong with me and I have no idea what it is which is the worst part. Tried to schedule to see a neuro bu...
Avatar m tn
By jasmithe
Can severe/chronic sinusitis cause or mimic symptoms of swelling or elevation of the optic nerve during a dilated eye...
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Dawid_polMay 03
By Dawid_pol
Hello Everyone. I am really hoping to find any kind of advice here since I have already run out of options. Pleas...
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By erudite300
I just recently returned from a doctor's appointment during which they gave me a NeilMed Sinus Rinse device and instr...
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labdaddyApr 29
By labdaddy
Hi all, need some advice. I have had consistent light headedness that gets worse with looking straight up or down and...
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By roflitsowens
Over the past 4 weeks, I've bounced between dentist, PCP, and ENT doctor. On the top left of my mouth, I've felt e...
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By RCrawford
I have a problem with sinus headaches. It seems to flare up with the barometer drops. From what I have read of sin...
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aCakesApr 16
Ellie3303Nov 26, 2014
Dr Santos Aug 02, 2013
By dpeters716 Blank
I've had chronic sinus issues most of my life, I'm 42 years old and have had a septoplasty for deviated septum done 7...
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angel1509Mar 22
By benboy12
Hi All, I have had sinus issues from the majority of my life. I would get a couple of sinus infections every year....
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BigsirMar 12
Seaturtle123Nov 20, 2015
kgs23711Sep 22, 2015
anniedog4me2Sep 18, 2015
Bettemax195Aug 20, 2015
By mightypen Blank
this is not a question. I have been using a technique to cure my sinus infections for years, now, and I want to share...
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By jmedders
It all started over a 2 weeks ago I had just a normal stuffy nose no fever yet. I am a smoker so I know when I get si...
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By Mich1111
Hi, I'm a 44 year old female. I've been suffering from voice and sinus issues since Thanksgiving. My family has be...
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