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I have had a CPAP for a few months now and, while I admittedly do not use it every day, it is for three reasons: 1. The mask irritates my face. 2. I feel no more rested than when I do not use it. 3. I am a stomach/side sle...
WisdomSeeker | Last answer
I am 19 years old and this has been a problem for me for about 2 years. I have no trouble sleeping, I sleep all night, and I take about a 1 1/2 nap almost every day. but, no matter how much I sleep I still feel tired like I haven't slept...
Jonester90 | Last answer
Hello, Two days back I crashed car on concrete kerb on a high way. Luckily I survived without any injury. If I drive more than half hour in day time, my eyes will start getting heavy . I start yarning heavily and suddenly my eyes can...
ursahas | Last answer
Hi doctor I'm a 19 yrs old male.....I have a problem wich I think is a result of lack of sleep although I'm not sure so plz help me 3 months ago.....I remember not sleeping enough so I used to feel something strange, when I put m...
nick90 | Last answer
So, I haven't been diagnosed with it, or what not yet. But, I read somewhere, on a symptom's site that having trouble breathing whilst awake may be part of sleep apnea. I'm not so sure, and when I'm awake and what not my chest is extreme...
Uzura | Last answer
im on no 18 on my c pap machain is that high
muffyd | Last answer
I have severe cardiac MVD diagnosed by provocative testing in May 2008. I am very healthy otherwise at 64 with clear coronaries.I am nitro dependent 24/7 ( best etiology for me involves NO and endothelial because the nitro really helps)....
joanincarolina | Last answer
Hello Dr. Park, I hope you are well. I have a father who has sleep apena pretty badly. One of my doctors had me preform a sleep study test and I was fine. However, that was 3 years ago. My weight has increased and I was recently i...
Mistakeguy789 | Last answer
im am snoring a lot and it disturbs my total family because of the sound
sound2010 | Last answer
I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe; well it was more like I was gasping for air and only the smallest amount was getting into my lungs, almost nothing so I could hardly breathe! I am a 20 year old female, a little ...
sammycung | Last answer
I recently had a sleep study and was told I had central sleep apnea. I am in good health, good blood work with the exception of cholesterol & triglycerides, heart tests were excellent. Should I have another sleep study at another locat...
wilpat | Last answer
I just stopped seroquel last night and this night I couldnt go to sleep---its not that my mind couldnt go to sleep but I found myself literally stopped breathing before going to sleep and then waking up----Is this withdrawals or is this ...
jcjr | Last answer
When I sleep...I dream about I am stuck in a box or blankets on my face. I wake up without knowing I am up.Then I tell my husband in my sleep..help me I am stuck and cant breathe.He shakes me and wakes me up. What condition I am sufferi...
Noora888 | Last answer
I used the RUsleeping RTS device and had an AH reading of 7.2 over a period of 6 hrs. For each hour the numbers were respectively 4, 9, 15 with err message, 1, no number with error message, 5 with error message. What does this mean? S...
Inquisitive318 | Last answer
Hello, I am a 28 year old female. I was dx with hashimoto's thyroiditis about 5 years ago. Over the past few months I have been experiencing something strange; my body will "jump" out of a sound sleep and immediatly take a breath, thi...
JKristina | Last answer
I'm trying to find a physiological reason for my anxiety. I read mitral valve prolapse can cause anxiety symptoms. I have a dilatation of the aortic root. Is that anything like mitral valve prolapse and can it also cause anxiety sympt...
strdsbrg | Last answer
I believe that cleaning the mask & hose with vinegar & water isnt cutting it. This is my 3rd attemp to get use to the cpap. I do very well with the machine itself, but then in 3 days- I have been getting a sinus & or upper resperitory in...
Billfo | Last answer
Is there a cure for sleep apnea? Surgery..... my husband sleeps with the machine and still wakes tired
jenmalamut | Last answer
I have been having chronic fatigue for a couple of years. Past year got so bad I almost had several MVA's. Finally went in and was tested. Severe sleep apnea and PLM's (alot of them). Cpap at 10cm helped daytime fatigue and I am sleeping...
shelly62 | Last answer
how long can you take before it becomes habit forming
Sleepless813 | Last answer
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