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Hello, my name is Nico, I am a 26-year-old male, I am 5 foot eight and weigh approximately 215 pounds. Lately I have been noticing symptoms upon waking such as slight numbness in legs with a strange cold feeling, extremely fatigued as if...
Nico_Ak | Last answer
hello, My son is 1 yr. old. After his birth, within 2 days he had convulsion and was kept in NICU. After 8 days, he got discharged. Everthing was fine but when he was near his 6 month, suddenly he cried continuously and had excessive cr...
AnupSubba | Posted
My CPAP mask bothers me in the morning. I guess its when I start waking up a little and the mask will get a gap in it from the way I move and make a burping sound. Then that's it I cant go back to sleep unless I take it off. Anyone else?
nicki763 | Last answer
Can a c-pap machine cause water to collect around the heart and lungs? My husband has been using a c-pap for about 2 years and for about the last year, he's had to take a few rounds of prednazone so he can breathe. His lung doctor told...
MaryASiler | Last answer
I just had a vestomy and my doctor gave me vicodin 5-325 for pain I was taking 2 every 4 hrs with no pain relief. I had my surgery on a wed. And 5 days later I had to go to my local ER and tell them i was having alot of pain where my ...
sinford | Posted
I have had what i believe is called "Sleep Paralysis" for 5-7 years now. But only happening before once or twice a week, if that. But recently it's been happening 4 - 5 times a night! to the point where I'm to scared to sleep. I wake ...
cptmax | Last answer
If I am in a dark room wide awke with little light, I see my ceiling fan go across the ceiling, my windows and glass slider disappears down into the floor and my alarm light, if I look at it for about one second, it looks like it is comi...
judy34442 | Last answer
I have host of problems which my sleep doctor believes to be associated with somer sort of sleep disorder. I will be having a second sleep study done next week followed by a daytime study as well. The doctor is specifically looking for...
scarlet37 | Last answer
Recently ive had what seems like a seizure upon wakening. At the moment of wakening it seems that im still at a very low level conciousness and as i try to move any of my muscles it triggers a huge sensation of vibration at the centre b...
yuey | Last answer
While sleeping I get my mouth full of saliva and it starts driping.?
Lonelyboo | Last answer
I know that they are going to put me on a cpap machine. I know I would do okay with the mask that is just the two little prongs that go in your nose. However in the past when I have had surgery I have gone crazy when they have put the ma...
jml1986 | Last answer
when I wake up early, dispite of having slept enough, I feel sleepy all day. I would fall asleep especially in the afternoon if trying to read something. for example sleeping from 10pm to 7am wouldn't be enough. I do better if I go t...
Gio77Italy | Last answer
This occurred a few years ago, during the day or night i have no trouble with saliva production even as i sleep, the only time i have trouble is once i wake up. It was never really annoying enough for me to go on a crazy streak to find a...
mickers | Posted
I've had RLS for over 30 years. Naps, sleep, sitting still and driving are not something I look forward to since that's when the severe symptoms appear. I don't drink, but do drink coffee. I've tried soma, vicoden, lyrica, neuronti...
midgeypoo | Last answer
I have severe RLS. The doctor has done everything. I am now on a very high dosage of Mirapex and also the Neupro Patch. This still does not work. Requip and all these other medications have not helped. The doctor now has me schedule...
nikkishan | Last answer
Hi I'm 19 and I go to varsity. This all began in the second semester. So the first two weeks I would sleep 4 hours and maybe have an all nighter 1 once or twice in a month but would still be fine. However five weeks down the line I began...
Badfear | Posted
Hello I've got a long standing sleep problem that has been going on for many years. I'm 74 and my problem is although I can go to see sleep in seconds I wake after 2-3 hours and remain awake for 2-3 hours then cat nap until I get up. ...
alanemer | Last answer
Hello, Is there anyone, I mean anyone, out there that has rhythmic movement disorder? I have been violently thrashing my body and head, laterally while asleep or mostly somewhat asleep since I can remember. I am 30 now. It use to cons...
suziecue40 | Last answer
HI, just wanted to ask. I just had a sleep study done and the result came in that I am on a boarder line. When I asked my doctor, he simply did not know really what to say. DO i need a mask to sleep in ? Is being on a boarder line ...
Alesha19677777 | Last answer
It all started when I was proscribed Flagyl, commonly known as Metronidazole, for a stomach parasite in late August. I was told to take 500 mg, 3 times a day for a week. Up until the 5th night, I was experiencing "common" symptoms such a...
AlexaIsa | Posted
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