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This patient support community is for discussions relating to apnea, children’s sleep issues, jet lag, insomnia, narcolepsy and snoring.

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By Meanboogie10
When I cant sleep, and I feel a deep presence, it drags me down and I feel like im drowning
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By Stebonko
I wake up sometimes with a headache and suffer hallucinations for a few hours after, I have trouble remembering what ...
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sicrawMay 13
Enoch Choi, MD Oct 22, 2007
sistergal2Oct 12, 2007
By taranallan Blank
I was on Ambien for a year & a half. About 4 weeks ago, Ambien really started to mess me up bad. Started having sev...
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devotedgirlfriendMar 08, 2011
gofioFeb 21, 2011
Dr Rajput Feb 21, 2011
By devotedgirlfriend Blank
i masterbate in my sleep. please help me there has to be a treatment? it is causing trouble in my relationship. not ...
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By sleeplessslim
As of a week and a half ago, I am getting woken up at night with what I'm guessing are internal tremors (based on des...
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Klpayne13May 07
marizabelJan 14
marizabelJan 14
HeiferlyBlankFeb 27, 2015
HeiferlyBlankFeb 19, 2015
By ecogirl Blank
For over 10 years I have been having occasional to frequent what I have come to call
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By Rekamix
First of all, I don't really know how to explain this correctly so I'll just give it a try and it might no make sense...
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RekamixMay 06
By SweetAdriana
disclaimer: ive never experienced this before and im a healthy 15 year old girl so i dont think i have any illness. ...
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OrritaMay 05
OrritaMay 05
By chimyers Blank
I have had insomnia for a couple years now and have tried a ton of different things with that. I was on ambien and tr...
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whit8190Apr 26
powerball123Oct 22, 2013
tamiiiamsSep 02, 2013
cincos87Jun 28, 2013
By ocu2fan Blank
Early this morning, while I was sleeping, I felt and heard what seemed to be some type of 'spirit' sit behind me on m...
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nhmom324May 01
nhmom324May 01
mrscremoJul 09, 2015
Emmag175Aug 08, 2012
paxitraderMar 16, 2012
By Vonnie80 Blank
I have a concern about my daughter who is 6 months old. We noticed her breathing strangely, and it's become quite a c...
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By Gordona12
I am an 18 year old male and i have dark circle spots on my chest and back. I also have spots on my neck but they're ...
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By KymHollow_13
I am a 19 year old female. For the past year I have been having on and off medical issues and I am not sure of the se...
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dancey41Apr 29
young707Jun 24, 2011
young707Jun 24, 2011
Paderla Anitha, DNB  Jun 21, 2011
young707Jun 20, 2011
By young707 Blank
I always have difficulties going to sleep since youngster. I am 65 years old, retired, living in Northern California....
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By firehazard
hello everyone , im a 16 year old girl scared half to death , please help !! it's 4:21 am and i finished working real...
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ShamalahApr 27
raza00Feb 14
Saroar77Jan 07
mercymabotjaMay 21, 2015
sravzpanduJan 22, 2015
By hricks36 Blank
for quite some time now , when ever I wake up in the morning I have a full mouth of saliva? any idea what it is
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By barefoottiff
I have a VERY important 3.5 hr exam for my dream job this weekend. The night/morning before the exam I will be on a 9...
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Lrtb12Apr 24
DennisT2Nov 18, 2015
HarshilSSep 24, 2015
stellefeliceJun 05, 2015
sleepsleepAug 01, 2011
By Jester99 Blank
n the past, I have had many different episodes of sleep paralysis, so I am fully aware of what happens during most ep...
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DaveTTJul 21, 2015
chris1988141Jun 12, 2015
Len1234Feb 18, 2015
sac727Feb 22, 2014
By steph847 Blank
Hi, I have had weird health problems over the years but to make a long story short, almost one year ago to this da...
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DrAnimeApr 15
GodfavoredmeSep 19, 2015
CiharaJun 27, 2015
JDK_KeightleyJun 09, 2015
By willmuse Blank
Hello:) My name is William and I am 18 years old. A few weeks ago I had a strange thing happen to me when I was...
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