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I am in my mid 20's, and have been struggling to quit smoking for a little over a year now. It seems like I will quit successfully for one or two months, and then end up relapsing. When I do smoke, it is very lightly, as in one or two ci...
RedOnChrome | Last answer
I have an upcoming blood test for life insurance. I am not a heavy smoker ( approx. 8-10 cigarettes weekly) How do I rid the nicotine from my system??? I just smoked 3 today???
jiffy87 | Last comment
Please Lead me in the right direction.? Hello, I am in a bit of a bind right now. I am an ex smoker. I would average about a pack a day for 10 years. I quit smoking 6 months ago when my company was acquired and I was laid off. After 7 m...
Ecee1979 | Posted
Search results for "I feel dizzy, nauseous, very hot and also my heart is beating fast after smoking it tends to feel worse when I'm standing
narien10 | Last answer
Hey guys im 15 and i have been smoking since i was 12 im trying to quit smoking and am doing pretty well but im getting a really bad sharp pain in my chest and getting really bad headaches i heard that headaches where part of the side af...
FALC174 | Posted
I have had a dull ach in my upper left side of my back for a while. I have been to a heart doctor and a lung doctor both say I am pretty much ok except for borderline cholesterol levels. I just turned 50 in pretty good shape and have bee...
blwilson29 | Posted
I quit smoking 5 months ago when i had a catheter ablation and stayed away from smoking ever since. I keep having the urge to smoke not the actual nicotine but the feeling of smoking something in general and it's gotten way worse lately....
Del822 | Posted
I will be having a majorsurgery very soon and I am going to get tested. I have since quit smoking for 2 weeks. I would like to know if I get tested for nicotine will it show up in the test. If anyone has the answer to my question pl...
honestydg | Last comment
My fiance' is trying to quit smoking. She is also a recovering alcoholic and has relapsed since trying to quit. She tried the nicotine lozenges. She also tried wellbutrin but had severe seizures. She takes 10 milligrams of lexapro, ....
Vaticohm | Last answer
Hi all, I am new here and am finally ready to quit smoking cigs. I'm 44, and been smoking since I was 15! Just looking for some support and advice . I am a very hard core smoker , have only quit twice in all those years, when I was pregn...
crazy_cat_lady333 | Last answer
Hi, What kind of food I need to clean the tar in my lungs faster and rebuild my lungs? All tips will be welcome, food, vitamins, essentials oils, sport, ... Inhalations can be helpful too, (boiled water with essential oils steams)? ...
AltairTheFox | Last answer
The stress from my job is killing me, but I can't quit smoking no matter how hard I try.... I've been smoking since I was twelve, smoking regularly throughout high school, smoking even more college and law school; and kept on smoki...
StephanieHunt | Last answer
Hi to all: I have smoked for over 40 years, I have my days when I smoke a pack and others just a few cigarettes, I want to stop smoking I know how bad it is but I have tried so many times and failed. Does anyone know if Nicorette gum ...
Marylou_II | Last answer
What are the long-term risks of continuing to chew nicorette gum for years? I chew maybe one or 2 pieces a day. I quit smoking 8 years ago and I realize I am addicted to the nicotine in the gum. This is all right with me, but is it po...
Barb | Last answer
I came across a product called "Tar Gard" which is a filter that attached to the cig and blocks an incredible amount of tar and cuts the nicotine as well. Really a great product and is sold in drug stores. Cost about $5 for 10 filters. C...
Life360 | Posted
I was nicotine free for 21days. Then relapsed for one day smoked um guessing anywhere 8 to 12 cigs.the very next day back on the wagon.now ive been clean 13 days on my day of urine test.does any one know is ther hope i will pass or is th...
Chazzzn | Last answer
Hi i quit smoking cold turkey 13 days ago due to acid reflux. I also quit eating unhealthy foods and cafeine. Im 32 losing a few pounds. The withdrawals ive been having are heartburn, bad diarrhea, i have cramps in belly, tingling...
jimbob32 | Last answer
Will it show in a urine test if u smoke a e cigarette
angieelsbury | Last answer
I'm trying to conceive but I'm having such a hard time with quitting smoking. Any suggestions?
Ariel923 | Last answer
who to remove the tar from the lungs??????
somiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii | Last answer
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