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Am a hypertensive and I prepare ginger and garlic tea after two days I saw that my right arm to my foot is becoming cold and it on and off
makuto65 | Posted
I have severe pain it hurts when i breath and move also lying down the pain is in my upper right side of chest in the back near armpit what is the cause
Hardbreathing | Posted
Really hate the ******* stroke, that cause many patient disable.. One of My relative, having stroke for almost 2 months in a singapore hospital, he can't speak & swallow. He feel sleeply at most of the tome & yet open his eyes for just...
Fstroke | Posted
i had a tsi stroke about 10 days ago.... the 1 st time i was writinfg a letter and all the letters were mixed up.. thought it was weird... was hard to walk, brain to legs thought was difficult, not natural.. i went to ER and wa...
sadony | Posted
Hi all i'm male 35 yrs old 2 weeks ago My vision in my left eye had a small triangular shape missing from the bottom left side of my eye, 2 days later I went into a&e because my left eye had lost a lot of strength. I had all the tests ...
crabsticks101 | Posted
Hi, I am 70 years old and had a mild CVA of the thalamus on 6/2/2008. Only symtoms were loss of feeling on left side. All other faculties are good. Still have much tingling all over left side and numbness in some areas. Fine motor ...
RP8476 | Last answer
My mother had a stroke 3 years ago. We moved from Florida to her home country of Costa Rica. She is suffering terribly with her inner thigh tendon/muscle (Gracilis Muscle). She has taken numerous amounts of muscle relaxers and pain medic...
Crsprout | Posted
what are the sympthons of a stroke?
bigbay7 | Last answer
My mom had a hemorrhagic stroke on may 6th of this year, it was completely unexpected and she actually had a new patient appointment with her pcp two days prior to her stroke and everything was fine. She was intubated immiedetly in the E...
CaseyAnn88 | Posted
Hi.i had a stroke last january of this year and im still 24 years old.It all happened when i was at work i started to have a smoky vision and my eyes are really red so i was rushed to the hospital that night and had a bp of 140/100 which...
Duhren | Last answer
I am a recovering addict/alcoholic and relapsed recently. My last relapse, I believe I might have suffered a TIA, and had a CT scan afterwards coming up normal for my age 28. This time around, the symptoms have lingered a lot longer (...
Ben74103 | Posted
I had a stroke as well a couple of months ago.. About a week ago my head started hurting and my eye lid started twitching a little. My hand and fingers have been numb since the stroke so im not as worried about that. I just dont want to ...
Clindsay | Last answer
My mum had a minor stroke about 15years ago. Recently, she experienced a slight tingling sensation on her arm. We went for an MRI scan when she first experienced this last year. The scan results were clear. The tingling sensation came ba...
ongaw | Posted
My son who is 27 years old suffered a stroke in July 2015, 3 months ago, after an accident which severed an artery on the left side of his neck and cut off the blood supply to his brain. He was left with paralysis of his left side. He n...
RobertaBlack | Posted
Has anyone experienced bad depression after a stroke?
4Maddie44 | Last answer
I had a H stroke at 40 during a c section with no known cause. my cycles have been so heavy im stuck in phase 1. it wont kick in with progesterone. so this cycle i came on for 5 weeks, had to goto hospital, got a blood transfusion becaus...
oopsiedaisy | Posted
Sunday my father and i found my grandpa laying on the floor. When asked questions was not responding. He was under the bed. Hes been in the hospital for 6 days already he has been hallucinating a lot. The hospital did eegs, mri and he ha...
dylangoldstein | Posted
My mother just turned 60yrs old last August, she has hypertension which was unnotice and she is not taking maitenance medicine. Last friday Sept 18 she suffered a stroke early morning while going to office but she was immediately brought...
Johmarjr | Posted
acute hemorrhage in left ganglia blood clot right week last 2months he was in hospital now they dicharge from hospital but cant walk or rage his right hand cant talk is it curable or not
luckysrinivas | Last answer
hi I had a lacunar infracts last year. The ct scan showed multiple infracts and the ages with undetermined. What is someones chances having another one? It has been a year and have been taking all my prescriptions properly and same time...
jackie_g | Posted
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