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This patient support community is for discussions relating to stroke, rehabilitation, ability to eat/swallow, alertness, bowel/bladder control, depression, motor skills, nutrition, orthotics/braces, pain, prevention, senses, and spasticity.

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AngK76Nov 04, 2015
BigMommaTAug 21, 2012
Carrielynn011May 07, 2012
dirksgirlJun 11, 2011
goatrainerFeb 22, 2011
By bmaguire Blank
My mother had a stroke three year ago. She had a good recovery and has almost all of her mobility back. The only prob...
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By Nine3 Blank
I was 55y/o and taking creatine powder purchased from my local drug store,I had a stroke.I was wondering did that hav...
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By makuto65 Blank
Am a hypertensive and I prepare ginger and garlic tea after two days I saw that my right arm to my foot is becoming c...
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By Hardbreathing Blank
I have severe pain it hurts when i breath and move also lying down the pain is in my upper right side of chest in the...
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By Fstroke Blank
Really hate the ******* stroke, that cause many patient disable.. One of My relative, having stroke for almost 2 mon...
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By sadony Blank
i had a tsi stroke about 10 days ago.... the 1 st time i was writinfg a letter and all the letters were mixed up....
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By crabsticks101 Blank
Hi all i'm male 35 yrs old 2 weeks ago My vision in my left eye had a small triangular shape missing from the botto...
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By Crsprout Blank
My mother had a stroke 3 years ago. We moved from Florida to her home country of Costa Rica. She is suffering terribl...
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KaleemMohdBPTOct 15, 2015
bigbay7Oct 14, 2015
immisceoOct 14, 2015
By bigbay7 Blank
what are the sympthons of a stroke?
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By CaseyAnn88 Blank
My mom had a hemorrhagic stroke on may 6th of this year, it was completely unexpected and she actually had a new pati...
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ScalpMassagerOct 11, 2015
DuhrenOct 11, 2015
ScalpMassagerOct 11, 2015
DuhrenOct 10, 2015
ScalpMassagerOct 10, 2015
By Duhren Blank
Hi.i had a stroke last january of this year and im still 24 years old.It all happened when i was at work i started to...
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By Ben74103 Blank
I am a recovering addict/alcoholic and relapsed recently. My last relapse, I believe I might have suffered a TIA, and...
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StrokedinProgressOct 05, 2015
sara12345Jan 30, 2013
Ssmithd3Jan 30, 2013
sara12345Jan 16, 2013
shangriJan 09, 2013
By Clindsay Blank
I had a stroke as well a couple of months ago.. About a week ago my head started hurting and my eye lid started twitc...
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By ongaw Blank
My mum had a minor stroke about 15years ago. Recently, she experienced a slight tingling sensation on her arm. We wen...
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By RobertaBlack Blank
My son who is 27 years old suffered a stroke in July 2015, 3 months ago, after an accident which severed an artery on...
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DOLI123Aug 31, 2015
ksilviaAug 31, 2015
By 4Maddie44 Blank
Has anyone experienced bad depression after a stroke?
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By oopsiedaisy Blank
I had a H stroke at 40 during a c section with no known cause. my cycles have been so heavy im stuck in phase 1. it w...
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By dylangoldstein Blank
Sunday my father and i found my grandpa laying on the floor. When asked questions was not responding. He was under th...
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By Johmarjr Blank
My mother just turned 60yrs old last August, she has hypertension which was unnotice and she is not taking maitenance...
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ScalpMassagerSep 19, 2015
By luckysrinivas Blank
acute hemorrhage in left ganglia blood clot right week last 2months he was in hospital now they dicharge from hospit...
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