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This is the place to share your successes with others. Some ideas for success stories: How has Med Help helped you? Have you found someone who has the same symptoms as you? Have you discovered a treatment that worked for you? Do you have parenting “tips” for other parents? Please include any details about your success you think will be helpful to others.

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17858181 tn?1460853343
By gingin1800
I'm 31 and have been where you are. Abused any way you can imagine by a drug addicted father. I hated life and wanted...
174945 tn?1201601354
Shewill4u2Feb 07, 2015
girlinteruptedJun 27, 2013
Justice737Apr 20, 2013
Justice737Apr 20, 2013
By bluowl Blank
Do you have a scalp cyst? I did for about ten years until recently. It felt like a marble under my scalp, about two i...
1016506 tn?1251209113
mewistadMar 10
margypopsAug 29, 2009
By Vikefantam Blank
For over 2 years, I dealt with chronic back pain that just seemed to get worse. I underwent nerve ablations, injecti...
Avatar f tn
By Sandyjn Blank
For over 3 1/2 years (since I had my daughter) I have dealt with a range of symptoms : brain fog, feeling "off", feel...
1657684 tn?1307378635
caregiver222Sep 23, 2015
nicole698Apr 18, 2011
margypopsApr 17, 2011
nicole698Apr 15, 2011
margypopsApr 13, 2011
By nicole698 Blank
I had suffered from bell's palsy before, not more than a half a year ago. bell's palsy is a facial disease in which s...
757137 tn?1347200053
healthrangerMay 25, 2015
SaphireladyJan 01, 2015
KishorCJun 22, 2014
KishorCJun 22, 2014
allmymarblesApr 20, 2014
By allmymarbles Blank
A few years ago my varicose veins had become so bad that I had a sac of purplish-black blood hanging from each ankle....
Avatar f tn
By acctmom54 Blank
Cysts on scalp- what is procedure like to remove, I was told not cancerous, feels like a soft marble; Can I continue...
Avatar f tn
peaceandlove622Sep 15, 2014
Patty426Aug 15, 2008
By surreal5 Blank
i am a 38 yr old female just diagnosed with a tectal glioma, grade 2 astrocytoma 10mm. I am having a hard time findin...
Avatar f tn
By Naash799 Blank
Share if you or someone you know have successfully cured NAFLD. Thanks!
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buforddawgSep 02, 2014
margypopsMay 16, 2010
By medicmommy Blank
Hi everyone. First of all, those of you who suffer head pains and get the "pass off" from your doctors have my greate...
Avatar m tn
maribanksJul 14, 2014
ChitChatNineApr 17, 2014
By ash009 Blank
its been a month now that i have quite smoking and feeling so good in life now.. its like all silly pains are going ...
463897 tn?1448485050
By MH Community Mgr Blank
Has MedHelp helped you improve your health using our trackers, apps or communities? Would you like to share your stor...
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Aish_wannabemommyFeb 27, 2014
By Aish_wannabemommy Blank
I'm 6w2d pregnant and have been diagnosed with a small subchorionic hemorrhage of size 14×3mm. Doctor said it is of h...
757137 tn?1347200053
allmymarblesJan 28, 2014
folly8152Jan 25, 2014
allmymarblesDec 02, 2010
By allmymarbles Blank
Exactly one year ago my left eye was 20/100 and my right eye 20/70. I had cataracts in both eyes, macular degeneratio...
Avatar f tn
By Lolisandbaby Blank
Ok so after doctors found pcos on me they swore up n down I wasent going to be able to have a baby becouse I needed p...
Avatar f tn
Nighthawk61Feb 13, 2013
By newsexyD_2014 Blank
Sun is a great weight killer. It motivates you to go out, shop, walk, disciver fashion, try on new things and enjoy t...
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caregiver222Feb 09, 2013
margypopsApr 13, 2011
By csb87 Blank
my wife was paralyzed c-6 c-7 in a car accident in oct. 2010 and has normal use of her arms and hands and not suppose...
2146732 tn?1418852707
fred001Feb 01, 2013
margypopsDec 26, 2012
By D_Snead35 Blank
I really didn't know whet to go with this, but prayer worked for me! I had been trying since.June to.find a new home ...
Avatar n tn
caregiver222Dec 20, 2012
margypopsMay 07, 2011
By juddkopp Blank
I have a resting heart rate of 36-38 and am asymptomatic. I don't pass out or get dizzy after exercise or any time. ...
Avatar f tn
margypopsAug 31, 2012
By Crazychick19 Blank
Almost 3 years ago now I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was only 18 when I started getting symptoms. I had ...
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