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This is the place to share your successes with others. Some ideas for success stories: How has Med Help helped you? Have you found someone who has the same symptoms as you? Have you discovered a treatment that worked for you? Do you have parenting “tips” for other parents? Please include any details about your success you think will be helpful to others.

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shopurmeds11Jul 30, 2012
margypopsApr 09, 2012
margypopsMar 13, 2012
By brokerkim Blank
Looking forward to reading some positive stories about the many issues out there....Thanks for being here!
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994May 16, 2012
margypopsJan 22, 2012
By Tuckamore Blank
As one of the CLs on the Pain Management Forum and a long time Chronic Pain patient myself I respond to posts and try...
480448 tn?1426952138
margypopsAug 26, 2011
nursegirl6572Mar 29, 2011
margypopsMar 16, 2011
nursegirl6572Mar 08, 2011
By nursegirl6572 Blank
I'd have to dig deep and a long time ago to find the thread and related PM's....but I just had to share this heartwar...
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margypopsAug 25, 2011
By ohcalcutagirl Blank
I had asthma for most of my life and took a drug theopholin which worked well and after 25 years I was constantly sic...
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csb87Apr 09, 2011
csb87Apr 09, 2011
margypopsOct 28, 2010
HealthadvisoryMay 13, 2010
margypopsJan 19, 2009
By jewelss166 Blank
Just wanted to share with you all that i've been in a wheelchair since i was 17 years old due to a car accident im a ...
750172 tn?1256150676
ChitChatNineFeb 26, 2011
margypopsAug 20, 2009
By Angelinthemorning Blank
So, some may not consider this a big deal. But, to me it is so, I thought I'd share. If anyone's ever read my post ...
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By Steve_MHCommunity Blank
Please join James Beckerman, MD, cardiologist and author of "The Flex Diet", for a FREE live one-hour chat on Wedne...
588496 tn?1218633848
allmymarblesDec 02, 2010
compnetOct 02, 2010
allmymarblesMay 12, 2010
margypopsAug 18, 2008
By bmusical Blank
for 12 years and 6 weeks I had excrutiating pain from a head injury that required 180mg /day of ms-contin to suppress...
1329076 tn?1275103556
ciqalaSep 27, 2010
ciqalaSep 27, 2010
margypopsJun 10, 2010
AshelenJun 02, 2010
By isabelleluis1 Blank
my little sister whoose 13 hates the way she looks she loves her body and face ecept for her nose she has tried every...
209384 tn?1231171906
SironaAug 30, 2010
ChitChatNineJun 06, 2008
Lety1Feb 06, 2008
SvetNov 03, 2007
joep2442Oct 14, 2007
By DLA Blank
Before I found the thyroid forum on MedHelp I felt like no one understood anything I had been going through for over ...
675718 tn?1449992146
tom24978Jul 25, 2010
drifter0213Apr 01, 2010
choicesinlifeMar 31, 2010
drifter0213Mar 28, 2010
4Maddie44Jan 16, 2010
By drifter0213 Blank
medhelp has worked for me,i met alot of people that are like or someone like me :) anyone else?
1157646 tn?1343970728
Nat_16May 15, 2010
margypopsMay 15, 2010
By Nat_16 Blank
When I joined medhelp I knew I had thyroid problems but didnt really know much more. Now, from all the resources ava...
1110049 tn?1409405744
4Maddie44Jan 19, 2010
margypopsJan 18, 2010
By 4Maddie44 Blank
When I joined the Depression Community last November I was in a terrible state. I had just re-started my anti-depres...
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margypopsSep 20, 2009
Argo30Sep 18, 2009
caregiver222Jan 31, 2008
By 4everchange07 Blank
I experience the loss of vision in my right eye after aneurysm surgery on 12/07; the surgeon had no explanation of wh...
268575 tn?1242906671
margypopsMay 26, 2009
alinpainMay 24, 2009
margypopsMay 23, 2009
By alinpain Blank
hi,i havnt been here in a while but i used to use this as a support system or to gain some info on what i was going t...
502065 tn?1329191119
margypopsMay 16, 2009
StressedInsomniacMay 16, 2009
margypopsMay 14, 2009
margypopsMay 03, 2009
By StressedInsomniac Blank
Well, in the last year i've gone through a hell of alot, my best friend betrayed me and lied to me. I lost the girl i...
535822 tn?1443980380
margypopsMay 09, 2009
margypopsApr 19, 2009
By margypops Blank
Well we dont get many success stories do we, and some good ones printed below, however I wanted to let you know a sma...
535822 tn?1443980380
margypopsApr 13, 2009
drifter0213Apr 11, 2009
margypopsApr 09, 2009
By margypops Blank
Hey you fabulous people who give wonderful input and help for others in need , give us also some success stories you ...
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margypopsMar 22, 2009
Marin600Mar 21, 2009
margypopsMar 02, 2009
cajuin62234Aug 27, 2008
margypopsAug 10, 2008
By cajuin62234 Blank
It must have been sometime about my early 60’s when I became aware that I had difficulty maintaining my balance while...
690327 tn?1255358111
wguimbJan 27, 2009
margypopsJan 12, 2009
chrystal64Dec 08, 2008
margypopsDec 07, 2008
By chrystal64 Blank
A family acquaintance who wished to remain nameless said Johnny's story was inspiring to her. "I have known Johnny s...
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