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This is the place to share your successes with others. Some ideas for success stories: How has Med Help helped you? Have you found someone who has the same symptoms as you? Have you discovered a treatment that worked for you? Do you have parenting “tips” for other parents? Please include any details about your success you think will be helpful to others.

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I'd have to dig deep and a long time ago to find the thread and related PM's....but I just had to share this heartwarming "success" story that at the time...captivated all of us on the Anxiety Forum...watching it play out was amazing. A...
nursegirl6572 | Last answer
I had asthma for most of my life and took a drug theopholin which worked well and after 25 years I was constantly sick and went to dr. problem is dr wasn't that bright and 1/4 after 1/4 he ordered same tests and I kept coming in and tell...
ohcalcutagirl | Last answer
Just wanted to share with you all that i've been in a wheelchair since i was 17 years old due to a car accident im a t-6 paraplegic spinal cord injury, and i have two beautiful children who are 15 and 11 girl and boy. Had them both natur...
jewelss166 | Last answer
So, some may not consider this a big deal. But, to me it is so, I thought I'd share. If anyone's ever read my post you know most of my "history" for those who haven't, here's the short story. Abused by my father, kicked out, married a...
Angelinthemorning | Last answer
Please join James Beckerman, MD, cardiologist and author of "The Flex Diet", for a FREE live one-hour chat on Wednesday Jan 19, 2011, 08:00PM - 09:00PM (EST) Register now and submit your question ahead of time! We'll send you an e...
for 12 years and 6 weeks I had excrutiating pain from a head injury that required 180mg /day of ms-contin to suppress. My doctors never really understood my full suite of symptoms. I found the answer online in a procedure called NeuroCra...
bmusical | Last answer
my little sister whoose 13 hates the way she looks she loves her body and face ecept for her nose she has tried everything to break it she said shed do anything for it and has the worst depression she cries herself too sleep doesnt beliv...
isabelleluis1 | Last answer
Before I found the thyroid forum on MedHelp I felt like no one understood anything I had been going through for over 7 years in my struggle with Graves' disease and then being hypo after RAI and too low replacement dose. But once I foun...
DLA | Last answer
medhelp has worked for me,i met alot of people that are like or someone like me :) anyone else?
drifter0213 | Last answer
When I joined medhelp I knew I had thyroid problems but didnt really know much more. Now, from all the resources available on this site and the great people who have so much knowledge I am now more aware of what is going on and recently...
Nat_16 | Last answer
When I joined the Depression Community last November I was in a terrible state. I had just re-started my anti-depressant medication, and I was so very low. I thought I would never be myself again. I had awful anxiety and panics. It t...
4Maddie44 | Last answer
I experience the loss of vision in my right eye after aneurysm surgery on 12/07; the surgeon had no explanation of what happened and has requested me to see an neuro-ophthalmologist to get a better understanding or possibly to confirm wh...
4everchange07 | Last answer
For over 2 years, I dealt with chronic back pain that just seemed to get worse. I underwent nerve ablations, injections, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, MRIs (which showed several bulging but not herniated lumbar disks - my PC...
Vikefantam | Last answer
hi,i havnt been here in a while but i used to use this as a support system or to gain some info on what i was going thru, well first after reading your pain issue it just made me think back on how worried i was,ive has since sept. 06 ...
alinpain | Last answer
Well, in the last year i've gone through a hell of alot, my best friend betrayed me and lied to me. I lost the girl i loved to him, and i was really depressed and on the brink of suicide. However, signing up to this site helped me, for t...
StressedInsomniac | Last answer
Well we dont get many success stories do we, and some good ones printed below, however I wanted to let you know a small one, I have had, in case you have had some of the same stuff happening, After some Dentistry that went wrong, wont go...
margypops | Last answer
Hey you fabulous people who give wonderful input and help for others in need , give us also some success stories you must have had them like me and Chrystal, why not share them I would sometimes like to know that it turned out" Happily e...
margypops | Last answer
It must have been sometime about my early 60’s when I became aware that I had difficulty maintaining my balance while standing in a stationary position. Within 15-30 seconds or moving in short, turn motions, I would have to change foot p...
cajuin62234 | Last answer
A family acquaintance who wished to remain nameless said Johnny's story was inspiring to her. "I have known Johnny since he was a baby," she said. "He was the prettiest baby I had ever seen. It was very distressing when he began to suff...
chrystal64 | Last answer
After having surgery, again, a few months ago, I was left feeling more "deformed" than I had ever been before. Normally this would not have bothered me all that much, but quite a few of my "friends" left me during the time of my surgery ...
sweetpea03 | Last answer
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